Last haircut with mommy at Stanley - December 2015
Brandon Y Lin
  • 14 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 16, 2001
  • Date of passing: Jan 18, 2016
  • Place of passing:
    Hong Kong
May your adventures in heaven and the infinite keep you happy and busy until we meet again. Love forever, Mommy, Daddy, Michael and Matthew

This website was created in memory of our beloved Brandon, born on July 16, 2001 and passed away on January 18, 2016.   May his memories live with us forever.   

We share with you his life story and the happy memories we have in the form of photos and videos in the next pages.   We encourage all of Brandon's family and friends to share stories, happy memories, photos, videos, songs and any other tribute here.         

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Max Patel on 18th July 2017

"Hey Brandon!
Happy birthday... yeah you got me I'm a little late. You know, I hear its fashionable these days. It's cool how stuff like that works, isn't it? You've popped into my head a lot lately, so I came to check in - and it's two days after your birthday! I remember our hallway DMC's after we were exhausted from basketball or getting away with League 1V1s in class. hahaha I was in Mr. Rohr's class and you were in Mr. Pierce's... what were we scared of? XD Anyway, we would always just have the most interesting discussions. Because we were so young, too, we were exploring some topics together for the first time. I remember one day after class heading to lunch (I don't really remember where), a talk that was basically just complimenting each others mechanics (cause you've always been such a giving guy) turned into one that explored our significance from a universal perspective. We were both from Christian blood but we weren't really sure what we believed. Haha I feel bad that a lot of times when you were trying to have a meaningful conversation, I would just digress into speaking in meaningless syllables - honestly, that's what I felt like at times in a conversation with you. Nerd :P That memory comes to my mind a lot. So do a lot of others, if I'm being honest. The year of your passing was the hardest I have/will ever face(d). The loss of light in my world was so real it felt physical. I know I've said it a thousand times, but I'm so glad I was able to be inspired by you. I don't know how to organize this feeling into a clear cut promise or goal, but I will do my best to shine the way you did. Not like a new car or a star (though you were a star at times... and why not also a new car), but as a flashlight. You shone light in the form of acceptance, kindness, and guidance on the people around you. You didn't absorb it, and certainly didn't look for it. I can promise you that I will refer to the way you touch lives in every decision I make and every obstacle I come upon. I do promise. You were always a wondering soul with all your pondering and whatnot. I still don't understand where you are... if you are and I know I never will, but I hope you've found the answers to the questions preteen little you and me could think up. I watched my hero Ed Sheeran two nights ago live - my dad gave it to me as a birthday present in advance (kinda crazy) and when he sang Photograph I swear I saw your face.
Love you bud!
I'll come back to keep you updated soon - I'm not really doing anything else this summer. I'm gonna try to get a job or whatever haha last time I was in this position I was skyping and texting you nonstop asking for anime recommendations. I wish I could skype you now :/
This is the last thing - I promise - I'm feeling the most at ease with your passing now than ever. I feel like I have seen enough signs to know you are still out there :)
From now until I go there too, you will just a best friend of mine that I will never see again... but if I can feel your presence, what's so bad about that?
<3 I'll keep you updated on how I keep myself from boredom ~ some time soon!

This tribute was added by nathan janser on 17th July 2017

"Happy 16th Brandon, sorry I'm a day late. Still have you and your wonderful family in my heart. I've been thinking more and more about my time in HK and you always seem to pop into my head when that happens. Thanks for still making me smile and laugh so much, even now. I hope all these messages from your friends & loved ones bring a smile to your face too"

This tribute was added by Megan Dixon on 17th July 2017

"Hey Brandon,

Happy 16th Birthday! Sorry that this is a day late - I meant to post on here last night but felt sick and fell asleep really early. I just wanted to say thank you again for always being such an incredible friend to me and for being someone I have always looked up to. I was going through old photos a few days ago and found some photos from your 14th birthday party when we all went to watch Pitch Perfect 2 at the Directors Club! I miss you so much everyday and would do anything to just be able to pass the volleyball, play pool and eat fries at the club, or even just talk to you one more time. Not a day has gone by that I haven't remembered you and I will always keep you close to my heart. I hope you're doing well :)

Love and miss you always,

This tribute was added by Felicity McRobb on 17th July 2017

"Happy Birthday Brandon for your 16th birthday. We love you always. I always think about our scout meetings and our lovely conversations about community and citizenry. You are forever in my heart."

This tribute was added by William Wang on 17th July 2017

"Hey Brandon,

Sorry I'm late, but happy birthday. I'm pretty sure I told you that I've been going through some serious changes, but honestly I'm alright. There isn't a day that passes where I don't think about you, I always keep you close to my mind.

Hope you're doing well up there- and again, happy birthday. I miss you bud


This tribute was added by Leonard So on 16th July 2017

"Happy birthday Brandon! I miss you and thank you for all the great experiences that we've had together."

This tribute was added by Caitlin Chou on 16th July 2017

"Happy Birthday little man, hope you're celebrating with a sprite and know that all of your cousins are here celebrating along with you today. Love you and miss you so much. Ate Caitlin"

This tribute was added by Adrienne Gao on 16th July 2017

"Hi Brandon,

I was up late last night working on some stuff and realised I had worked straight into the next day when I got a Skype notification reminding me it was your birthday! I read through our entire chat log and call history and to say that I miss getting the opportunity to talk to you and see what you're up to and hear your contagious laugh would be an understatement. Everyday I become more and more grateful to have known you for the loyal, kindhearted, hardworking, and rice cake-loving person you are. I miss you more than words could ever express and love you just as much. Happy birthday, Brandon!"

This tribute was added by Arjun Bajaj on 16th July 2017

"Hey Brandon,

I wrote to you about a week or so back but just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday :). Hope your day is filled with an abundance of Hi-Chew, Sprite and rice crackers!

As always, love you loads <3.
Your Friend,

This tribute was added by Katherine Krummert on 16th July 2017

"Thinking of you seems ages since I last were just a little guy :)...Happy Birthday, Auntie Katherine"

This tribute was added by Aki Liu on 16th July 2017

"Hope you are happy over the other side of world, we miss you as always"

This tribute was added by Abigail Baker on 16th July 2017

"Happy Birthday Brandon! I feel like I always under appreciated how much of a considerate and caring person you were. Looking back at our old conversations it's super apparent how much you loved sharing everything you know and helping people. Really miss our late night dmc's and the questions we'd ask ourselves about life and whatever is beyond. You never really accepted the easy way out of things and always seemed to ask the hardest questions. That's something I've always admired about you. I hope that theres some way you can see how much of a positive impact you made on the lives of the people who surrounded you. Your existence shaped so many of us for the better even if it wasn't intentional. Love and miss you"

This tribute was added by Alice Lin on 15th July 2017

"Dear Brandon,

It's already July 16th in Asia.   This would have been your 16th Bday.  Miss you so much, every day.

We had our annual bbq at Uncle Randy's this year.  Matthew, Devin and Chelsea are in Singapore and will be remembering you with Auntie Susy at your favorite chicken rice next to our old home.  

We are practising to live life fully and to always think happy thoughts like you.   Hope out in the infinite universe, you're doing the same.  



This tribute was added by Alexander Achcar on 15th July 2017

"Hey Brandon!!!
Tomorrow is your birthday !! That makes it 16 right? Just wanted to drop by again after seeing a skype notification for your birthday hahah!

This summer has been busy but is starting to feel more and more like a drag as the days are growing longer (sun drops at like 10 here.) I'm happy to let you know that I've been trading emails with your mom a little bit. Admittedly, I got a little bit busy last week and forgot to respond to her last one, I'll get to it when I get home later.

I'd like to imagine that you'd be at a volleyball camp in California right now. Yeah, that sounds about right.
Hope you're celebrating up there!
Your Friend,
Alexander Achcar"

This tribute was added by Arjun Bajaj on 11th July 2017

"Hey man,

It feels like it's been forever, just checking in, hope you are doing well :). Summer is starting to get quite hectic and stressful as everyone is preparing for next year. I'm not sure if I will have time to continue volleyball next year, but hopefully I can as it remains to be my way of keeping our memories alive. As always, I love and miss you.


This tribute was added by Calvin Zau on 30th June 2017

"Hey, Brandon!

It has been a while and I hope you're doing well. Just wanted to check up on you! It's mid summer right now and everyone is getting ready for the school year and college. Not much has been happening, ergo I feel like it's time I write you a message to check in. Still, I miss you and love you buddy.

Love always, Calvin"

This tribute was added by Alexander Achcar on 17th June 2017

"Hey Brandon!
Summer kicked off last week and at first I was super relieved... finally done with sophomore year! It felt hella long and I'm pretty happy that its over now. I'm flying out to Canada the day after tomorrow and couldn't help thinking about the time you spent the whole night staying up and playing league with me so that I'd get over my jet lag when I got to North America. The call is still there on my skype history with you, notably one of the longest skype calls that we shared hahaha :) I'm probably gonna stay up tomorrow night too, probably not playing league hahah, but most likely watching a tv show or something. Anyway, this summer got off to a good and relaxing start but some pretty bad stuff happened in my family, and my holiday took a sharp turn for the worst. That's kinda what prompted me to remember about this page after contemplating things for a while. A really similar thing happened over Christmas Break last year, and I remember talking to you about it, and you being there to comfort me when I needed you the most. Till the very end you were always there for me, and I'm eternally grateful for that. After you passed I went through the darkest point of my life till that point, and probably for the rest of my life, right after I lost you and had to live by myself because my moms health wasn't looking too great, and she and my dad were grounded in Canada. It really sucked, but at least it gave me a lot of time to reflect on everything.
Way back at the one-year anniversary of your passing, I went on a run by myself into the country park and made a promise to you when I was at the top of the mountain with the view. To be honest, I really didn't stick by that promise, and thinking about it right now, I feel like complete garbage because of it. Right when the school year starts, I'll go to the same place and make the same promise, this year I'm gonna try my best to fulfil that, because that's the least I can do to bring myself to honour your passing.
I like to paint myself as a pretty hardened person on the outside, but I find it funny that the only times that I really cry are when I'm on this page.
Anyway, thanks for being around for me when I really need you <3 I'll come back and check in again before summer ends :)

Forever your friend,
Alexander Achcar"

This tribute was added by Megan Dixon on 19th May 2017

"Hey Brandon,
Feels like I haven't written on here in ages. I've been thinking about you lots and I miss you so much. I'll write again soon. Love always, Megan <3"

This tribute was added by Alice Yu on 5th May 2017

"Hey Brandon,

How are you? It rained today. I don't really like rain, but every spring shower always brings a new stroke of green.

I was just invited by my coach to attend pre-season for volleyball next year. I'm so happy! I wanted to let you know because you inspired me to play, and I love the sport now.

Brandon I miss you. I guess sometimes you can only see the "bye" in goodbye.

I'll leave a song for you."

This tribute was added by Max Patel on 2nd May 2017

"Hey Brandon
I miss you and think about you everyday. I wish you could see this beautiful day... My school just brought Hi-chew to it's school store and of course my mind wandered to your smile. I hope you're still out there smiling. Love you Brandon - just wanted to let you know that we are all still cherishing your memory.
Love, Max"

This tribute was added by Arjun Bajaj on 24th April 2017

"Hey man,

It's been a while since I last checked in. Hope all is well with you. I've been thinking of you a lot recently especially after certain events have caused me to loose motivation in photography. I keep thinking back to how much you helped me and pushed me to succeed in volleyball. Hopefully, the memories of your support will rekindle inspiration to continue my passion.

I received a lovely email from your mom shortly after the tree planting ceremony and I am glad to hear that your name has finally been cleared. Wishing you the best. We will talk soon. love you bro <3


This tribute was added by ili ho on 17th April 2017

"Thought of you a lot today :) ! Really miss you dude and hope all is well <3"

This tribute was added by Megan Dixon on 2nd April 2017

"Hey Brandon,

Wow, time really flies. I can't believe it's been over a year now. There hasn't been a single day that I haven't thought about you and missed you. I'm visiting HK in a few days and I'll be sure to stop by HKIS and look at your tree! I'm sure it's beautiful :). Also, I saw the message your mom put out and it makes me beyond happy that your name has been cleared. It's really going to be tough going back there again and not having you to pepper the volleyball with or hang out with during frees and at the club, but I know you're always in our hearts. Love and miss you everyday Brandon. <3


This tribute was added by Calvin Zau on 2nd April 2017

"Hey buddy, just want you to know that I miss you. I hope you're doing well.


This tribute was added by Calvin Zau on 28th March 2017

"Hey Brandon,

How are you doing man? I'm glad to hear the good news that your name has been cleared after a year and that you're at peace now. Time flies by past but you still live inside of us, and now that the tree is there, a piece of you will be here forever. Most of us are struggling with our SRP's and other schoolwork day to day, so it's refreshing to hear this news.

I love you man, I hope you're doing well, and I miss you buddy.


This tribute was added by Susy Fan on 14th March 2017

"Dear Brandon,

It’s been over a year and it is a testament to your legacy to see all your friends share how you continue to brighten their lives. It is also a testament of your parents' strength to have the courage to fight a foreign country’s legal system to right a wrong.

There was never a doubt in our minds that the HK system added insult to a tragedy.

To everyone who has been sharing, I want to thank you for giving us those pieces of Brandon.

Brandon, we love you very very much, will miss you forever, and it is really comforting to know that you continue to live in our memories.

Auntie Susy"

This tribute was added by Alice Lin on 14th March 2017

"Dear Brandon (and Brandon's friends),

I was originally hoping to make this announcement during your tree planting ceremony at HKIS the week before last, but unfortunately the wheels of justice weren't quite done yet so we had to wait another 2 weeks.

Some of your teachers and Scouts leaders are aware of this process which started last year; we hired a lawyer to compel the coroner's court to open an investigation relating to your fall.   After 14 months and a full police investigation, the police report concluded, and the coroner's court has agreed, that there was absolutely no evidence of suicide and there should never have been any insinuation of such by any party.    

After the first 24 hours, mommy had no doubts.   But I am glad that we are finally able to fully clear your name and your memory.  

You have probably not been bothered by this in your adventures across the infinite universe.   But for some of your friends, it was perhaps doubly painful to have this lingering in their minds.  I hope like us, they can find some level of peace with the knowledge that you lived your life fully and happily.  

Love you always and forever.  


This tribute was added by Arjun Bajaj on 3rd March 2017

"Hey Brandon!

We just held the tree planting ceremony yesterday and it was amazing to see everything finally come together so amazingly. After months of preparation and work, the beautiful tree was planted as your parents shoveled the last of the soil. It was amazing to see everyone who managed to attend the ceremony as some I hadn't seen in a while. When I went up to say a few words about the tree, without having prepared a speech, I couldn't talk. I failed to complete a single sentence. But either way, it was amazing to see everyone who came out for the event.

I managed to take some quick pictures of the flowers that have blossomed on the tree and I have added them to the photo gallery of this website. I will take more pictures when I come back from interim. Speaking of interim, I'm going to Telunas in Indonesia and I am really excited. My birthday is on interim every year so hopefully I can connect with the others in my group. I leave in 4 hours and haven't started packing so I should really get to that. Miss you loads <3.

Love you bro,

This tribute was added by Megan Dixon on 2nd March 2017

"Hey Brandon!

Today they held your tree ceremony at HKIS, and I really wish I could've been there for it. The tree is going to be beautiful and I'm so happy that we've found a way to keep you alongside all of your HKIS friends.

Anyways, I've been playing a lot of volleyball lately with tournaments out of town every weekend. It's getting a bit repetitive and can be frustrating not ever being able to sleep in, but I'm always reminded of you and how motivating and encouraging you always were to me. School is also getting really tough. I just registered for my AP exams in May and I'm already stressing to study for them! I know you would be so much more organized and prepared than I would :) I really miss you and your constant energy and laughter. I hope you're doing well up there <3

Love always,

This tribute was added by Alexander Achcar on 1st March 2017

"Hey Brandon,
    Interim is coming up this weekend. I feel like I've mentioned this but despite all of the fun regarding interim, it's a constant reminder of you. I'll never forget how excited I was when I found out that you were gonna come with me on our first interim trip. Neither of us knew anybody else on the trip all too well, and we had made an agreement to keep each other company throughout the trip. This year I have a fun trip, gonna be climbing a mountain in Japan... hmm... I'm gonna be spending a lot of time alone up there and will have you on my mind for sure.
    On another note, track season just started. I was watching some people learning how to pass the baton for the relay and couldn't forget how in 8th grade we had attached the keyword, 'shrek' to our baton passing. I remember us all yelling it out at the top of our lungs as we went. Recently I've become addicted to track and am constantly reminded of the fun we had at all of the meets. Last Friday we had our first friendly meet and went early with a friend to test out the high jump mat. I tried to teach him how to high jump but then thought to myself how bad I was at it, and how he needed someone that was actually good at high jump, someone with a natural talent, pretty much describing you. The short line of duct tape which you refused to start from is still stuck to the ground. Along with the tree directly across the high-jump set where I waited with your mom and watched you finish your jumps after I had been knocked out. Later in the meet, after my race, I watched the relay team run, which was super nostalgic. They were running a good-ish race, in first place nonetheless. However, once they just barely finished first, the judge ran over and yelled out that they were disqualified from the race, having failed their baton passing. I giggled at how ridiculous it was, but it hit me later that that was exactly what had happened to you on the HKIS team in 8th grade. First place, but disqualified. I regret giving up my spot on that team, but I'm still happy I got to celebrate for a few seconds with you guys until it was called that you guys got DQ'd. Anyway, I promise to push my hardest this track season. Hopefully going to follow in your mindset, how first is the only goal, nothing else. If I win this year then it'll be dedicated to you for sure. I promise to come back and let you know how it goes too.
     This year in math I've been having a bit of a hard time. I keep telling myself that it's because I never learned any background things due to being in normal math in eighth grade. But I never regret not trying to jump up to 8 plus. I would have never met you and wouldn't have gotten the chance to cultivate the friendship we created together. I'll never forget when we sat across from each other for those months in the corner of the classroom, just the two of us, and how one class you turned to me while Mr. Tibbits was talking and simply said, "yo Alex, you're cooler than I thought." We ended up saying that to each other for the longest time as we continued to talk. I've never been more jokingly serious about something that I've said in my life more than that line. "Hey Brandon! you're cooler than I thought." :)
     I hope you're having a good time wherever you are. You never leave my mind and I'm super thankful for that every day.
     Love you and miss you,

This tribute was added by Calvin Zau on 1st March 2017

"Hey Brandon! Today is my birthday and i'm finally 16! I'm glad that everything is coming together and in the end the tree is going to be there and i'm sure the ceremony is going to be really fun. Everyone is coming back for this and i'm excited to have everyone united once again. The tree is supposed to look really nice, and has purple/pink flowers and can stand up to 8-9 feet tall, and it stands in the middle of the island. To think that your tree is likely going to stay there for years to come is incredible.

It's going to be really fun after school today, and I hope you're doing well.

Luh Ya Dawg :),


This tribute was added by Arjun Bajaj on 10th February 2017

"Hey man,

Hope you are doing well. It's been a while since we last talked. This is just an update on the tree that Calvin and I mentioned earlier. We have worked with Mrs. Fine and Mr. Hall to pick out the most beautiful tree and location.

We are just working on finishing up the plaque to get everything ready for the planting day. I'm super excited to see everything fall into place. We will for sure keep you updated. I miss you so much <3.


This tribute was added by Megan Dixon on 6th February 2017

"Hey Brandon!

It feels like ages since I last wrote here even though it's just been a couple weeks. I just wanted to leave a note and say that I miss you so much and think of you all the time. I've been having a lot of volleyball tournaments lately and it always reminds me of all the amazing memories we shared during volleyball seasons throughout middle school and freshman year! I hope you're doing well up there :)

Love you always,

This tribute was added by nathan janser on 25th January 2017

"Hey Brandon,

keeping you in my thoughts & prayers. It's crazy to think how long it has been. Thinking of you from Seattle, I feel like you would really enjoy it here. Tons of great running trails you could show off your mile time on! Thinking of you and your family always. It's nice looking at all the positive memories people left. lots of love."

This tribute was added by angela toda on 25th January 2017

"Brandon and Lin family -- we think of you often and you are missed. Our prayers are with you. Much love, Angela and the Janser family"

This tribute was added by Karen Yip on 19th January 2017

"Dear Brandon
Your mom and dad's most generous hospitality had given me the joy to meet you and everyone at your home.
The yummy food, the happy chats, the fond memories...
Today,  this verse came to me :
"In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am".   JOHN 14, 2-3
We are reassured where you are now !!  We will meet again .
Auntie Karen"

This tribute was added by Adrienne Gao on 18th January 2017

"Dear Brandon,

Not a day has passed in this past year that I have not thought about you and all the light you brought to my life. It still breaks my heart but I want to thank you for everything. You were the most loyal, loving, and intelligent person I knew. I still catch myself thinking back to 6th grade and Chinese classes with you and how close we became as a result. You often appear in my dreams and that gives me so much hope that you're still thinking about us from wherever you are (and wherever that is, I hope you're resting easy). I love and miss you all the time. Sending all my love to you and your family.


This tribute was added by S T on 18th January 2017

"I'm trying. I swear. I wish we could have been closer."

This tribute was added by Max Patel on 18th January 2017

"Hi Brandon,

I'm sorry I couldn't bring myself to write something tomorrow, but I did finish the song I've been working on for you. I remember that day after we made rice cakes with sushi when you sat me down, looked me in the eye, and did the thing you did best in the world: brought out the best in me. I'd told you many times while playing league, watching anime, chilling at the club, in rain-soaked tents at boy scout camps when we were dying with laughter while crammed for room, during AMIS when we were buried in our rooms playing "Osu!" (you were always so good at that game somehow) and so much more that I loved music. There was no reason at all, but something about that day was so memorable. So special. The way you were always able to vocalize your thoughts in such a genuine way was a true treasure.

You told me with that look that has been engraved on the back of my eyelids, "You should really go for it. You can make it, I just know it. And hey, whenever you are feeling unsure, just come to me - you know I'm always here"

Brandon you are the only person that I've ever known to have enough genuine compassion to spend over three hours helping make cover art "Anarchic Serenity" for no reason other than because your friends asked you jokingly.

I admire you endlessly. Even now I think about you every day and try to live my life parallel to the way that you did. It seems simply impossible to me that I could ever give as much of myself to others without expecting something in return as you did.

I can't believe that the last time I actually saw you was 8th Grade graduation when you were jokingly begging me not to move to America. I wish I hadn't. I wish I wasn't writing this letter, but the past has passed.

I'm still as confused about religion as I was when we last talked about it in your bedroom over a year ago. Recently, I was talking to someone who told me that we are all from starstuff and atoms and eventually, we all go back to that same starstuff. This really helped me and I hope it helps anyone else that may have a similar position on death and comes across this note. I believe that when we die, our consciousness and everything we are is gone. Despite this if you have completed the circle and have become starstuff again, I realize that you will be in everything I do. You will be everywhere I am. You are now starstuff like everything else around me. Who's to say that you aren't in everything around me?

This has really brought me peace and given me the strength to write this note that will hopefully reach you in some way that I might not understand.

We all love you so much Brandon, and will continue to remember you and take you with us everywhere we go. But I guess in a way, you will already be there. Huh.


This tribute was added by Rebecca Shin on 18th January 2017

"Hi Brandon,

It's been a year... I still think about you and miss you so much. Today, I read some of the conversations we had, and they made laugh so much :) We had so much fun talks and made stupid jokes that only two of us would laugh at. Do you remember when we were talking about being each other's favorites, we said after a year, I would be your favorite upperclassman and you would be my favorite underclassman? You are my favorite underclassman now, congrats!!

I'm going to HKIS this Sunday for APAC Basketball and I am super excited. I wish you were there so we could watch a movie together like we always planned to.. But I guess I will wait until I see you again :)

I really miss talking to you. I miss your kindness, the compliments you gave me, and the jokes we made. Thank you for all the great memories! Hope you are having a great time up there. I love you so much, Brandon!"

This tribute was added by Katherine Krummert on 18th January 2017

"Hi Brandon,

Thinking of you from Singapore.  We hadn't seen you for a while, but we remember your big smile always, from the time you were very small. We've shared a photo of you with your dad--and Auntie Deborah and Ashley--at Liam's pool party when he turned 5.  Remember those floaties!  Thinking too of Alice, Joel, Michael and Matthew and sending a big big hug  and much love to all of you from the Galeys."

This tribute was added by Julia Lee on 18th January 2017

"Hi Brandon!!
I haven't talked to you in a while, but I wanted to update you on my life. This afternoon there was a memorial service for you and l literally could not stop crying the entire afternoon/night. I also got a bad grade on my AP World test and I lost my really expensive earphones... It's been such a bad day and I wish I could just talk to you omggg. I hope you're doing well, and there's probably better ping up there (I quit league btw are you proud??). I have a test tmr but I might be able to skip it because I honestly can't stop thinking about our memories. I'm also lowkey failing normal AA (ik you're judging me), so I wish you could tutor me. I also ate a lot of junkfood today (I forgot to drink sprite tho), even though I'm trying to be healthy (thank you ik, i'm proud too). I was in a mall today bc I didn't want to go home and a store started playing sad music and I started bawling my freaking eyes out bc I honestly miss you sosososo much :) Save me a computer up there, maybe I'll beat you in 1v1 one day!!!"

This tribute was added by S Gallaudet on 18th January 2017

"Brandon left some beautiful footprints here and I know he is surrounded by love and peace. Big hugs to Alice, Joel, Michael and Matthew."

This tribute was added by Felicity McRobb on 18th January 2017

"Dearest Brandon,

A year has passed. We love you and miss you every day. Thank you for all the joy you brought to our lives.

Felicity xoxoxoxoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Ginny Wilmerding on 18th January 2017

"Sending a big hug to the Lin family today - Alice, Joel, Michael and Matthew... and warm regards to Brandon who is up in heaven with all of our loved ones who have passed away. It's wonderful that you designed this website as a way to let Brandon's friends communicate with him.  They miss him so much and take comfort in this. Alice, hope you're all well in Singapore. We admire your strength and positive energy."

This tribute was added by Changwook Shim on 18th January 2017

"It's been a year, but nobody's forgotten you. You were a good friend and touched the lives of all around you. Your positive energy, wide bright smile, and kind spirit will stay with us all forever. Rest in peace, Brandon Lin."

This tribute was added by Rebekka Rantanen on 17th January 2017

"Dear Brandon,

I cannot believe it has been a year already. 365 days since I woke up and my heart was immediately filled with pain and emptiness. 365 days where you have crossed my mind every day. even though to this day there is still so much pain, this situation has also managed to teach me many valuable life lessons. the first one: always value everyone and everything in your life, because you never know when you may lose it. the second one: the words you say to someone really can effect them, whether they show it or not. i know you are doing great and are in a better place, and i truly do wish i talked to you more and kept in touch more. thank you so much for being such a great friend to me in the years you did, you were truly a blessing. you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten in our hearts.

my prayers & condolences go out to the Lin family, and to everyone out there who may be suffering with depression as well.

i love and miss you so much, and thank you for teaching me so many valuable lessons and helping me to always think positively. i hope you're doing great up there<3



This tribute was added by Sid Verma on 17th January 2017

"Whatsup Big Guy,

How you been? I didn't know that we could talk to you through this, this is pretty sweet now I can catch up with u and stuff. But I've been thinking about u a lot. A year and 1 day ago we were hiking together, but I didn't even say bye. I miss you man. Boy Scouts had changed so much, our old patrol doesn't even exist anymore hahaha.

Omg guess what?! I became SPL for the last semester. It was so much fun. I was in charge of everything HAHAHAHA. Anyways man I really miss you. I think about u a lot whether I'm happy or sad or listening to some songs we used to listen to. I really miss you.

Love you,

This tribute was added by William Wang on 17th January 2017

"Hey Brandon,

I miss you bud, I can't believe it's been a year since your passing. I still think about you everyday, and frankly it hurts. However, today will not be another day of mourning, it will instead be another day to love, remember, and celebrate your life.

I love you so much man, I miss you a lot and I honestly wish we could've talked even more.

I hope you're doing great wherever you are, Brandon. Just remember that your friends and family down here all love you so very much, and that I love you very much as well.


This tribute was added by Calvin Zau on 17th January 2017

"Hey Brandon,

I can't really believe that it's been a year already, everything has just been moving so fast. We still love you and miss you everyday and hope you're doing well. I remember that on this day last year I was so shocked to hear the news, and I didn't realise what I had lost until so many weeks later. I know you are watching and taking care of us from above, so I thank you for that. Though nowadays everyone is stressed, I think it is good for everybody to take a moment and stop to think of all the good memories we've had with you.

Arjun, Ellis, Wils, Damien and I have been working to get the tree done for you. The school has been very cooperative and hopefully we will get it done soon. We will make sure that it will be a healthy and beautiful tree.

Thank you Brandon and I hope you have a good day <3


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