Beautiful Poem

Shared by Rhonda Wilkins on July 1, 2011

I ran across your menorial. What a beatiful poem I hope you dont mind but I copied to give to my son and his girlfriend. They lost their sweet little girl on May 25, 2011.She would have been 2 on July 20,2011. I cried when I read the poem I think that would be what she would have told her daddy and mama. She would have said the same words. I hope it gives them some comfort. GOD BLESS your family and may the sweet memory of Little Brayden live in your hearts forever. I will pray for your family. My granddaughter name is Skylar Marie Wilkins. So maybe they are in Heaven playing together as the little angels that they are. RIP LITTLE BRAYDEN AND SKYLAR

Brayden's Memory

Shared by Mandy Altemier on June 22, 2011

Our worst fear is that in a few months, or a few years, no one will remember Brayden! I am so thankful that my family and my closest friends are helping his memory live on! My niece and nephews talk about him all the time, and see pictures of him. They ask to hold his urn and they tell him all the time they love him! I am so thankful for that! 

I want Brayden's memory to live on forever!! <3

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