Carson Kan
  • Date of passing: Apr 16, 2017
Let the memory of Carson be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Carson Kan, . We will remember him forever.

A Celebration of Life in Honor of Carson E. Kan

Dearest friends and family,

Let us lift our hearts and raise our glasses in a celebration of life in honor of Carson E. Kan!

Most importantly, please come prepared to share your favorite stories and memories to spread the joy, laughter, and love that Carson brought to us all!

Casual attire

RSVP: Edi Sanford - (650) 867-8222,

Looking forward to sharing the warmth and love of family and friends!


Saturday, May 20
from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Stanford Faculty Club
439 Lagunita Dr
Stanford, CA 94305

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Marc McKenzie on 13th April 2018

"Edi and all my old HP friends from the days when work was fun, and ethics a real thing.  I haven't been to the Bay Area in eight years.  My very best days were working there when I would fly in on the jet from Colorado, stay most of the week and return home.  People often thought I lived there, and in my heart, I wish I had.  I think of Carson every week.  He was such a great friend, coach, confident - we don't end up as people having many of those.  Edi, I think of you too and hope life is good now.  My son lives in Oakland now, and runs the Berkeley REI store - maybe if I can get well enough to visit him, I could hook up with some of you and we could toast Carson!"

This tribute was added by Karen Pahler on 10th July 2017

"I worked with Carson at HP Cupertino in the 80's. We lost touch over the years but I still remember him telling the story of how he was told by the doctors, to go home and put things in order. He gave everything away and when he didn't die, he got everything back. There was one thing he hadn't gotten back and that was his baseball glove. He acted like he was upset but he made it a funny story. He was such a good guy and I'll always remember him with fondness. My prayers are with his family."

This tribute was added by Alan Steiner on 2nd July 2017

"Carson came alongside me in Feb. 1980 when I was diagnosed and treated for testicular cancer. I had never had anything wrong with me, and he provided me with confidence and comfort to fight and eventually overcome. I am now fighting my 4th cancer, continue to remember Carson and the lessons he taught me. Thank you, and God bless you and your family."

This tribute was added by Kevin Height on 29th June 2017

"Hey Carso Kan, I'll definitely see you later and it won't ha e nothing to do with I.T. Support services."

This tribute was added by noel seeley on 21st May 2017

"I met Carson when we were both in the fifth grade. We have been friends ever since.  In our college years we spent a lot of time together testing the boundaries of society. One hot spring afternoon four of us went to Baker Beach, part of an abandoned army base just north and west of the Golden Gate Bridge.  There was a no swimming sign.  There were no other people around so I told my friends I was going to take a quick dip to cool off.  That's when I learned what a rip tide is!  About a half hour later my exhausted and hypothermic  body washed up on some rocks at the edge of the beach. My friends soon realized I wasn't feigning death.  They hauled me back to the beach and Carson laid down on top of me to treat the hypothermia.  I believe he saved my life that day.  - I love you old friend."

This tribute was added by Kathy Hahn Davidson on 19th May 2017

"I knew Carson for almost 40 years. He was a legend on the Cupertino site and was there to provide a respite of silliness during stressful times.  I remember the DFS flag he'd fly when he knew we needed to go over to the Dukes to "drink for stress".  He was a creative member of the team and helped everyone think out of the box.  I miss you, Carson, and will continue to remember your spirit!"

This tribute was added by P J on 18th May 2017

"My sincere condolences to the family.   Your loved one apparently lived life joyfully and really loved people. God has promised to bring about a time when we can see our loved ones again. Revelations 21:3,4.  At that time all mankind will enjoy perfect health on a paradise earth.  May you find comfort from the God of all comfort."

This tribute was added by Charlie Elman on 17th May 2017

"I met Carson at HP. I was a new employee and Carson introduced himself. Carson was always full of fun. I enjoyed having him as a friend. He attended my 60th birthday party and he dressed up as a magician and Carson was Carson! I've never met somebody with a better attitude towards life. I will miss him."

This tribute was added by Ken Go on 17th May 2017

"He brought a smile to every family event I attended. Even to this day, he keeps us socially engaged. I raise my glass, here's a toast, to the master of toast masters, Carson, you are and will be missed."

This tribute was added by Carl Eilers on 16th May 2017

"Carson, his name, brings to my mind, fun, mischief, magic, life, and party.  When Carson was present, at the many family gatherings, there was joy and party.  I'll admit, I tried to be seated at his table, it had the most laughter.  He was a very strong and gifted man, and I was so grateful, I got to hold his hand before he died.  I will treasure the many memories he made, and thank him for bringing delight to all those I love."

This tribute was added by Paul Dembry on 15th May 2017

"Such a long time ago. I met Carson when I was a SEED intern back in 1981. He was high energy, bright, enthusiastic, full-speed ahead and I was amazed to learn that he had already beaten down cancer; he seemed way too young for that. His attitude inspired me to always go full-effort because time can be short. Years after I left HP, I sometimes used the "If anyone can, Carson Kan" line, explaining what that meant to people who had never heard of or met him."

This tribute was added by Rebecca Guerra on 15th May 2017

"There have been a small handful of people who taught a life lesson through their words and actions that shaped my approach to work, leadership and relationships. Meeting Carson at HP soon after being hired as a new MBA grad taught me that grace, humor and genuine caring for people is entirely compatible with being successful in business and essential to being successful in life. Carson taught that lesson through his everyday actions. Thank you for sharing him with all of us."

This tribute was added by Karen Eilers on 3rd May 2017

"I was so blessed to have known Carson as my older cousin.  I have such fond memories of growing up and seeing Carson and family on Sunday's at Grandma's ranch in Winters.  Early on, we recognized the humor, wit and devilishness of our Cousin Carson.  He was the witty city cousin, and we were the country bumpkins...Sixty to 75 family members would descend on Grandma's house every Sunday.  Carson was the leader of the pack and made our visits fun and memorable.  I think his magic skills started early.  He loved tricking us and always delighted us with his wink and a mega smile!

Carson has always had a big heart, and it was evident in the love he shared with Edi, his family and friends.  We were deeply saddened when Carson was diagnosed with cancer 40 years ago and had to endure horrific chemo and radiation which compromised his health.  Yet, we watched with amazement how Carson survived his tribulations, never complaining -- with remarkable courage.  

Inspite of his health challenges, Carson sought to help others in need....always being sensitive to their challenges.  Most recently, Carson reached out to my brother Tim who was diagnosed with colon cancer and passed a year ago.  Carson's caring and compassion touched our hearts....For despite how difficult life had become for him, he travelled five hour round trips to encourage and support my brother.

A family member recently shared a quote from a 1981 article by our dear cousin Carson:
“Second Chance to Live"
“Having cancer teaches you how to live. I try to live my life so that if I die tomorrow, I’ll minimize the regrets. If there’s a problem that’s not resolved, I want to resolve it. I won’t let you or me get away with bad feelings hanging in the air between us.”

Carson’s quote is a lesson which inspires me.  Each day is a blessing, and I wish to live each day loving and caring for others and without regret.  God bless you, Carson.  You now reside in God's kingdom, and you will forever be in our hearts.  

And God bless you, Edi, for being a beautiful, loving soulmate who has enriched all our lives.  And our heartfelt sympathies to Carson's beautiful family Aunt Marge, Uncle Hank, Russell, Patty, Forrest and family.  Love, Karen"

This tribute was added by Nancy Anderson on 2nd May 2017

"My memory of working with Carson at HP is so clear even though I haven't seen him in years.  Carson had that fabulous smile, positive attitude and can-do approach even when dealing with ugly problems.  I was always relieved when I learned that Carson would be the person I would work with on a project.  I knew that with Carson the work would be fun even if the problem was ugly."

This tribute was added by Diane Bucher on 2nd May 2017

"My first job out of college was at HP, Cupertino Site, bulding 47.  I met Carson in the early 80's, he's the reason I never got married the first time!  He included me in every event, from weddings to after work parties, Giant's Games and weekly volunteer visits to hospitas beds of cancer patients at El Camino Hospital.  He broadened my awareness to so many things, he touched my soul and the lives of others.    

Halloween took on a whole new meaning after college, seeing adults getting all dressed up!  I'll never forget my first Halloween at HP.  During the parade he came to my cubicle, I was on the phone and he sat on my lap.  He was dressed as a baby; wearing nothing but a diaper, a bonnett and a pacifier in his mouth!  Priceless performance from Carson, always engaging, fun and witty!  I am so grateful to have had his light heart in my life!

"I will miss you my dear friend!  Although, we didn't keep in touch near the end, I have and will always have a place in my heart for you!  Rest in Peace Carson"."

This tribute was added by Rick Ehrhart on 2nd May 2017

"Carson always greeted as Tofu Man. I was sadden to hear that Carson had passed. He was a forthright person with a great spirit, and always had a joke."

This tribute was added by Eric Wong on 2nd May 2017

"Carson, you mean a lot to us.  We will miss your laughter, your humor, and your smile.  You were like a big brother to me (Eric).
Joyce and I say "Thank you for being Carson".  We are so fortunate we had you in our lives."

This tribute was added by Janet Au-Krug on 1st May 2017

"Will miss your humor and comraderie at Our Daily Bread."

This tribute was added by Cathy Mcrae on 29th April 2017

"Carson was a character... He did touch so many lives and I will miss him.    I just saw him in March..."

This tribute was added by john holden on 28th April 2017

"I remember Carson's start date and  when I think of those days at Cupertino, Carson's face is always part of the memory. Always  personable, caring about so many others and always with a positive attitude about getting things done. As he said many times "if anyone can, Carson Kan."

This tribute was added by Carol Smith on 28th April 2017

"My husband Fred and I both remember Carson while I was working in accounting for Cupertino Div. in the 70's. Fred was in maintenance.  Carson always made you feel very special. His smile and willingness to do whatever was necessary always stood out in my mine.  I remember when they thought he wasn't going to make it. Edi, so glad you all had the addition 40 years. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all."

This tribute was added by Janet Braden on 28th April 2017

"I am so sorry to hear of Carson's passing.  I knew him through Edi and we shared many supper club dinners filled with laughter and fun.  He had a quick wit and a ready smile that could fill a room.  I will miss him and am happy to have known him."

This tribute was added by Harry Sterling on 28th April 2017

"Carson brought a sense of reality with needed humor in difficult times at HP.  He was cherished by everyone with whom he came in contact, including me.  I am very sorry to hear of his passing and offer my deepest sympathy to his family, friends and especially to Edi."

This tribute was added by Barbara Briseno on 28th April 2017

"I remember Carson in the 70s at HP.  I didn't know him personally, but I do recall his big smile and hearty laugh as he roamed the aisles.  Mischief in his eyes?  Death isn't final - we always have memories of the good times."

This tribute was added by Mike Barnes on 28th April 2017

"I met Carson back in 1975 while at APD. He was a bundle in energy. We shared the same health issues so we automatically bonded. Great guy, I have often thought about him."

This tribute was added by Marc McKenzie on 28th April 2017

"Edi, Carson was my favorite person I worked with in 30 years at HP.  We met on the Y2K program, and he made me feel welcome to my first corporate HQ job - and I looked forward to seeing him every single week.  He was "real."  I myself have recently survived an epic battle with cancer, transplant and diseases and he's my secret gold standard.  I've kept trying to reach out but obviously not hard enough, often too weak.  He would understand with his golden heart.

The last time I saw him it was after he retired, and you joined us at the best American sushi place I'd ever eaten at.  I felt so loved!  You two were always so lovely together.  

To Carson I say so long and thanks for all the fish, I have my towel and will see you soon."

This tribute was added by Don Darnell on 28th April 2017

"It was many years ago that I worked for Carson and while there is no particular story I recall about him, what I remember was that he made our team feel important and our work vital. When I first met him I thought he was kind of scary in that he had this energy about him and seemed like a loose cannon, not a usual HP manager.  While you did not know what he was going to say whether good or bad, you knew he spoke from his heart.  Will miss him and my condolences to his family."

This tribute was added by Martha de Forest on 28th April 2017

"Carson was a one-of-a-kind, every encounter showed me what Pure Joy looks like on Earth. Best wishes to Carson's family and friends.

(met at HP in the 90's, will never forget him, so glad he lasted 70 years! So many people blessed.)"

This tribute was added by sherry harvey on 28th April 2017

"What a sweet, wonderful man and a pleasure to work with.  He was an institution at HP.  We will greatly miss him."

This tribute was added by Tony Engberg on 28th April 2017

"Carson, as I knew him, was this bright, caring, intellectually refreshing, spiritually uplifting, joy-instilling individual who you just wanted to be around.  I can still hear him picking apart ideas and proposals with wit, insight, and a combination of warmth and sarcasm that left one feeling good about the discussion and about the man.  He'll be missed, but the example he set will carry him forward in so many."

This tribute was added by John Andrews on 28th April 2017

"Carson was a funny, brilliant and kind person who first touched my life many years ago at HP and left his indelible impression on me. He was also a quiet hero, battling his health challenges with courage and humor. It was a privilege to know him - and my heart is with his family as they grieve their loss."

This tribute was added by Dawn Williams on 28th April 2017

"I am saddened to hear of Carson's passing. I remember him fondly from our HP CSY days. He was always smiling and had such quick wit. A kind and gentle man I will always remember in my heart. Prayers to his family through this time of great sorrow."

This tribute was added by Jim Schrempp on 27th April 2017

"We have lost a great man. I have so many good memories of times we spent together. Always ready with a laugh, a joke, a kind word. He and Edi always brought a different theme to enliven our halloween parties. We spent a lot of days fishing at Pine Mountain Lake. The dinner club lasted for years; I remember "S" night, when he brought spam in all its glorious forms. The day after the '89 earthquake when he called me and said, "I can get us inside the buildings! Come over now and see what it's like before anyone else gets in." The beach party when he tried to calm the park rangers while dressed in a santa suit. Those days when he'd slump into the chair in my office to talk about yet another screwed up HP project. The dinner party when his monologue turned into a proposal to Edi. The unexpected always happened when you were around. I miss you Carson."

This tribute was added by Mark Calomeni on 26th April 2017

"Just walked through all the pics.  Tears in my eyes.  I miss you Pard.  We had some great times together and w/our HP family.  You touched so many hearts and are loved by so many people.  Can't imagine life without you being in and apart of it.  Love you bud..."

This tribute was added by David Barnes on 24th April 2017

"A Wonderful Volunteer and then some!
          We all here at Our Daily Bread are going to miss Carson very much! He was a grand person who made a difference in the world. He always had a smile on his face. He put in many hours, years at ODB and we are thankful. He truly was a grand person larger than life and forever in our hearts! Peace to all!
The ODB Gang"

This tribute was added by Janet Marotta on 23rd April 2017

"Carson you lit up the room and the atmosphere wherever you were.  I think back to when we were friends and I thank you for inspiring me to share the magic in the same way you did with us!  I regret so much not having stayed more in touch.  Thank you so much for unforgettable memories!"

This tribute was added by Jeannie Wierman on 21st April 2017

"I am so saddened to hear of Carson's untimely passing.  I met Carson on 3 different occasions through my long friendship with Edi. He was definitely an exceptional person. Intelligent, witty, funny and just a genuinely kind person who made everyone around him feel like they knew him forever. Edi, I am so sorry for the pain you will have to live with losing your soulmate. Hugs and love."

This tribute was added by Mark Calomeni on 21st April 2017

"Carson was my best friend.  We met ~ 35 years ago and have remained close.  He was the Best Man in Lisa's and my Wedding.  He was always there for me.  Carson had an unbelievable personality and such a huge heart.  He would lighten any room or event he attended.  I also remember our HP meetings w/Carson, the many evenings after work at ET's (El Toritos), Monday night football, Carson coming to our Christmas parties and doing magic for the kids, him sitting down w/my Son Curt and helping him w/a school assignment, going to the Giants game w/me and my oldest son, Anthony.  So many memories over the years.  I will miss his phone calls where the first thing he'd say was "Hey Pard, where's lunch today" and we'd meet for lunch.  So many things about him I'm going to miss.  What I am grateful for are the 35 years I had him as a friend, more than a friend, a Brother.  His spirit will stay with all of us, whose heart he's touched.  Life won't be the same without Carson.  I will think of him and miss him always.  These last several years have been hard on him.  While his spirit and soul were very lively his body was failing him.  He personally went through SOO much in his life and yet he ALWAYS brought pleasure to those around him.  RIP my good friend, I WILL miss you greatly."

This tribute was added by Linda Reinhardt on 20th April 2017

"I'm sorry to hear of the passing of Carson.  I knew Carson from Hewlett-Packard.  I'll always remember Carson as a kind and confident person that never was afraid to speak his truth.  Rest in Peace Carson.  The world lost a wonderful soul on April 16, 2017."

This tribute was added by Vance Ikezoye on 20th April 2017

"I've known Carson close to 35 years. Much of that was at HP. We worked together on a variety of things - from tackling business problems to writing skits for off sites. Some of my best memories were doing coffee talks with Carson at CSY - needless to say, HR would always be there to lecture him on some inappropriate remark.

A few of us recently had dinner with Carson and Edi at Din Tai Feng just last month (Chinese food of course). It seemed just like the old days.

Carson was a good man with a kind and giving heart. I am saddened that he is no longer with us, but am grateful for the time we shared."

This tribute was added by Lisa Calomeni on 19th April 2017

"Looking for a bright new star in the sky! The angels are smiling, laughing, and dancing with you at their side! Thank you so much for letting us be part of your life, you will live in my heart forever!"

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