Shared by Dan Moldenhauer on April 12, 2021
Rest in peace Bob. You were a kind and generous man and my family and I will never be able to express our appreciation for everything you did for our mom over the many years. Neighbors like you and your family are a rarity in this world. I'm glad I got to grow up in the our neighborhood and particularly with neighbors like the James family among others.

Please give my mom and dad a kiss when you see them. Thanks for everything. You were one of a kind.

You got that right!

Shared by Russ Gurke on April 8, 2021
Mr. James was an icon in our Lincoln Avenue neighborhood; in particular while my sisters and I grew up across the street from his wonderful family.  He certainly had a special presence about him; which kept me in check as a kid, and which I respected about him in my adult life

As years went by, my Mom eventually struggled to safely manage her Lincoln Ave home. Mr James never hesitated to help her out in times of need.  Then again, I know that for many years, he frequently and graciously came to the aid of several other neighbors as well.  He was a genuinely caring man, and I was always so grateful for his kindness.

In recent years, I’d still drive thru the old neighborhood.  Most times, I didn’t even glance toward my childhood home; but instead, would look to see if Mr. James was sitting outside!  I consider myself very fortunate to have maintained a friendship with him all these years, and will never forget our spirited and funny conversations.

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