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Mary’s Friday of No School

June 13, 2021
I remember your mother always letting you stay home on Fridays from school to clean house.  Your home on Arboretum in Glen Ellyn seemed so big and I’m sure it took both of you all day to get it spic and span.  I’d call you after school and you said that you got the day off because you had to clean house!  

So many times I had dinner at your house with your parents.  Seems we ate a lot of fish sticks on Friday! 

One time your parents took us to a picnic where they had a band.  We were thrilled because the band played rock ‘n roll.  The best part was when your folks got up to “cut the carpet”.  I think they had as much fun as we did that day.  

They also drove us downtown Chicago for our first concert, The Guess Who, at Arie Crown Theater.  Your mom kept asking who the band was and we kept saying, “Guess Who”.  “Who?”   “No, Guess Who”….It went on and on like a bad “Who’s On First” scenario.  

Lots of fun and good memories of your two loving parents.  Now they arereunited together with Jesus Christ.  

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