Posted by taylor esman on November 29, 2016
Hey grandma I miss u more and more every day wish u were here to met Stefan Vincent and brycen and aeson I know that u would just love them to picec and I wish u could have met my best friend witch I call me sister Cheyanne I love u and wish u were here I'm so blessed to have u as my grandmother I think back to those days we had the best time todlgether and the days I would play at your house I wish I could still do that I love grandma
Posted by Rebecca Davis on January 24, 2013
I LOVE YOU!!! everyday i see more of you in me ...i will be ok we will be ok because you showed me how ..thank you
Posted by Millie Esman on January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday!!! I miss you still so much. Wish you were here maybe you could straighten some people out. I love you!!
Posted by Rebecca Davis on October 16, 2012
almost a year ..i had a birthday without you sucked..i love you and think of you everyday ...the kids too wish you was here i know you would be so happy and proud and im sooo sorry it took you leaving for me to step up ...i love you
Posted by bailey thurman on March 28, 2012
i love you so much
Posted by Rebecca Davis on December 20, 2011
Two months its been and i miss you more then ever i need you my life since you have been gone is a total change ..i have to move and start my life over now because you are gone and was the only thing that was right in my life the way it was so now i have to make it right with out you .....I LOVE YOU ...YOU ARE THE BEST PARENT EVER I WAS TRULY BLESSED
Posted by Connie Kent (Hefren) on November 24, 2011
We met in home economics class in 8th grade and we became the Bobsy twins. Your family was mine / mine was yours, often inseperable. I'd help you dig out your front door when the sand storms got bad at your house. Sometimes we were not too smart. We decided to walk home in one of the rare ice/snow storms. Our hair froze and broke off by the time we got to my house. My mom took you home
Posted by Millie Esman on November 18, 2011
Mom its been Four very long weeks. It's getting harder to hear your voice. I miss you and wish I could talk to you in person. I wish you were here to help with my statistics. It's so hard. I am trying you know I promised I would finish school. I am trying to catch up. I think I cry everyday because I miss you so much. No one can ever understand what its like for you to not be here. love u
Posted by Martha Couch on November 17, 2011
I remember all the good and fun times we had. I remember when we used to go "sally-boxing" at night and had so many laughs about it. I will always miss you, my dear friend. We met in 1974 and remained friends all those years. You were always there when I needed you and I will never forget that. May you rest in God's loving arms!
Posted by William Esman on November 15, 2011
We met by candle light because her friend Barbra didn't have electric on.That was last part of Dec.1969.Were not married until Nov 3/1971.We were both 17 when we met.
Posted by Rebecca Davis on November 15, 2011
I love you mom
I was blessed October 4th 1977 by being born to this wonderful lady
she was the best at everything(you real was mom) and she made evrything right and ok(you really did mom) now i dont know what to do or if its right or ok ..I MISS YOU
Posted by Millie Esman on November 15, 2011
Mom the week before you died you told me God gave you your best friend when I was born. I love and miss you so much. This best friend has lost a piece of her heart since you have been gone. I love you sooo much. Sadness is a constant reminder of what I have lost.

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