Let the memory of Byron be with us forever
  • 58 years old
  • Born on July 8, 1956 in Hampton, Iowa, United States.
  • Passed away on April 21, 2015 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

Byron Burmester, 58 passed away on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at Methodist Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

During his fight against cancer, Byron never ceased to be brave and courageous.  He gave everyone around him the inspiration to be strong and hopeful every single day. 

He passed away peacefully surrounded by his life partner, Marcus Brasileiro, and other family members including his mother, Myrna Burmester of Marshalltown, Iowa, sisters Sally Burmester from Venice, California, Jody Weil and husband Brent of Evansville, Indiana, and brother Ronald Burmester and wife Tammy of West Des Moines, Iowa.  He was also survived by three nephews:  Adam Weil, Carter Burmester and Carson Burmester. He was preceded in death by his father, Dallas Burmester.

Byron was born on July 8, 1956 at Hampton Community Hospital in Hampton, Iowa. He graduated from Hampton Community High School in Hampton, Iowa, (Class of 1974) and graduated from Ellsworth Community College in 1976 in Iowa Falls, Iowa.  He also attended the University of Minnesota.

In 1976 he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and began a long career in Information Technology, working for many years at CompuCom until the time of his passing.

We will be scheduling a celebration of Byron's life in early July in honor of his birthday in Minneapolis.  Details will be posted here at a later date. 

* * *

The miracle of a liver transplant gave us another 18 years of Byron’s presence in our lives.  The family requests that memorial donations/gifts be designated for liver transplant care at Mayo Clinic.  

Memorials can be made online at: www.mayoclinic.org/development or mailed to the Department of Development, Mayo Clinic, 200 First Street SW, Rochester, MN  55905.

Posted by Marco Nielsen on 7th October 2018
Thank you Marcus for maintaining this site. I was watching the recent NOVA special on PBS on organ transplants and remembered how it was a great gift to Bryon and for all of us. Suddenly a wave a remembrance came over me. I worked with him at Wang/Getronics for a number of years as both of us changed roles. His kind gentle voice and how you could tell he had a smile on his face over the phone when talking to you. Always upbeat and seeing the best in people. Every time going to Minneapolis I think of Byron..
Posted by Jackie Carter on 8th July 2018
Gone but not forgotten… how often these words ring true … Although we have never met face to face, we talked quite a bit at work. Hearing how he handled work situations was something I will always try to mimic. A true professional was what this beautiful man was.
Posted by Chip Denyko on 21st April 2017
How quickly time flies by, but there still isn't a week that Byron doesn't cross my mind. I'm sure I share the sentiment of missing him and fond memories. You are still in our hearts and minds. Chip
Posted by Jorgak Pinto on 21st April 2016
Byron, pessoa extremamente doce e agradável! Se existir algum lugar além dessa vida como recompensa para pessoas boas....com certeza ele está lá!!!!!
Posted by Luis Roberto Sanchez on 17th June 2015
It was a privilege for me to know Byron. I met him back in 2000 when I joined Getronics, and I remember that we met in a trip to Chile for a management meeting. During my years in Getronics I had the opportunity to interact with him a lot. The set up of the GSC was an extraordinary adventure. It was always a pleasure to work with Byron. His professionalism, kindness, teamwork, sense of humor and positive attitude were always remarkable. I will miss him... We all will miss him... Rest in peace my good friend and I look forward to see you in Heaven.
Posted by Chip Denyko on 18th May 2015
Hearing this news really hit hard....and still hurts me today to think about him gone. I have passed few like Byron in my 20+ years of working. He was a kind, caring, passionate individual who brought everything to what he did. Byron - you will be missed! There is a brighter star in the sky with you above. -mlb
Posted by Jody Weil on 7th May 2015
As I'm missing my dear big brother, memories have been flooding back over the last two weeks. I remember when Byron was in high school, during a clear hot July evening, sitting in his car on the Iowa farm, listening to a Chicago radio station, WLS, and this awesome song was playing by The Sweet - Little Willy. We could only receive WLS radio station if the weather conditions were perfectly calm. Love that song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmbEuRzlhIs
Posted by Chip Denyko on 4th May 2015
I worked with Byron and just learned of his passing. I'm so sorry to his family and friends left here on earth. Byron is resting easy! He will be missed.
Posted by Jorgak Pinto on 3rd May 2015
Dear Byron, God bless you, today and forever!!!! I met him for a short time , but I learned to love him . A simple and kind person . Rest , wherever you are, we take care of Marcus , today and forever !!!! I love you !
Posted by Chip Denyko on 1st May 2015
My deepest sympathy to the family; it was my pleasure to have worked with Byron. May you be comforted by these scriptural thoughts: “Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out.” John 5:28, 29 “There is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.” Acts 24:15 Sherlyn Young
Posted by Antonio Stanziani on 29th April 2015
bye Byron, may the heaven enjoy your presence as we did here on earth. Hoping we can meet again sometime, somewhere....some other universe.
Posted by Alex Amor on 29th April 2015
-Alex??-.. I remember Byron calling my name with that signature tone of voice of him over the phone. I had the privilege to meet Byron in Mexico City in 2004. He instantly won my respect and admiration for his warmth and precision. I learned so much from him and enjoyed multiple conversations with him about our personal lives, and our passion for IT. He will be missed. Alex Amor
Posted by Pat Kral on 27th April 2015
Byron was one of those people that touched others lives and made the world a better place for us as a result. He was not only a work colleague but also someone who I am proud to call a friend. I don't know if there are enough words that can begin to adequately describe all those wonderful qualities that came together to make that incredible person, Byron. To Marcus and the rest of his family, my heart and prayers go out to you. Byron, I will miss you. God bless you and thank you for being you.
Posted by Tom Ungaro on 27th April 2015
May the Lord protect you Byron, and keep in you peace. My thoughts and prayers are with your family..
Posted by Maria Helena Oliveira on 26th April 2015
Byron foi um homem lindo que tive a honra de conhecer, quando veio à Teresina, cidade natal de seu amado Marcus, um irmão que a vida me deu. Vi a delicadeza de Byron com minha cadela Xica, que se encantou por ele, vi o encantamento dele pelas flores, vi seu sorriso meigo, seu jeito manso de falar, seus olhos de menino ao descobrir cada novidade. Amamos Byron, invejamos sua capacidade absurda de organização, estranha ao jeito descompromissado dos brasileiros, mas que achávamos, eu e minha companheira Neulza, como faria bem ao Marcão. E como Byron fez bem ao nosso amigo. Isso nos fez feliz e nos deixou tranquilas e diminuiu a saudade. Agora, ela volta forte, porque mesmo de longe sentimos a dor de perdê-lo e saudade daquele seu sorriso de menino que amava tirar fotografias lindas de flores. Vai em paz Byron, que a sua família tenha forças e que o Marcão siga na vida com tudo de bom que vcs compartilharam. Bjs, amigo.
Posted by S T on 25th April 2015
You are forever blessed Byron.... by the love that you found... and the love that found you. God bless you, your family and your loved ones, forever. your cousin, st
Posted by Mike Legato on 24th April 2015
It is hard to process the loss of someone who was so much a part of your life. For me it was a work relationship as Byron was my boss. However I don’t think I would say that I worked for him more with him as I am sure all others have felt when working with Byron.. I cannot recall anyone that had the ability to trap every detail about anything we were working on. Simply amazing.. More than just a boss he most recently was someone to talk to when I lost my brother.. Even with what Byron was going through, he would provide comfort to me unselfishly. I have learned much from knowing Byron and feel very fortunate to have had the time I have had with him. A truly unselfish, courageous man to whom I will miss and never forget… Gods Speed to all family and friends in the is time of loss..
Posted by Jackie Carter on 24th April 2015
Byron was one of the most caring, intelligent, funny and regal guys I’ve ever known. And I only got to know him over the telephone conversations and seeing his picture associated with his work email address. I can only imagine how I would describe him if I actually met him face to face and dealt with him daily. I felt I’ve known Byron much longer than the few years I knew him from work but that’s the kind of guy he was – he made you feel welcome and treated you like you were a dear old friend. I truly miss Byron. He impacted me more than I can articulate. I’m very sorry for Marcus’, his family members, and his friends’ loss. He was such a wonderful person.
Posted by Shannon Legato on 24th April 2015
Byron has touched so many lives. For those of us who were fortunate to work with him he taught us patience, compassion, and demonstrated a zest for life. He seemed to see life with a beautiful and optimistic perspective. My heart goes out to Marcus and his family. I pray each of you find peace and comfort in your hearts and in your lives and cherish your wonderful memories of him forever.
Posted by John Douglas on 24th April 2015
To coin a favorite Byron expression and address the Getronics/CompuCom associates ... "Team". A great void is left by such a wonderful person. Byron was universally liked which was such a testament to his passion, respect and commitment. A unique blend of qualities all wrapped up to create Byron...which is all you had to say for people to know of whom you spoke. I always enjoyed my interactions with Byron mostly because of his sense of humor. Even in very stressful times, Byron could always laugh and find humor in the situation, a very rare trait indeed. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Chip Denyko on 23rd April 2015
There are very few colleagues that are also really friends in our lives. Byron was truly both, and I've most likely spent more time with him talking about work, life, difficutlies and love (don't forget "world peace") than anyone else. There is no one else I have ever worked with that was so intense, so predictable, so passionate AND such a friend as Byron. Marcus has meant so much during his lifetime - and they are so similar in nature. Each of them draws you in like a moth to a flame. Never any doubt they were meant to be. My partner Gary recognizes the sadness and hole in my circle of friends. For all of our CompuCom and Getronics friends, I'm truly saddened for the loss we've all expereienced It is not only personal - but for our profession as well. The intensity Byron exhibitied is immeasurable... Our sincerere condolences and thank you to his family for the person Byron was, and the love and life he shared with us. Our sincere condolences and love to Marcus for the loss of the love of his life.. I remain a friend for eternity.... Chip PS - Team... :) I will post pic's later as I locate some of my favorites...

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