Posted by Shannon Reimers on August 6, 2016
Brother, I wanted to stop by and send you A Very Happy Happy Birthday, I know you're not here in the flesh, But I'm going to celebrate you anyway and the wonderful man that you were to me and everyone else. Because I know you're here in spirit. I know nothing to keep you away from the ones you loved. And I hope they're celebrating you in heaven, because you were one of THE GOOD, that died young, and I know God's got you in a special Spot, somewhere close to him. You were the most awesome brother, a girl could ask for. A magnificent father a wonderful Son and one of the best friend someone could ever have. I miss your barbecue, & I miss your big smile, I missed that you picking on me... LOL... almost every day it seems like something reminds me of you. I still can't believe you're gone, to this day. But I know you're here in spirit and love. And will always be in my heart. I love you so much brother and I miss you even more... Happy birthday to the most wonderful brother a girl could ask for!!!  XOXOXO. Love, your Lil sis, Shay!!!
Posted by Shannon Reimers on May 28, 2016
I love you my sweet sweet brother!!!
Posted by Miki Johnston on May 28, 2016
Wow where to start... So many memories of such an amazing , sweet and loyal friend. From walking down the street having him tease me, to be I g at WOF having g him follow me all over bugn me till I gave in and talked to him,to when he wrecked his bike and I had to come help him out, to our many on and off again yrs. He was always the one I knew I could count on and confide in. We had our differences but always remained close friends. I will always remember his amazing smile, his infectious laughter and well who am I kiddo g, I'll just plain always remember him. Till we meet again I live and miss u Cary !!

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