This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Bob Fauteux.

Born in Halifax, NS, to parents Roger Robert Fauteux Sr and Gwen Elizabeth (Gledhill) Fauteux… and named Roger Robert Fauteux Jr… and was known as " Bob " to his friends.

Born as an identical twin, to his younger brother of 7 minutes, Michael Stephen Fauteux.

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his Life

A Life that will be missed forever

Born October 25th, 1951in Halifax N.S.

Lived most of his adult life in Montreal QC, moved to Oakville Ontario in the year 2000, and finally moving to Hamilton ON in 2010 where he passed away in his sleep March 19, 2018.

He enjoyed a full life, and during his retired years published a local religious news magazine " The Beacon Within ", playing golf, and sharing memories with friends and family.

A Mechanical Engineer by trade, and it was during these early years Bob created a company BF Illustration Inc, and was awarded agency of record of a pharmaceutical company named Beecham Laboratories, in west end Montreal… later joined his twin brother in a successful carrier in the medical and pharmaceutical advertising and publishing field.

He was Founder and Publisher of:

Leisure MD / The Canadian Journal of OB/GYN, / The Canadian Journal of Pediatrics, / The Canadian Journal of Dermatology, / The Canadian Journal of Urology / The Journal of Cancer Prevention & Control, and The Beacon Within. Created a successful mailing house and fulfillment operation.

His foresight will live on forever.


This video was forward to me by my son... Thank You.

A memorial Tree Planting for 2019… with a Memory Vase.

We will be planting this year a wonderful Blue Spruce on our property near Lake Huron…and placing a Memory Vase with Bob ashes and printed notes on disposable parchment from his friends and family.

You are invited to share a story or stories in this memorial story section, that later will be printed and included in this Memory Vase.

Thank You

Recent stories

Seeing You

Shared by Michael Fauteux on March 12, 2019

Throughout our years growing up as brothers... we most often would forget we were twins.

Many times I would see a reflection of myself in a glass door, store window and quickly turn around looking for Bob... we later discovered it was an experience shared by identical twins.

This sensation disappeared when you died...and like a miracle it has come back, thank you Bob.

I see you every day, not only in glass doors and windows... but in my mirror every morning when I wake up and every evening when I go to bed.

You will live in me forever.

I adored playing golf with my brother.

Shared by Michael Fauteux on April 30, 2019

Last year, at winters end, only weeks prior to the golf courses opening, we discussed ordering personalized golf balls…. U.O.K – I.O.K.

He died before they arrived. I didn’t feel like playing much golf after that day….

However later that summer, one early morning, I drove to my local golf course to pick up a golf game… brought these golf balls and one of Bobs’ golf clubs to play with.

Met a group of golfers on the first tee, they were waiting for their fourth to show up…I suggested that the 3 play up, and I would wait and join their friend now arriving (late) in the parking lot.

Strangely enough his name was Bob, about my age.

So, we played together, we had a wonderful time, playing as a twosome, we passed his friends, continuing to challenging each other to play a little better while conducting fun conversation during the 4-hour match. Bob and I had a wonderful time.

It was only after the game while continuing to share stories I discovered… he was an identical twin as well.

As his friends arrived … We just smiled and nodded to each other (silently knowing something special had happen)… we have not met again.

A Bear or Bare in Alaska

Shared by Michael Fauteux on March 20, 2019

Here’s a further explanation of a pic in the photo gallery...

Bob, myself and a good friend Mike Laborde, travelled one year to Alaska for a week of fishing.

It was a great area for salmon fishing with brown bears sharing the wealth of the plentiful fish.

One morning we took a dinghy into a river stream from the great lake, not giving any thought when we anchored the boat at the shore line... that the tide was out.

Hours later when we returned... tide was in... our dingy boat was now 40 -60 feet from shore in water 10 -12 feet deep.

Without hesitation Bob volunteered to strip down and swim to the boat.

We could not resist taking a few pictures. We laughed that day and many times after, about our great Alaska fishing trip, fishing in bear country and the only bear we saw was Bobs’ bare...