about brad visiting my house.

Shared by Cindy Turner on September 19, 2011

I remember Brad when he would come to my house to see my daughters Amy and Tammy, He was a very  nice little fellow. He had good manners, he would say yes mam, no mam, I told him his mom and dad taught him good, he would just grin at me and say Yes Mam. I remember one time he came by and I was  cutting my grass, he said let me help you, and he did. He was a kind ,thoughtful young man. When he passed I remember it was so hard on my girls, they really liked him,, they were very upset when  I told them. Tammy cry and cry that day, it was early in the morning when I told them.He is missed alot everyday by alot of people, but remember we will all see him again one day, he is still looking down  on all of us....

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