Never forget

Shared by Christopher Bigsbee on February 2, 2019

I didn't know Britt very long but the little time I got to know her we were great friends I was originally just her mechanic then her brother from another mother and great friends. She was a great woman and a great friend just the times of sitting around joking to the wars of who was right about what was wrong with your truck to the wars of when she felt like nobody cared and then we talked and she find out a lot more people cared then she thought well Britt you were the life of the party and that beaming light at the party that will never be there but we'll always be there in our hearts we love you sis

My friend

Shared by Tisa Guastaferro on February 1, 2019

my friend we had good time and shared a lot of time together and now ur gone and I miss u and will always love u

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