This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bimogha Dambo, 59 years old, born on October 10, 1961, and passed away on June 1, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Shade Onasanya on June 8, 2022
Gone too soon, but not forgotten, dear Bimogha. Although you are no longer with us, we your Ife Law 85 classmates do remember and celebrate you always. This one year since you left us has has made us to realise that we do need to celebrate each other more in life. May the Lord whom you served faithfully until the end continue to comfort and preserve your loved ones and family that you left behind. Rest on in peace, dear brother
Posted by Ajibola Olusegun on June 2, 2022
Our amiable Bro Dambo. We are missing you so greatly. Rest on our hardworking co-labourer in His vineyard, and professional colleague. May the good Lord continue to be with the family you left behind, amen. - Deacon Segun Ajibola, New Dawn Baptist Church, VI, Lagos.
Posted by Gbenga Oduko on June 1, 2022
We can't believe it is already a year that you joined the triumphant saints above. We remember you always.

May our Lord continue to bless and minister to the needs of your wife Hetty, lovely children Ebie and Sogio, your brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, inlaws, friends, colleagues, church members and many others. May our Lord continue to shine in the lives of those that you left behind.
Posted by Lisa Home on September 21, 2021
U have always been an uncle, a partner a very good friend my Bestit, the one that will always call me 7am to ask Lisa were are we going to today, what are we eating for lunch the one that will ask always me Lisa no inspection today! Lisa how far with Mr. Mobee when are we getting our approval na for the sports fashion show! I was very happy when he finally gave me the approval I waiting for u to come back so I can get u a welcome back cake and celebrate before showing u the letter of approval u promise to be the chairman which we all agree to it , I miss you every day Barrister Dambo.. now am always going to stadium alone! I will try to make it a success I believe u will be proud of it as usual.
Continue to rest on my barrister Dambo my best and humble partner..
Posted by Ajibola Ajiboye on July 31, 2021
Bro Dambo,
It was really nice knowing you. So gentle, quiet, easy going but principled. Always ready to facilitate teaching at the House Fellowship even when called upon at very short notice. You shall be greatly missed. Adieu!
I pray that the Lord will console your family, friends and associates. Amen
Posted by Elfrida Iruene on July 29, 2021
Bimogha was amiable, peaceful and loyal to family and friends. As an in law, he was accommodating and supportive. He will surely be missed. We take solace in the fact that he was a child of God and we shall meet again on the Ressurection morning. Sleep on dear Brother-in- law and learned friend until we meet to part no more!
Posted by Adepegba Evelyn on July 29, 2021
You were a friend I will never forget so soon, when I joined Mercury club you were the first person that spoke to me and made sure I became a member.

You were a jolly good fellow always happy never a dull moment with you, we miss you but we know you are in a better place now. Farewell BARRISTER DAMBO BIMOGHA.
Posted by Adeola Sul on July 29, 2021
Barr. Dambo!

Every saturday I have come to the Mercury arena since your passing, I have unconsciously looked out for you and imagined you just dancing to the music in your usual unique way.

I remember you as a person who understands what living in the moment means. A man who would rather make friends than enemies.

It is my profound prayer that God comforts your family, holds them strong and make possible for them the many things you would have wanted for them.

God grant you eternal rest.
Posted by Emmanuel C. Muojekwu on July 29, 2021
"Amy Hoover said that a true friend is never truly gone. Their spirit lives on in the memories of those who loved them'' Dambo, you were a jolly good fellow . You came , you saw and you obviously conquered. you will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Bro!
Posted by Franklyn Igangan on July 29, 2021
Barriater Bimoghan Dambo, you were such a nice person to be with when you were alive. You were fun to be with, you impacted so many with your knowledge. You use to speak our native language with me on phone and that alone makes me feel at home. Your demise came to me as a shock but in all, I can't t question God. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. May God also give your wife and children the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Posted by Nom Deplume on July 29, 2021
Dear Friend, you have departed this physical plane, but you are not absent from our hearts and memory. For you are now in the spiritual and mysterious plain of existence where your soul lives on and you see and know more than we as humans can ever comprehend. Brutha, you are now in the hallowed halls of the revered Ancestors where you have been welcomed into a circle of eternal dignity. Thank you for the memories, and for being part of our lives in your earthly journey. We are all better for it, and we are grateful. Rest in perfect peace in the eternal Bimogha. The memories and kindness you shared with our circle of friends during our High School and College years are forever cherished. We will miss your laughter, your gentle smile and your calming demeanor.  Rest in Peace.  Niyi Coker, Jr.
Posted by Paul Oboh on July 29, 2021
A very great brother and friend. You will be missed a lot. We all love u but God loves u most.
Posted by Funminiyi Oduko on July 29, 2021
Dear Uncle Bimogha

We are truly saddened to hear of your passing, but we are grateful that you are now in heaven with our Father God. Even though we did see each other much (given we lived most of our lives overseas) we do have fond memories of the time we spent together during our visits to Nigeria.

We a thank for you being a wonderful uncle to us, and a great brother to our mother, Ibiye Oduko (nee Dambo). You will be missed

Much love, on behalf of your nephews Funminiyi, Gbemisola, Femi and niece, Funmilola
Posted by Fiepre Dambo on July 28, 2021
Your death was a huge shock and unexpected. I believed and hoped you would recover.
I last saw you during our nieces wedding.
You were a peaceful, loving, softspoke and humble. You were easy to relate with and understanding and never demanding.
I will miss you so much. It is painful that I will not see and hear your voice again.
However I know you died in the Lord. I console myself that one day we meet to part no more.
Good night.
Your Baby Sister Fiepre
Posted by Gbenga Oduko on July 29, 2021
Tribute to Bimogha Dambo from Oton Okutuate.

"The Beam," which was my name for you. When we saw on the 28th of November, 2020 at your niece's wedding, little did l or anyone, for that matter, know it was the last time l was going to see you in the flesh, on this side of the veil. As the saying goes : "God knows best," and we cannot fault that. Be that as it is, there are so many -- family and friends, who would have wished to have you around for much longer, and miss you so dearly.
In the hope that you have arrived where you are going, it was like that of a new-born child...into Light. Fare thee well, cousin, fare thee well! We miss you!



Oton Okutuate and family
Posted by Grace Sunmonu on July 28, 2021
Uncle Bimogha, I am still trying to accept the fact that you are gone. You fought the good fight. As I watched how you went through the pains and discomfort, you were very strong. Through it all you still always tried to give me a smile and greeted me with a show of hand. Your smiles and laughter I will always remember.

Your love for God and His word were encouraging. Thank you for being a wonderful brother in law.

You surely will be missed. We know you are in a better place. God will continue to comfort the family and all those who knew you in Jesus name

Adieu big Bro

Grace Sunmonu
Posted by MRS EREM YVONNE KARUNWI on July 27, 2021
Bimmy dear , that’s what we call you .
Life , work made us not to see as often as we could have .
But a few times we ran into you at Ikota shopping complex you always had that lovely smile and calm demeanour.. You loved family … that’s you our dear cousin bimmy ..
When we received that call .. the shock was too much because death was the last thing on my mind .. .. too too painful .. We prayed but God is sovereign.. so we rest at his feet … in total surrender.
Maybe I should have called you more , chatted more .. but God knows best bimmy dear . Rest well .
Our dear beautiful Hetty .. I know and am convinced beyond all doubt that Gods got you dear . ❤️❤️❤️

The Lord comfort you and the girls and hold you in his hands .. embrace and cover you . The grace to receive of the lords comfort he will give to you and your beautiful daughters in Jesus name amen .

Bimmy dear , rest well till we meet to part no more .
Earth has lost a gem .. heaven has gained and received its own amen.

We shall surely miss you . Goodnight dear .

Lots of love
Bayo , Erem karunwi and family
Posted by Bayo Karunwi on July 27, 2021
You were a wonderful cousin and in-law. Always a gentleman and ever calm and jovial . Your love and genuine care for family and friends and above all , your love for Jesus always shone through .
May the Lord comfort Hetty , the children and the entire family and May He keep us all till we meet to part no more. Adieu beloved brother and uncle .
Bayo , Erem and the children
Posted by Gbenga Oduko on July 28, 2021
Sis Hetty,

Our Lord will continue to uphold and comfort you and the children as well as all who truly loved and celebrate Bimogha's life with you

Because He lives, we too shall live!

' Sola Oduko family
Posted by Inamuna Obiene on July 21, 2021
Uncle Bimogha, your dead is still a big shock to me. When I was told about the strange call you gave Comfort my friend whom I got to know you through, I was praying it wouldn't be your last as the call really made Comfort confused since you had never called her in such a way just to check on her as you put it even from your sick bed! But lo! It painfully was!

I had watched your relationship with your cousin for years and most say you were a one of a kind person. Acting as a caring father who wanted only the best for his daughter.You were a support system to her. Always encouraging her to reach for the skies and not limit herself in anyway. Your words of encouragement has made her the Strong woman she is today.

My condolences to your entire family. Continue to rest in peace.

Sandra Green.
Posted by David Adebola Balogun on July 21, 2021
Bimogha, you were a very focused and consistent brother in Christ. I remember your leadership of a vibrant home fellowship in New Estate Baptist Church, your love for God's word and your ever willing Spirit of service to God's people.
It was a shock to hear had gone home so soon. The Lord who knew your work here was done will comfort and send help to Hetty, your children and all members of your physical and spiritual family.
Posted by Gbenga Oduko on July 16, 2021

Your transition to glory was a painful one but we are consoled that our unquestionable Almighty Father did what was best for you and the family.

Your humility, high sense of responsibility, friendliness, industry and devotion to the service of your creator will remain memorable in our hearts.
May our good Lord continue to uphold, comfort and strengthen your family and grant them the grace to bear a situation that cannot be changed. Amen.
May your soul continue to be at perfect peace in the bosom of your creator.

Farewell dear Bimogha.
It is well.

Dipo O Oduko
Posted by Gbenga Oduko on July 15, 2021
We cannot believe you are gone – Gone too soon!!!

It is extremely difficult for us to understand that we are writing a tribute for our brother, in-law, and uncle- Bimogha. We cannot believe we are doing this. It is painful that although you were younger than your sister Ibiye and your brother in-law Gbenga we are writing this tribute because you meant a lot to us. It is something we could not imagine about three months ago. It was with an unexplainable shock that your sister, your brother-in-law, your nephews and nieces, your siblings and relations received the unexpected news of the passing on to glory of you - our dear brother, uncle and friend.

We never knew that the phone call we had with you when you were on admission during which you mentioned that you were getting better would be the last.

Our dear brother Bimogha was a Christian, and this is what consoles us. We know that you are resting at the feet of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For this we give God the glory.

Our dear Bimogha was gentle to the extent that he could not hurt a fly. Although he was soft spoken while making his points, yet he was disciplined and firm. He enjoyed his relationship with the Lord, the people of God, his immediate and extended families, his church, the Christian fellowships, and friends.
Our dearly beloved brother and uncle, you were always gentle and kind. Your demeanour made you very approachable – who could miss that smile of yours!!!.

Bimogha – we know that the Light of God cannot be put out. You reflected this in all your dealings on earth.
Our brother has left legacies that he would be remembered for.
a. Hetty– God will always continue to rejoice because you are one of His favourite daughters. He will continue to bless you. He will never leave you alone, and His blessings will be with you as you go out and come in all the days of your life. No evil one will take away your blessings. You will always be a star for Him.
b. Ebie– God will always do you well. He that has answered your prayers in the past is well alive to continue to answer your prayers for ever and will continue to grant you the desires of your heart.
c. Sogio – God will continue to lift you all above all circumstances. We will continue to thank God for all the blessings, for our prayers that He has answered and for your future.
Our Lord will bless all of you with answers to your prayers for which we will ever be thankful to Him.

No doubt we believe Hetty, Ebie and Sogio that you left behind will be looked after ‘For the Lord our God, He is the one who goes with them all. He will not leave them nor forsake them’.
Our condolences are with the rest of your siblings, extended families, in-laws, church families and friends. Our Lord will continue to comfort all.

We implore all of us to continue to show love and support to Hetty, Ebie and Sogio now and in the future. Thank you all for rising to the challenges and opportunities.

Our brother and Uncle Bimogha - ‘You have fought the good fight. You have finished your race. You have kept the faith. Finally, a crown of righteousness which the Lord the Righteous Judge will give you on that day is already laid for you’.
Bye our dear brother Bimogha, bye, bye.
You left us too soon.

God bless you all.
Gbenga, Ibiye Oduko and family
(Australia & UK)
Posted by Inamuna Obiene on July 9, 2021
This is so hard for me to bear, But I look back and thank God because you lived a good life, very humble , gentle , caring , patient , kind and Your love for God was extra ordinary. Growing up as a child you were always there for me , you encouraged me to believe in myself . Even after the demise of my parents you made me under stand life continues that I have a brighter future ahead , you spoke to me about God and his ability to make all things possible. Uncle B , you were part of my life story I can go on and on. You called to check on me "quoting your words " the last tuesday in April we talked about everything in general that faithful day a very long call which seems so strange and unsual ..was that really your goodbye call ?I can,t believe I will see you no more.
Thank you for always standing by me and my siblings , Thank you for always being part of our celebrations, Thank you for your selfless love towards us. Thank you for your listening ears and advice .
I will miss you so much Uncle B.
I know you are in a better place.
Rest on till we meet again.
Posted by TOSIN STELLA BAKARE on June 9, 2021
My Dear Brother Bimogha.

How can i ever forget my last encounter with you?

In your usual Gentleman manner, you were sitted in your Car after Service , you saw me come out of church and walk towards my Car that was parked close to yours, you got down and walked towards me and said, " My Sister, i came down to greet you specially".. Were you bidding me farewell?
That was the last day i saw you in Church before your demise.
You were Family, and this has hit us so bad, but as believers we have learnt to treasure memories and thank God for lives well spent.
We prayed. We fasted. God wanted you back to his side.
A gentle and quiet soul.
I pray that my Sister Hetty and the beautiful daughters you have left behind will take consolation in the word of the Lord in the book of Isaiah 57 vs 1-2.
Indeed, God has his reasons for doing certain things. And he alone brings comfort and succour.
Goodbye Bro Bimogha.
It is well. It is well. It is well.

Tosin Bakare (Mrs)
Posted by Kupoluyi Samuel on June 8, 2021
This news came as a shock to me, but there is nothing we can do when the time comes. I offer my heartfelt condolences to the family. May uncle Bimogha's soul be at peace with our Heavenly Father and may the Lord comfort loved ones at this difficult time.
Posted by Olawale Ogundana on June 8, 2021
Mr. Dambo was a gentleman. We will miss him.
May the Lord comfort and strengthen Hetty, the children, and his siblings in Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by John Kissiedu on June 7, 2021
May the gentle soul of Barrister Bimogha Dambo rest in Peace and may the Good Lord comfort the family he left behind, through Christ our Lord +
Posted by Abosede Odusanya on June 6, 2021
This is a rude shock. It’s still like a dream, but who are we to question God? May the good and faithful God comfort and uphold the family. Amen
Posted by Shola Paul on June 6, 2021
May his soul rest in peace with the Lord and I pray God comfort his family .
Posted by Abraham Odiase on June 6, 2021
Good night brother. You were selfless while on this side.Rest in peace with your Maker whom you served.
Posted by Abraham Odiase on June 6, 2021
Belove brother we will miss you dearly beloved Dambo.,Take your rest with the Lord.May God comfort and keep your lovely family. Your demise came like a thunderbolt.
Posted by Peter Obaseki on June 6, 2021
On behalf of H. F. P Properties Limited the Facilities Managers of Ikota Shopping Complex write to commiserate with you the families over the sudden departure of our dear Shop Operator (Mr Bimogha Dambo), and also to express our condolences.

We pray that God Almighty will comfort and grant the families the strength to bear the irreplaceable loss.

May his beautiful soul rest in perfect peace and may God cause light perpetual to shine upon him. Amen!
Posted by SUZZY ADEOTI on June 6, 2021
Mr Bimogha
I can only remember the first day i ment you . I never new you will be the one God will use to safe my life when i needed money to do opration . There is no one to help me and i ran to you for help and you gave all the money i needed and the operation was successful. Since then you have been there for me. I pray that God will show you mercy and your good deeds will give you way in heaven.Amen RIP
Posted by Foye Ajiboye on June 5, 2021
Uncle,your sudden departure has left a vacuum that only God can fill but we rest in the knowledge that you are home now resting in the bosom of our Lord and saviour Jesus. You are loved and will be greatly missed.
Posted by Elizabeth Ajala on June 5, 2021
We are grateful to God for your life here and with Him in eternity. You will indeed be missed.
Posted by David Izu on June 5, 2021
Dear Uncle hearing of your demise was a pain to my heart, but God almighty knows best , I remember the little times I spent with you, how took me round showing me places, I wish you could just breath again! You will never be forgotten as you are loved by all of us. I thank God you died a Christian and that's my only relief.
You Came, You Saw and You Conquered.
Alot of memories  
Posted by Segun Ajibola on June 5, 2021
Brother Dambo. You sudden departure is hard to believe. Oh what an amiable gentleman! We can only pray the Lord of hosts to grant you eternal rest and continue to be with the family, friends, acquaintances and the church you have left behind. Adieu our good brother.
Posted by Stephen Adeniji on June 4, 2021
Rest well brother Dambo. May the good Lord whom you served so faithfully console your family and His church.
Posted by Choji Isaac on June 4, 2021
It's hard to believe that you are no more, you are such a gentle and humble man since I know you. Death is not the end of life but the beginning of another life. We believe and trust God that you are in a better hands, continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord till we meet at Jesus feet to part no more. I pray that the Lord will comfort the family you left behind, good night Brother.
Posted by Jide Olasite on June 4, 2021
Bimogha, BD! What a shock! It's hard to process the fact that you are gone! You were always full of life and cheer. It's been a privilege to know and share this Earth with you. Ever since we met at Ife until the last time we spoke this year, I have always found you a dependable friend, gentle and amiable. And you loved to dance! See you on the other side my brother; your faith, character and lifestyle gives me confidence that it's good night and not good bye. I pray that God will comfort your wife, daughters, siblings and extended family and see them through these times.
Posted by Rosemary Gogo-Charles on June 4, 2021
This is so sad. Our dearest Dambo, it was a great privilege knowing you as a colleague and a perfect gentleman. We cannot question God. Rest on in the bosom of the Almighty. You will sorely be missed. May the Lord comfort the family you left behind.
Posted by Isaac Bassey on June 4, 2021
i have known Dambo since 1990. A True gentleman. He believes in God and nutures relationships. Ever smiling. Am very he smiled to Heaven
Posted by Emily Ajisebutu on June 4, 2021
It grieves my heart to write this tribute but I return all glory to God almighty for your life. Bimogha you were a sweet soul, you were always welcoming with your smiles. I remember the rides in your car, in between services driving to have refreshments in your place before visitors parlour convened and listening to the cassette tapesI feel sad that I did not hug you more that last time in Ebeano. You've gone ahead of us but I believe that we shall meet at the master's feet. We' ll miss you, you were a perfect gentleman. Rest well dear friend. We love you. Dele and Emily. Ajisebutu,
Posted by Damilola Ajibola on June 4, 2021
May your soul rest in peace.Till we meet again
Posted by Bamikefa Oluwagbemiga on June 4, 2021
A life well spend, Though you had gone but your memory will continue to live in our heart forever.
May God console the family you left behind .
Rest well sir.
Posted by Charles Akinlabi on June 4, 2021
Gone to soon...Still in shock.

May the Lord comfort the family through this difficult time.
Posted by samuel tsok on June 4, 2021
The Lord gives and he takes at his own will. No one can question his decisions hence, we sadly accept your departure in the flesh but gladly rejoice in the spirit knowing fully that you are resting in heaven with the almighty God. May the Lord comfort and console the entire family through this difficult moment. We miss you Sir.
Posted by Kingsley Odoh on June 4, 2021
Dear Bro. Bemogha,

It is painful that you had to pass. Who are we to question God. He knows all and understands all. I recall your quietness and strong principles, laced with sincerity and Christian love. You truly loved God. You were always friendly and honest. We served in the Church Council for many years, your inputs were always honest. In your gentleness and quietness, you stood for truth and would never support any unclear position. We will all miss you and your lovely family, your wife and lovely daughters, will miss you more. May God fill the void for us all. Rest in peace Bemogha. Kingsley Odoh
Posted by Chinedu Ezeobi on June 4, 2021
Dambo, you came to my office to notarize a document and I didn't know that will be my last seeing you alive, and normal you with a joke and sincerity of purpose all the times. You diligently served as association Legal adviser between 2015 to 2017, when I was chairman of the Ikota shopping complex, you stood on your foot to defend the truth despite the human factor. Rest on Barr Dambo , hope your wife and daughter whom you cherished so much can withstand your demise! It is well!
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Posted by Shade Onasanya on June 8, 2022
Gone too soon, but not forgotten, dear Bimogha. Although you are no longer with us, we your Ife Law 85 classmates do remember and celebrate you always. This one year since you left us has has made us to realise that we do need to celebrate each other more in life. May the Lord whom you served faithfully until the end continue to comfort and preserve your loved ones and family that you left behind. Rest on in peace, dear brother
Posted by Ajibola Olusegun on June 2, 2022
Our amiable Bro Dambo. We are missing you so greatly. Rest on our hardworking co-labourer in His vineyard, and professional colleague. May the good Lord continue to be with the family you left behind, amen. - Deacon Segun Ajibola, New Dawn Baptist Church, VI, Lagos.
Posted by Gbenga Oduko on June 1, 2022
We can't believe it is already a year that you joined the triumphant saints above. We remember you always.

May our Lord continue to bless and minister to the needs of your wife Hetty, lovely children Ebie and Sogio, your brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, inlaws, friends, colleagues, church members and many others. May our Lord continue to shine in the lives of those that you left behind.
his Life

Biography: Barrister Bimogha Dambo, BL, LLB

Bimogha Dambo was born in Enugu, Enugu State on October 10th 1961, to the family of late Mr William Tadaerigha Dambo and late Mrs Sybil Biodomoyei Dambo (nee Atikpo). They were both from Nembe - Bassambiri in the Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

He obtained his primary education at Government Demonstration Primary School, Onitolo Road, Gbaja, Suru-Lere, Lagos (now Lagos State Polytechnic, LASPOTECH) from 1966 to 1973. After this, he attended Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Port Harcourt, Rivers State from 1974 to 1976. At Comprehensive School, he was very sociable and likeable. He was a member of the school choir, hockey team, debating society and drama club. Bimogha was also very studious and neat in appearance. He kept his bed tidy and generously shared his provisions with others, including junior students.

From 1977 to 1979, he attended Methodist Boys' High School, Broad Street (MBHS) Lagos, where he completed his secondary education. He was a member of the 1974/1979 set of the Old Boys' Association. He was described as having high integrity, a deep sense of responsibility, good behaviour and an easy going personality.

After successfully obtaining his West African School Certificate, he was admitted to Federal Government College, Lagos in 1980 for his A-levels. While at FGC Lagos, Bimogha gained admission to study law at the University of Ife from 1981 to 1985. His course mates at Unife described him as being kind hearted and possessing an unforgettable and keen sense of humour. On completing his law programme, he proceeded to the Law School in 1986. In 1987, he completed his National Youth Corp in Makurdi, Benue State.

Bimogha was a keen sports lover and especially enjoyed football.  He played street football as a child and was a fantastic dribbler. In his youth, Bimogha was a great supporter of the Stationary Stores Football club Lagos (Super Stores) and was a faithful fan of the Arsenal football Club in the English Premier League. He also followed the matches of the Golden Eagles.

Along with his parents and siblings, Bimogha was an active member of Ikoyi Baptist Church Ikoyi, Lagos when the family lived in Lagos. He was a committed member of both the youth fellowship and the church choir. When they moved to Port Harcourt, they attended Faith Baptist church.

Bimogha began his career at the law firm of Barr. A.D Eremie's Chambers in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Afterwards, he moved to All States Trust Bank in Lagos and served in different roles at different times in the Legal and Risk Management departments of the bank and its subsidiaries. At All States, his colleagues described him as an amiable friend and a quintessential gentleman who was peaceful, God fearing, supportive, encouraging, hard working, and patient. After leaving All States Trust Bank, he was a partner at Badejo, Dambo & Co., a law firm and later founded Bimogha Dambo & Co.

In Lagos, he attended New Estate Baptist Church in Lagos. There, he met and married Hetty Tamunoiipiribo Dambo (nee Iruene) his beloved wife in September 1995. They were blessed with two wonderful daughters, Ebiekiemiete Oraibiboima Dambo and Sogiomote Tamunoopubo Dambo.

At New Estate, Bimogha was an active member of the youth fellowship, was a home fellowship leader and co-ordinator, and also led discipleship groups. His family transferred their membership to New Dawn Baptist Church in December 2009, where he was the church secretary and later, legal adviser until his demise. He was also a member of the counselling ministry and active in the Men's Missionary Union of the church.

Bimogha is survived by his wife Hetty, children Ebie and Sogio. He is also survived by his siblings Mrs. Ibiye Oduko, Dr. Diepreye Dambo, Mr. Suoton Dambo, Mrs. Mieye Izu, Mr. Iniebiyo Dambo and Ms. Fiepre Dambo.

He will be forever and greatly missed.

May His Gentle Soul Rest In Peace.

Recent stories
Shared by Gideon Bagudu on June 4, 2021
You were such a nice man, a quiet and principled person when were worshipped and served God together at the New Estate Baptist Church, Surulere, Lagos. I pray for fortitude for your family at such a time. Rest on at the bossom of the Lord, brother, till we meet again and never to part. Bye