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We have so many memories

August 17, 2009

We have so many memories of our Father, it's hard to choose the right one's  if you would please share your good memories.

My Father came down to stay with me for a week after my daughter was born.  My husband told my Dad that there was no smoking in the house because of the baby.  My Daddy was like ok, I can smoke outside.  Now those of you who knew my Father knows better. Well my husband came and woke me up to tell me My Dad was in the bathroom smoking a cigarette with the fan on.  I just started laughing and rolled back over, I told him I could have told you that when he said ok, that meant he wouldn't smoke around the baby but he was smoking in the house (-:! Gotta love him! 

My Father

August 14, 2009

My Father bought a mustang.  My Mother drove the mustang to work and broke the handle on the car when she came home and he discovered the handle on the driver's side door had been broken, he told her "D#%& Robin don't you know this is a a collector's item" (-:




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