Posted by Christy Jimenez-Aldama on May 24, 2022
Happy Birthday my son…. Miss you more everyday. Love, mom
Posted by jeannie mack on May 24, 2022
Happy Birthday Brian. You are missed and thought of often. 
Posted by Anna Duarte on February 10, 2022
On this day God took you, Brian to join him in his paradise. It was such a devastating day for your family and friends and the pain is still there. But I know that you are resting Peacefully in Heaven with the Angel's, and that you are watching over all of us. You were the best adopted brother that David could of ever had...just want to let know that David has never turned his back on your brother's because he understood what they were going through and because we are family. We miss you so very much ❤️ Forever in our Hearts and Never Forgotten ♥️ Rest Peacefully ❤
Posted by jeannie mack on February 10, 2022
Always thinking of you. Our family misses you and our memories live on. Love you -
Posted by Christy Jimenez-Aldama on February 10, 2022
The disbelief that you left us is still so real. Hearts are hurt so deep. Memories live on and so grateful for that. 20 years is so very long, but it still seems like yesterday. You are missed and loved so much my son. I will see you someday.
Love, mom
Posted by Dan Lero on February 10, 2022
Thinking of you today❤️❤️
Still remember what a pleasure it was coaching you ⚽️
Posted by jeannie mack on May 24, 2021
Happy Birthday in heaven Brian. Thinking of you today. 
Posted by Christy Jimenez-Aldama on February 10, 2021
To my oldest son... my heart is forever broken.. so many things have changed and so much missed. You have a beautiful niece Harper Jo . Shaune is the proud daddy.. Jonathan has found love.. 19 years is a long time but as your mom it still feels like yesterday. I miss you more it seems as time passes.. love you endlessly my son❤️!
Posted by Dan Lero on February 10, 2021
Thinking of you today!!! One of the hardest working players I have ever coached! Miss you Brian!!
Posted by jeannie mack on February 10, 2021
Still such sad day. We think about you often and miss you so much. 
Until we meet again, love and miss you.
Posted by Christy Jimenez-Aldama on December 8, 2017
Have you on my mind today...As you know Helen Pierce is there with you now. That gives me comfort to know that you have her there to fill you in on our lives as we are today...Miss you daily and my heart aches some days more than others...Holiday season is rough...but we will get through it again. Will travel to San Diego soon to you my son.
Posted by Christy Jimenez-Aldama on February 10, 2017
My son, I don't know how it is that 15 Years ago you left us. The heart stays heavy and the tears still come. Our lives have changed so much. I wish you were here to be part of it all. I go to the Cemetary daily to talk to you and will be leaving to San Diego soon to decorate your memorial. I love you my son, until I see you again I will hold you close in my heart. Love mom.
Posted by jeannie mack on February 10, 2017
Still missing you 15 years later.
Posted by Dan Lero on May 24, 2016
Happy BDay Brian!!!!
Posted by jeannie mack on May 24, 2016
Another birthday and it never gets easier. All the memories bring a smile to my face and a lump in my throat. I always wonder if you and Cullen would still be close friends-I know your watching him from above and giving him the energy to continue. We all still miss you and send up prayers for your family. All our love-The Macks
Posted by Christy Jimenez-Aldama on May 24, 2016
Miss you son. Happy birthday! Love mom
Posted by Jon Jimenez on May 24, 2016
Happy birthday Brian! I miss you, old man
Posted by Shaune Jimenez on May 6, 2016
I miss you Bro... Everyday I think back to when we were kids with a smile.* Until we meet again*
Posted by jeannie mack on February 10, 2015
Still missing you all these years later. Your family will always be in my prayers.
Posted by Anna Duarte on May 25, 2014
Happy Birthday in Heaven...we miss you!!!
Posted by jeannie mack on May 24, 2014
Happy Birthday in heaven! We miss you.
Posted by Christy Jimenez-Aldama on May 22, 2014
Oh my son...a note...that's all I can do to say what I need to say. This Saturday May 24th you will turn 31 years old!! How did that happen?!..You left when you were only 18!! So unfair!! True, life has gone on..but you are so missed and thought of daily..I always wonder what your life, and our lives would have been like if you were still physically here with us...I just don't know... We will travel to San Diego on your birthday and decorate the crash site as we do every year..It doesn't get any easier or better, but it helps me heal some to know I was at the place that your life ended.We did not get to say good bye to you and,there on the hillside, I take a deep breath and feel you there with me. I almost hear you...So my son, I know you are at peace and you will somehow send a hint that you see us. Until we meet again..Have a Happy Birthday in heaven and I love and miss you! Love, mom
Posted by Dan Lero on February 10, 2014
I still remember that quiet little boy with a big heart on the soccer field. Truly a coach's player ! Those memories will never be taken away from me.
Posted by Christy Jimenez-Aldama on February 10, 2014
Miss you baby! I can't seem to move on... Feeling "stuck", again.
Posted by Eric Brandt on February 10, 2012
i remember singing this song with brian and cullen on our way to soccer games in the bus pretending we were the white boys to men. good times
Posted by Jenna Ruiz on February 8, 2012
I can so vividly remembering hanging out upstairs at the Brandt's or at Linzi Shook's house... I can remember pasta parties at the Churchill's and hanging out before practice... and Chris, Cullen and Eric telling us hilarious stories of things you did. We continue to tell those crazy stories and pray for your family. Blessings, Jenna.
Posted by Anna Duarte on February 2, 2012
"Brian's Memories" will never die...he will always live in our hearts...such a great friend and athlete. He was a "Star" on and off the baseball/soccer that "star" is shining a pond us from the heaven's above. Thank you, Sokie, Christy, Shaune and Jonathan for letting David and I become a part of your beautiful family to cherish those great memories...Never Forgotten...RIP Brian
Posted by Johanna Forrester on February 1, 2012
I have been so honored to have met your family, and to have gotten to know your mother, my special friend. Even though I didn't get to meet you, I feel like I have, with all the memories your mother shares. You are Greatly missed and will never be forgotten. My prayers are with your family everyday God Bless. Love always, Johanna Forrester
Posted by Dan Lero on January 31, 2012
Brian.....Hard to believe it has been 10 years since God brought you to heaven to be on his team. I had the pleasure of coaching you on the soccer fields so many years ago. As a coach, we always dream of the coach's player. Dedicated, focused, great stamina, passion, unselfish and definately put others before yourself.  I am glad to say, you were that player for me ! We all miss you !
Posted by jeannie mack on January 30, 2012
Can't believe it's been 10 years. The hurt is still so fresh. Brian, you were a part of our family. You are missed daily. I am so blessed that you and Cullen were friends. You and your family are forever in my prayers. I know you watch over us and that we will all be together again some day. Love you and miss you - RIP dear Brian.
Posted by Nicolas Dekker on January 30, 2012
I had the pleasure of knowing Brian since i was probably 6 or 7 years old playing baseball and later on soccer on the same fields my sons now play on. Now when I step on those fields from my childhood I get a flood of amazing memories of B and can't help but smile and know that you are still with us all. I think of you often and miss you dearly.
Posted by Eric Brandt on January 30, 2012
Wow I remember when all those photos were taken. Brian was the greatest friend any person could have. That's why you are talked about all the time. You are truly missed and even in death you still seem to have an impact on many lives. Thank you Christy and Sokie 4 everything you have done and thank you for bringing Brian into my life. You raised a special person who is close to my heart.
Posted by Evan Shelton on January 30, 2012
my heart n prayers are with you and the family....good friends and good people are hard to can be crazy and with all going on its a blessing to be writing you right now to say i love u and your family for treating me like a friend and family....god bless....
Posted by Christy Jimenez-Aldama on January 23, 2012
To our precious son and brother. Ten years have come and gone. So much and yet so little has changed. Your brothers are now men,Some of your friends have married, and some have kids now. But the hole and the pain you left in our hearts and lives the day you died remains the same. Your smile and memories will live in us forever. Until we meet again son. Love, Mom, Dad Shaune and Jonathan.

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