My hunny

Shared by Yolanda Pena on April 29, 2021
Going thru so much my love. I'm pretty sure you seen what happened  to mijo Los. He misses you and Ma so much, as do all of us!! He just couldn't take it anymore. I feel so lost hunny I don't know what to do all I can do is pray for him! I miss him I just want him to get the help he needs. Please hunny you and Ma watch over him  and bring him back home. Love and miss you so much till next time.....
Shared by Mikey Marin on April 6, 2021
Tio Charlie you’ll always be one of the most calm n most self controlled ppl I ever met because I’ve honestly never seen u lose your shit even when nana was being mean to u but we all knew she really loved u (secretly) I miss u n nana like crazy I was actually rethinking if I should see u laying there at the hospital when I pulled I was just gonna take off I thought it would hurt to much to see u like that...but I’m glad n thankful I got to see u one last time even I love u n miss u tio Charlie!!

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