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Sending Our Last Good Byes

Shared by Ellen Anderson on June 9, 2013

This is a custom that was started when my dad died because the youngest one's of his grand-kids were having a really hard time not understanding why grandpa wasn't there & where he went. I suggested that we have a balloon release with messages attached to them & then at the same time let them go. So my family in CA & LA & here in TX did three way calling & at the same time released the balloons.

So I thought it would be appropriate to do the same thing at Daniels memorial. Everyone brought a balloon & one of Daniels friends had two doves. After Cameron & I thanked everyone for their love & support & his in-er-circle friends for putting together the memorial, Cam & I released the doves & then everyone released their balloons.


Daniels youth

Shared by Ellen Anderson on November 19, 2018

Daniel was lifting his head up & looking around while in the hospital layet @ just a few days old. He had his own schedule that wasn't in agreement with the nursery. When it was time to eat, he wanted to sleep. He was the baby you heard crying in the hallway on the way to your room. One of the nurses said I was in for it with this one. 

He had projectail vomiting when bottle fed formula & didn't get enough milk when breast feed. So my mom fix him some diluted Carnation milk to feed him, then added a little rice cereal to it @ night so he'd sleep all night. 

He learned to roll to where he wanted & pull himself up & climb to get what he wanted before learning to crawl & walk. 

He learned things fast. In elementary school about 5 or 6 he learned how to play chess. Once he learned the Queen could move all over the place, he started beating me. 

In Jr. High, the ARD people said he was anywhere from 1st to 2nd yr college IQ in some of the classes he took, & Senior in others. Only one concept of math he was his grade. They said once he learned the consept of something he'd run with it. ( Like learning chess).

He made friends & they stayed friends for life. 

He was a very private person & especially with me. He didn't like me talking about him to anyone. 

He was very close to his brother & cousins, & grandparents. 

He had a a puppy named Puppy Love that died & we buried in our yard. He was so torn up about it he wanted to be with him & tried digging him up. We had to convince him he couldn't do that. Then later in Jr. High he got a cat he named Hippy Chic. When she died he had her cremated & put in a cat shaped urn. Her urn is now next to his.

I had someone that was Daniels friend tell me @ his memorial, that if anyone was Christ like it was Daniel. Daniel loved people for who they were without judgement. And this friend was an atheist.

He got his father hooked on anime on TV.

To this day January 2019 his friends still talk about him and do things in remembrance of him.

First time they met.

Shared by Cameron Anderson on March 25, 2013

Jennifer Sissons & Daniel were internet friends for awhile & had never met. One day she just happened to be at DFW on a lay over & Daniel had to hurry to met her cause her lay over wasn't long.

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