her Life

Camilla Stephenson

Camilla Stephenson was born may 19. 1993 to Leannett hill & James Stephenson she was baptized in november 5th,2000 at south side baptist church and later became a member at internatonal city community church. Camilla was educated in the Phildelphia school system. Everyone that met Camilla was charmed by her smile,charisma, and her diva personality. she never left the house with out her cotton candy lip gloss. Camilla was fashonable and loved to dress in designer clothes. Her greatest joy was spending time with her family and helping out in family events. She had a special bond with childeren and had many loving supporting friends. Camilla loved to sing and dance. One of her favorite songs was 1+1 by Beyonce. all who knew Camilla could depend on her in their time of need. She will be missed by all who knew and loved her .