It's freezing

Shared by Sherry Deason on January 16, 2019

so the same weekend we went to lake Murray, we decided we were going to go night fishing off a bridge. It was so cold. Ain't no fish coming after our bait in that water. We were out there for so long I couldn't feel my toes, my fingers or my nose. I wasnt going to call it quits first and neither was daddy. We kept looking at each other but not saying anything. Just hoping the other one would give in first. Finally he looked at me and said damn I can't heel my toes so I said ok u big baby let's go back to the camper. Really I was thinking thank god he called it. When we got our gear back in the truck we opened our worms to see if there were enough left to save and I shit you not they were sticking straight up in the dirt like tooth picks. Frozen solid.

Who's the parent?

Shared by Sherry Deason on January 16, 2019

about 15 years ago we went camping at Lake Murray. It was the freaking middle of november. Someone had a craft show so daddy and I decided we would go and fish. It was so cold and the wind was blowing really hard. There were huge flat rocks, like 6 feet across big. The wind was blowing  the lake water over the top of them. It sounded like ocean waves crashing. I tried to step on one of the rocks to cast my line from there. Just about busted my butt. Daddy had been having alot of problems with his back then, so I told him DO NOT GET ON THESE ROCKS YOU WILL BUST YOUR ASS. he said yes ma'am! !!!! A few minutes later I turned my back for just a second to get bait and I here the sound someone makes when they have fallen and all the air has been knocked out of them. I knew before I turned around what had happened and sure enough there he was laid out flat on his back on one of those rocks. I first asked if he was ok and when he said yes I proceefed to ask him what the hell he thought he was doing. I said I told you to stay off the rocks. He said wait a minute, who's the parent here?

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