Posted by Greg Harris on December 14, 2018
We are all going to have the adventure that Brad went on before us.Better to live your life then wait for the last minute to say what's on your mind to the ones you love.Have fun,dance often,sing in the shower,enjoy your life.Once
you pass on,it's too late to change things.
Posted by Janis Harris on February 15, 2018
As I read each of these past messages posted throughout the years my heart still hurts so deeply without you . Happy Birthday and Valentines Day - I miss you daily and hold you close within my heart always.
Posted by Greg Harris on December 12, 2017
Brad never backed down from saying what he wanted to say,and people who tired to make him do something,found it hard to do so.
Life can be short,so live it like you only have days to live,sing,laugh,
and dance,celebrate life.You only get one go through in this life,have
adventures,grow as a human,respect all,forgive easily.
Posted by Janis Harris on February 14, 2017
Praying you are enjoying your blessings in Heaven today and every day. Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day. Always in my heart, always... until we meet again.
Posted by Janis Harris on December 12, 2016
I truly can not believe it will be five years tomorrow since God called you home to his loving arms. I still miss you daily and wish with all my heart to hear your voice one more time, have one more hug and kiss from you. Christmas was always so special for us and is the hardest time for me throughout the year without you. Always in my heart, always in my thoughts, always my love...til we meet again rest in peace and keep painting beautiful sunrises in the heavens for me and all that love you, always!
Posted by Amanda Zodrow on December 12, 2014
I can't believe it's been three long years. It doesn't seen possible, but then it feels like just yesterday that you left us. I miss you so much and it still breaks my heart to think of you not being here. I know your granddaughter and grandson would have loved you so much and you could have taught them so many things. I'll keep remembering the good memories over the hard ones, although I know missing you will never get any easier. Love you dad.
Posted by Janis Harris on December 12, 2014
Three years today and it still feels like only yesterday that God called you home. I think of all the wonderful memories we shared, almost daily one memory or another will bring back happy times with you in my life. Christmas was always our favorite time of year and as we approach another Christmas without you it is still hard to truly be happy. I miss you and will always love you with all of my heart.
Posted by Patricia Rose on February 14, 2014
Happy Birthday and Valentines day. Its a wonderful day here in Florida and we are spending time remembering you in our hearts. You are so missed there are no words to describe how we feel but we know you know. Have a blessed day and feel all the love we have for you.
Posted by Janis Harris on February 13, 2014
Another Birthday and Valentine's Day is upon us - this evening a beautiful and bright shining full moon is in the sky! How you loved the full moon - all it's light reflected in the watercolor paintings you shared with your family. So creative, always giving from your inner peace and deep love for family and friends!
I miss your laughter and the sound of your voice, your warm hugs and kiss. Always in my heart, always on my mind as I cherish every memory... until we meet again ... Happy Birthday, Happy Valentine's Day My Love.
Posted by Cheryl LeVesque on December 15, 2013
Our brother Brad was a joy to everyone. He was a man that could see the light's sparkle and shadow in the lens of a camera. Creative, with a great sense of humor, he was so loved by his wife Jann, family and friends. He was a man of faith. He will be with Jesus, our friend and savior until we see him again
Posted by Greg Harris on December 12, 2013
Most people think they may have had adventures,but Brad and I lived it.Louder then a river,as hard to catch as the wind,we rarely stayed in one place long.Part of it was we moved a lot as children.No matter where we went,we had each other.When we moved to Toledo,Brad found his home,I was,and still am,being driven by the wind of the spirit of adventure..
Brad and I had more adventures together then several life times of travel.If you saw one of us,the other was nearby.
Posted by Janis Harris on December 12, 2013
It has been two years this evening that god called you home! two long years without you and every day I still miss you, miss your laughter and love. Always in my heart...until we are together again my love, rest in peace.
Posted by Norma Harris on December 13, 2012
We think of you often and will always be close to our hearts.
Posted by Patricia Rose on February 14, 2012
We share love and laughter. You will always be in Jim and I's heart. We are glad you are not hurting and sorry we can not share with you here. You taught us to be patient and kind. Not to be in a hurry just to love life. You are so missed see you in heaven.
Posted by Joan Cooper on December 20, 2011
I will always remember the time I spent with Brad and Jann shortly before his passing. The smile on his face and the love he so obviously shared with Jann. I know that through Jann, your children, friends and family you will always be remembered as a man who loved to smile, filled with courage and love. Always remembered...never forgotten.
Posted by Robert Harris on December 18, 2011
From the time I used to rock Brad (and Greg) to sleep through his early years he was my little brother. I remember him as active and sensitive. When we picked him up at the airport coming from Viet Nam he was playing his guitar in a quite corner. That is how I remember him. Quite and artistic. Now by Gods Grace in Christ I know I will see him again. See you in the morning brother.
Posted by Norma Harris on December 15, 2011
When I think of Brad I see that special smile. You are missed and only wish we could have had more times of fellowship. Now there is no more pain as you are with Jesus and those who were waiting for you.
You were a special brother in-law. Until we meet again in Heaven , rest in Peace.
Posted by Karen Throop on December 15, 2011
My brother, the baby of the famiy, was our mother's favorite after her first child.  Mother often kissed his picture. He was the mischievious and adventurous one when we were growing up. Greg became the adventurer later and Brad a wonderful family man. I don't know why Brad got so sick so early in his life. It is so sad to lose his wit, energy and talent. May god rest his soul. kar
Posted by Cathy Hocker on December 15, 2011
I never had the chance to meet Brad but what I was told from his wife that he was a wonderful man. My heart breaks for you and your family Jann and may you find some means of comfort during this hard time. Your husband is at peace now in heaven and pain free....
Posted by Janis Harris on December 14, 2011
Whenever I've needed someone to listen, laugh with or just a warm hand to hold you and your love have always been there. My best friend and the person who could always turn my tears to laughter. My heart feels empty without your smile and twinkle in your eye. You will forever live in my heart ... my precious love ... until we meet again in Heaven.
Posted by Kathy Reel on December 14, 2011
I will forever miss your smile and the smile you put on your lovely wifes face and your childerns.I will remember you always ,you were a wonderful man am so glad you were a part of our family.we will see you again in you and will always be there for your loveing wife and children .
Posted by Amanda Zodrow on December 14, 2011
My dad is the strongest and gifted man I know. He fought till his very last breath. He has taught me so much throughout my life. I love him so much and will miss him every second of every day. All of our special memories I will keep in my heart. I cant believe that he's gone, but now he's no longer in pain. I know I will see him again and that he is watching down on me from Heaven.
Posted by michael rose on December 14, 2011
This is a man that loved most but most didn't know it. I remember being very young and this man took me for a long walk and showed me how to look at nature for its true beauty through his photographs on the farm outside of St. John. Getting lost in the beauty of the wheat fields with lady bugs some 25 years later I can't look at a ladybug and not think of his words of how free they are.
Posted by Erin Meenach on December 14, 2011
I am so grateful that I was able to meet you Brad, and will remember your brave and smiling face the last time you visited the Inlander offices. I could see how fiercely proud you are of your amazing wife, and how unbelievably close the two of you were. I know you because of Jann, and that your legacy and memory shall carry on through she and your children forever. ♥

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