Posted by Rebecca Martin on June 19, 2021
Brandon, I’m not sure what to say… I didn’t see you every day or talk to you every day but we didn’t go long in between, it doesn’t seem the same going by your house, sometimes I try not to look but I glance and then look away because the thought of never seeing you out in the yard working on a vehicle or throwing up your hand to wave is something I don’t want to believe! You were someone I could always count on to be there for me if needed, usually with a vehicle if Rich wasn’t around! Just a couple days before you passed you messaged asking when I wanted you to work on the truck and also the evening of the flood you sent me videos of your backyard, I will miss the messages from you, I should’ve have saved those because within a week you were gone!! You were so young, you just had a baby, planning to get married soon and have your happy ever after! I met you when I moved across the road from you, your parents, brother & sister, you were still in high school, your family became part of mine and over the years I watched you become a man with a family of your own, I moved but only a couple houses up the road so I lived beside or just a couple houses away from you over half your life! You will be missed so much, I just wish I would’ve known the last time I saw you was really the last time I would’ve told you how much I love and appreciate the bond we had! I love and will miss you lots Brandon Shane Smith!! ♥️

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