I would like to thank my Mom Pat Ferrari for everything. I love you mom!

Many of you knew my Dad, Cal, as a friend, teacher, coach, or relative.  To me I knew him as my Hero. To understand this you all must realize he was a descendant of heroes. My Father Calvin R Ferrari was named after his dad’s brother Calvin C  Ferrari who was a fighter pilot shot down over occupied Germany during WW2 and was a Prisoner of War. After hearing this news, my grandfather Frank immediately enlisted in the army and upon returning home from the War, he passed a way a few years later from injuries he received during combat.  They both received the Purple Heart medal of Honor. 

So at the young age of 5 my father was put into the position of being the man of the house.  From an early age he took this role in stride and moved forward off the incredible strength and courage of my late grandmother Adelle.  They talked every single day and had quite a special bond together.  During his high school years my grandmother Adelle broke her ankle as was out of work.  He took on two jobs to support the family.  Cal was such a selfless, non materialistic person and has made so many sacrifices for the people he loved.

Shortly after my parents married they moved to Sugarloaf. Where my dad yearned for the simple life and to live amongst nature.  He was super content raising a family and tending to his garden--cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, fruit trees, strawberry patches, concord grape vines and blueberry bushes.  He would spend hours meticulously and methodically tending to these crops every year during his summer vacation. Shortly their after in 1981 his most prized crop sprouted up….Me.  I was someone whom he dedicated such a large part of his life to. My earliest memories of my dad were that of him coming home from teaching school.  I would wait would wait anxiously for him by the window.  He would come walking up the steps; I would take a running start from the kitchen jumping off the top step, him catching me halfway.  I remember being so happy to see him.  Back then he seemed larger than life, big and strong and absolutely invincible.  But at the same time also had such a warm, endearing, cuddly, inviting nature to him.  You would always feel welcome and wanted around my dad. 

Early on in grade school he didn’t like how long it took the school bus to get me to and from school.  From that day on he and my mom would go out of their way to drop me off and pick me up.  I got really tired of listening to soft rock MAGIC 93 and Frankie in the morning.

My Dad always gave such good advice and possessed an incredible level of common sense.  He had the ability to think things out long before they happened and could somehow often predict the future.  He infused into my brain so many of life’s important lessons.  He always told me that all he ever wanted from me was to make him proud and to always do my best.  Do things the right way.  Up to this day, I have strived to meet those expectations.  This has been my what has motivated me and will continue to motivate me moving forward.

My Dad was ALWAYS there for me. He was like my second set of eyes and ears.  He was soooo loving, caring and affectionate. Once in a while we had our own Theo Huxtible moments.  And from time to time I made some mistakes, boy did I make some mistakes.  Afterwards, when I felt down and out and didn’t think I could go forward.  He was right their to pick me up…. EVERY…. SINGLE….. TIME; dusting me off, and guiding me back on track--- he was my emotional rock. You see my dad taught me that a man is not judged by how hard he falls, but rather how fast he gets up.

Cal dedicated his life to education, to the service and the betterment of others.  He carried himself with high integrity, honor, and dignity.  During the day the classroom was his stage, helping his students visualize, learn and understand different concepts. He demanded excellence from his students and would go out of his way to find ways to get the best out of each pupil he came in contact with. In the evenings he turned to Athletic Directing and coaching some of these same kids through sport competitions.   You see my father was very competitive, but often measured athletic success not by wins and losses, but by the way his team played the game.   My dad always had that loud gym class voice even when he wasn’t in the gym.  People often thought he was screaming, but that was just how he talked.  I could see him taking the attendance roll right now.

I remember having my dad as a sex/ed health teacher in junior high school.  There is only one word that can describe this.  Awkward. He started by just popping in a movie and leaving the classroom.  I remember acting up early on in the class, he picked me up, took me to the nearby closet, and hung me their by the exterior tag on my shirt.  I still remember the definition of health that he drilled into my head - a complete state of mental, social, and physical well being; not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  I still don’t exactly know what infirmity means.  

After high school we hit a lil bit of a crossroads.  My dad really wanted me to move into the other house we had nextdoor, stay close and go to college locally.  I remember having a long talk with him. I said I wanted move to a big city for business opportunities and to see what was out there.  He made me promise to call him often and keep him updated on what I was up to.  12 years later we spoke almost every day on the phone.  That’s what I will really miss the most.  As I grew from a country mouse to a city dweller, he would always make sure I continued to hold my small town values in place.  We shared many things in common--this included the love for new technology and gadgets, computers, Sport Utility Vehicles and Jeeps, hating to wear neck ties, and especially Penn State football.  During the 90s we would travel week after week to state college with my dad and grandfather Jim “Gassy” Horn to tailgate and attend the games.  After that, we would watch the games on TV in different cities, but talk for quarters at a time on the phone during the contest.  Game after game we would so easily predict Joe Paterno’s play calling.  Vividly remember my dad yelling into the phone…. Hes gonna run it up the middle, don’t run it up the middle Joe, everyone knows it, don’t do it.  And then of course it happened.  

My dad, J he loved to chill, had a wonderful sense of humor and was good company--family or friends, a ball game on TV, a soda or sometimes jack and coke, that was his happy place.  He taught me to stop and enjoy the simple things in life.

Being the rural country person that my dad was he never quite grasped the convenience of taxicab service.  As I traveled I never wanted to park my car at the airport.  He always offered to drive 2 hours to pick me up, drive me ten minutes to the airport, then drive 2 hours home.  That was my dad.

Our last extended conversation was Wednesday night.  We would talk weather and sports everyday.  However, that day we talked most about that new planet 600 light years away….Keplar 22b.  How it could potentially sustain life and the future possibility one day of intergalactic travel.  I could imagine he is headed there right now to check things out.

Over the past few months he let me know often about how he felt about my mom and me.  He would talk openly about how his time here was short, and I would always try to change the subject.  2 weeks ago he told me he had a dream he read his own obituary in the newspaper.  Recently he told me—Son…I love you so much and Im very proud of how you carry yourself and the professional man you have become.  Deep down I could tell he was satisfied and very content that he had done his job.

He said your gonna be the man of the house soon.  Take care of your mother and never stop chasing your dreams. I have realized my dad prepared us our whole life for his passing.  Even though my father’s earthly body sits cremated right here before us, my mom and I now have a deeper understanding that it is his spirit that will stay alive forever.

God bless and thank you.

Posted by Pamela Valvano on March 25, 2021
Thinking of Patti and family today. He would be happy you all are living your best lives.
Posted by Robert Ferrari on July 20, 2019
I am sorry for your lost your father sounds like an awesome person.
Posted by Sean Hynds on December 8, 2016
I wish I could've met your father, sounds like an amazing man. Over the last couple years you've crossed over from a friend to a family member around here. My kids think you're their uncle and to Amanda you're a big brother. I'm sure your dad would be so proud if he could see you now. Keep being such a great son to your mother and tell Julie we want to see her soon.
Posted by Pamela Valvano on March 25, 2012
 Such a beautiful tribute to your Dad. I imagine he is checking out Keplar 22b, but with his buddy, Frank. I miss them both terribly. :'-(
Posted by Jane Acoveno on February 19, 2012
Calvin , my cousin, many memories of our childhood games and family get togethers, Pat and Chad always keep happy memories and when someone is no longer here in our physical world they will always remain in our hearts and minds..I smile when I think of Calvins great serious sense of humor...I hear him saying "red rover red rover ".....
Posted by Mary Horn Holman on January 31, 2012
You are in my thoughts and prayers. I'll miss your dad too. He was a great guy. Wonderful husband and father. Lots of love to you and your mom.
Posted by roe terreri on January 18, 2012
you are in my thoughts and prayers
Posted by carolyn alimecco on December 30, 2011
My deepest sympathies to the Ferrari family. I recall fondly the days as an athletic office assistant with Mr. Ferrari at WHHS. There were a few of us and we were probably acting up and he just sat there with a smile on his face waiting for us to settle down. He was a great man and a kind soul and he will be missed.  Rest in Peace Mr. Ferrari. Carolyn Alimecco, Class of '85
Posted by Linda Dodson-Davis on December 27, 2011
Patty and Chad, I'm sitting here looking at Cal's senior picture (I still have a box with everybody's picture,). Cal wrote "Linda, to a real movin' chick, best luck and success in future endeavors. Sure to have fun and fortune. RMA Cal" What a wonderful written legacy you leave ,Chad. For YOUR children and grand children. Patty, remembered friend, for childhood's sake,my sympathy and love
Posted by Stephanie Lucyk Wiswall on December 22, 2011
I was very sad to hear of the loss of a great teacher, a great father, and a great man. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Posted by Paula Piacenti on December 16, 2011
Patti and Chad,
  What a beautiful send off for Cal--you must know Rich and I were so fond of that "gentleman" Cal. Rich had earlier memories of Cal than I, I really got to know the "coach" and watched his gentle but firmness with those girls and the winning and fun they had as a team. But of course I REALLY got to know him with our fun Dinner club.
Posted by Nancy DeMara on December 16, 2011
Cal went from a classmate who could shoot the eyes out of a basketball to a respected teaching colleague. A dear friend for 40 plus years. He will be sorely missed.
   Jim & Nancy
Posted by Heidi Dyches on December 14, 2011
He was a great teacher and truly kind person. Comp Sci was one of my favorite classes because of him. What a great listener....
Posted by Lisa Lewis on December 14, 2011
Thoughts and prayers go out to the Ferrari family... Cal was a wonderful man...a great teacher... he and my dad can now have a beer in Heaven together... Rest in Peace... WHHS Class of '88
Posted by Christine Herring on December 14, 2011
I have many fond memories of Mr. Ferrari at WHHS, he was a wonderful teacher and a great friend to my parents. I will never forget health classes in the dungeon. Thank you for being the kind of teacher evey child should have!!!! Rest in Peace.

Christine Milot Herring class of 1990
Posted by Thomas Smith on December 14, 2011
Pat and Chad,
I was deeply saddened to learn of Cal's passing. I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to you and your family. I knew Cal for many years and had the utmost respect for him. I admired the way he took care of Gassy and Martha. He never passed me without saying hello. The world has lost a good man. Rest in peace.
Posted by Pat Kessler on December 14, 2011
My deepest sympathy to the Ferrari family. Cal was such a caring person and always enjoyed his sense of humor. He will be missed. I always considered it a privilege to be able to cut his hair.
Pat Kessler
Posted by Tammy Good on December 14, 2011
Always kind, always a smile. Thank you Mr. Ferrari. You will be missed. May you rest peacefully in the light....
Posted by Mike Green on December 13, 2011
Posted by Jackie Tricolli on December 13, 2011
We will miss you, Coach. The Lady Wildcats, 1979-81, loved you! You were kind and gentle yet molded us to be a winning team - and we had so much fun along the way because of you! I will never forget your patience and guidance - and the birth of Chad. That was a momentous event for the entire team! God bless, Mrs. Ferrari and Chad - Big Cal was a good man. (WHHS '81)
Posted by lisa washco on December 13, 2011
I'm so sorry for your loss. May God give you peace, comfort and strength during this time. Coach Ferrari made a difference in many lives, including mine. (WHHS '82)
Posted by Sue Farley on December 13, 2011
Pat, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss
Posted by Melissa Hague on December 13, 2011
A great teacher and neighbor. RIP Mr. Ferrari. -Class of '88
Posted by Samantha O'neill on December 13, 2011
I joined the volleyball team the last year he was head coach. He was the one who taught me how to serve correctly... It took hours but i still remember him standing next to me and patting me on the shoulder when i finally got it right. Amazing coach and a great teacher!    

He will be missed!
Posted by Alicia Ann on December 13, 2011
He was a good teacher and a coach.. He will be missed by all... Class of '04
Posted by Alice Vislocky on December 13, 2011
Please accept my condolences on your loss; Mr. Ferrari was such a wonderful person and caring teacher. (WHHS '87)
Posted by Denise Wagner on December 13, 2011
"He was more then a teacher and coach, He was a friend. Heaven definately has another angel. Sympathy and prayers to his loved ones. (WHHS '88)
Posted by Tracy Lillis on December 13, 2011
My deepest condolences on the passing of one our Greats. I have a lot of wonderful memories of Mr. Ferrari. My thoughts and prayers to his loved ones. I hope you take comfort in knowing just how many lives he positively affected. He will be remembered by so many for so much. RIP Mr. Ferrari. (WHHS '87)
Posted by Janelle Neikum on December 13, 2011
Rest In Peace Mr Ferrari - You Were A Great Teacher, And Will Be Greatly Missed By All The Students Who Had The Privilege Of Knowing You.. A Great Person, & Coach!! You Will Never Be Forgotten!! My Thoughts Are With Your Family @ This Time*
(Hazleton Area High School - Class Of '99)
Posted by Bob Trishman on December 13, 2011
"A great teacher and coach! RIP Mr. Ferrari. Class of 73"
Posted by Stuart Walser on December 13, 2011
My Thoughts and Prayers to his Family
Posted by Peter Notaro on December 13, 2011
Cal was my best lunch friend when we were at WHHS. I am certain God has taken him to a much better place. Pete Notaro
Posted by Girard Fewins on December 13, 2011
Sorry for your loss. He was a great teacher and a caring teacher. RIP Mr Ferrari . Class of 88
Posted by Stephanie Texeira on December 12, 2011
I remember when Mr Ferrari had me in gym class, he always made me smile. He had pick me up off the floor many times when I injured myself in gym class because I did something stupid. When I was having a hard time in school he was always there to talk to me. He was always a shoulder to cry on. The only regret I have is that I never got to show him pictures of our kids to show him I am ok.
Posted by Joelle Bonomo on December 12, 2011
I can't even begin to express how sorry I am to hear this. He was, and always will be, not only my favorite teacher, but one of my favorite people. I loved the days that I would run into him in random places. He was always happy to see me and would greet me with a warm hug. Prayers to the Ferrari family, I will forever keep him in my heart. xoxo
Posted by John Grobelny on December 12, 2011
Very sad day. Lost my catcher and fellow hoopster, but, most importantly, a good friend. God bless, Yosh.
Posted by Scott Roberts on December 12, 2011
Great teacher and coach! Class of 86.
Posted by Chrissy Mendofik-Donnelly on December 12, 2011
My deepest sympathies to the Ferrari family. Mr Ferrari was a great teacher and wonderful man. I had the pleasure of knowing him during my high school years at WHHS, both during school and through the summers when I worked int he office. He was a very kind and easy going teacher who loved his students and expected the best from them. He will be greatly missed.GOD REST HIS SOUL.
Posted by Ian Conahan on December 12, 2011
Mr. Ferrari was a great person. I send my condolences to Chad and his family.
Posted by Leah Valvano on December 12, 2011
I'm so sorry for your loss. I have fond memories of our families together when I was little. Cal was always so friendly, and he and my dad were so funny together. Chad, I know that even at our age, it can feel like we're too young to be without our dads. Please know that you're not alone. I'd like to picture them up there together.
Posted by Pamela Valvano on December 12, 2011
My family will never forget "Big Cal", as our beloved Frank used to call him. He truly was a gentle giant. I like to think he and Frank are together enjoying a cocktail and talking basketball.
Posted by Brandon Demko on December 12, 2011
RIP Mr. Ferrari. One of the most memorable educators that I had the privilege of knowing. Deepest condolences to my childhood friend Chad and his family.
Posted by Elizabeth Lazarsky on December 12, 2011
My sister, Kathryn Geary, and I would like to send our prayers to the family of Mr. Ferrari. He was a great man with a wonderful sense of humor. Back in my high school days he would call me a curly q'd pain in the neck!!! He will be missed.

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Posted by Pamela Valvano on March 25, 2021
Thinking of Patti and family today. He would be happy you all are living your best lives.
Posted by Robert Ferrari on July 20, 2019
I am sorry for your lost your father sounds like an awesome person.
Posted by Sean Hynds on December 8, 2016
I wish I could've met your father, sounds like an amazing man. Over the last couple years you've crossed over from a friend to a family member around here. My kids think you're their uncle and to Amanda you're a big brother. I'm sure your dad would be so proud if he could see you now. Keep being such a great son to your mother and tell Julie we want to see her soon.
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One Year ago

Shared by Jane Acoveno on December 10, 2012

The year has passed and Calvin we will always remember you...Pat and Chad I think of you often and hope we see you soon.....your a very special part of the Schultz family.
Love to you both, 
Jane and Allie Acoveno 

Basketball Practice

Shared by lisa washco on December 13, 2011

I remember how Coach Ferrari would crank up the heat in the gym at the high school for basketball practice, and how we would run the stairs for conditioning.  We may have had a small gym at the old WHHS, but we were in shape.  I think he might have cranked up the heat when we played some games, too.  It may have given us a little extra home court advantage!


Shared by Brandon Demko on December 12, 2011

I remember having gym class and every now and then playing the fantastic game of dodgeball.  Mr. Ferrari would ref these games from the doorway.  He had a standing rule that if he somehow got hit by a dodgeball during the game, you had to drop and do pushups.  I never intenionally hit him, but always managed to at least once per game.  I had absolutely no accuracy, but I did learn how to do a proper push up.