Let the memory of Brenda be with us forever
  • 44 years old
  • Born on August 31, 1964 .
  • Passed away on April 21, 2009 .

BRENDA SUE HAGEDORN was born August 31, 1964 in Pomona, California to Ray and Cynthia (Garner) Vela. She passed away Tuesday, April 21, 2009, at her residence in Fremont, Nebraska at the age of 44 years.

Brenda moved to Oakland, Nebraska and lived with her mother and step-father Gaylen Johnson in her sophomore year. She graduated from Oakland-Craig High School in 1982. She was in the swing choir and received honors. She attended Metro Tech College in Fremont for one year.

She married Scott Hagedorn in July of 1983. They had a daughter Brandi Ann. They Later Divorced.

Brenda's love of life is what helped her endure her battle with MS. She was a great motivator and made many accomplishments for those with disabilities. She was a homemaker and artist.

She was preceded in death by her grandparents: Adolf and Natalie Vela, Carmen and Leonard Johnson, and Bert Garner.

Posted by Shelly Urkoski on 1st May 2017
I added a picture of myself and another caretake of Brenda's, Jen. The picture was taken at a wedding, Brenda looked beautiful!
Posted by Kathy Ladehoff on 2nd September 2016
Bren was my best friend in high school. We were the two outcasts from Cali. We did everything together! Oh how I miss the good old days! You were absolutely beautiful in every way! So many memories! Even in our Fremont days! We are Sister's! I love you so much Bren! Heaven is even more beautiful with you there. Miss you dear friend.
Posted by Shelly Urkoski on 31st August 2016
Brenda is a girl I knew for a short time however she is still someone I bring up to this day about our stories to my kids! We had some amazing road trips together even though I went along As a caretaker, I left as a friend! I miss you Brenda!! Luv ~ Shel
Posted by Connie Hron on 31st August 2016
Brenda and Brandi lived above us in an apt house when Brandi was little. She always had such amazing crafts and items she had made decorating their home. She was such a beautiful woman who had such a flair for life. She was a positive and happy person. Just a real joy to know. Talked to her a few times after she was in her chair and she still shared that smile and upbeat attitude . Quite an amazing person.
Posted by Cyndi Johnson on 21st April 2016
Just a note to let you know I miss you so but when I go places,touch certain things.... spring flowers...songs you sang...you are always with me ...love you..mom
Posted by Cyndi Johnson on 21st April 2014
Five years today have gone by since The Lord needed you to be free. It is not fair you left so young but you left those who knew you and care a legacy of your love and you live on through your fabulous daughter Brandi and your three precious grandchildren...you are always with us. I love and miss you beyond words.....
Posted by Cyndi Johnson on 23rd October 2013
So many great memories of my beautiful daughter,,, She was very gifted and an inspiration to all who knew her,,,,see stories
Posted by Jeff Hagedorn on 22nd October 2013
Brenda was such a sweet, caring and loving sister-in-law. I always enjoyed visiting with her and Brandi and I will miss making her laugh because she had such a unique laugh and beautiful smile! Miss ya, Bren!
Posted by Yvette Savala on 22nd October 2013
One more thing. There was nothing she couldn't do. Brenda was so beautiful.
Posted by Yvette Savala on 22nd October 2013
There are so many things I remember about my cousin. Growing up she was the oldest cousin/ Grandchild ( I was second in line) I remember that she was so active. There was nothing she couldn't do. She would hike, dirt bike what ever had to do with the outdoors. On Easter we used to go to Carbon Canyon (the best times ever) She would pick up snakes with no fear.
Posted by Laura Shanks on 22nd October 2013
She was one of the nicest ladies i met when we move to nebraska from california. My favorite thing was when we wouldvall go to the bike shows or car shows she never wanted to use her cane. And i was still a kids at perfect hight so she would hold on to my head to balance as she walked around.. It was fun and funny. She was a good mother and a good friend. She left a impact on everyone. Xox
Posted by Lana Larsen Hunke on 21st October 2013
Every time I visited Brenda, I left her house with more than I came with...
Posted by Anneeta Van Buren on 21st October 2013
A tribute to my best friend thru high school and later on in our adult lives.... Brenda was a bright light that commanded the room when she walked in and had the onery way about her with a devilish sparkle in her eyes... She was the different California girl with the Joan Jett look and the talent to match. Forever missing you in my heart... Love you til I see you again.

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