How To Feel More Love While Moving Through Grief

How To Feel More Love While Moving Through Grief

Anyone who has grieved a true loss knows that simply getting through the day can be an uphill battle. This is natural whether the loss is recent or in the distant past, because those we love are always in our hearts and minds and can impact us every day. There is no shame in this struggle; grief is powerful, and it cripples us all at times.

Still, on the hard days, it can be helpful to seek out ways to feel more love and light. Here are a few suggestions for surrounding yourself with more love and positivity when the weight on your shoulders gets heavy:

Embrace An Attitude Of Gratitude

When you begin to feel that the love in your life is gone, force yourself to take on a new heart attitude. Make a list of all the friends and family members who love you and all the ways they show it, and your heart will begin to feel fuller again.

Practice Random Acts Of Kindness

When you’re feeling especially down, consider others who may be struggling under the same weight of sadness or loss. Surprising someone else with a kindness, even a small one, can bring a smile to both of you. It could even be a stranger; say, the man dining alone in the corner of your favorite restaurant.

Spend Time With People Who Make You Smile

One of the best ways to survive a difficult day is to have something to look forward to, like spending time with people who make you smile and laugh. Are there children in your life? What about elderly neighbors you’re close to? Seek out your positive relationships – there really is something to that old adage about laughter being the best medicine.

Make Someone Else Smile

Focusing your energy on making someone else’s frown turn upside down usually has the side effect of bringing a smile to your face, too. Volunteering is a great way to accomplish this. You could serve lunch at a homeless shelter, walk dogs at the local animal shelter or simply smile at a stranger at the grocery store.

Remember Self-Care

Our culture often seems to expect us to “pick up and carry on” despite our circumstances, so we end up feeling guilty or angry with ourselves when we have hard days. Remind yourself that your feelings are valid and give yourself grace on the hard days. Take a nap, go shopping, watch your favorite movies or take a bubble bath.

Let Nature In

There’s something innately powerful about nature. It can refresh and replenish you when your spirit is weak and restore balance to your weary soul. Try a practice called “grounding” – touch the ground with your bare hands or feet and breathe deeply. Studies show this can lift your mood and give you more energy. Sunlight also has positive effects on physical and mental health.

Grief is a journey with many twists and turns. It can be difficult to predict when the hard days will hit but having tools to help you cope in positive ways can make all the difference. Seek out more love, light and positivity in your dark moments, and have faith that you can make it through the most difficult of days.

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