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His Life

Memorial Service: May 21, 2013

May 22, 2013

A memorial service for Charles was held on Tuesday May 21, 2013 at the Crossroads Baptist Church at 5000 College Park Dr. in Conroe, Texas.

Associate Pastor, Calvin F. Pearson officiated.

Steve A. Tippett gave the Eulogy, a copy of which is in the Stories section of this website.  Dono Tippett, Sandra Stolnacke and Amanda Stolnacke shared stories and gave tribute to Charles as well.

Pictures from the service are also posted in the Gallery section of this website.

Return to Reynoldsburg, Ohio

May 22, 2013

In 1980, Charles and Barbara moved back to the Columbus, Ohio area to be near their ailing parents.  They purchased a home at 801 Brice Rd. in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, a far east side suburb of Columbus, Ohio.


May 20, 2013

Charles loved cars, but never owned his dream car, a Porsche 356.

He and Barbara owned a Volkswagen Beetle, while stationed in Salzburg, Austria.

They owned a light green and white 57 Chevrolet sedan.

For many, many years Charles was provided with a company car by E&E Insurance Company, starting with a Ford Station Wagon, and end with Oldsmobile 98's and Cadillacs.  When he no longer received a company car, Charles had a Cadillac, an Audi Fox and finally an Audi A6 (1999).

Barbara drove the family car, some of which were an Oldsmobile 88, a Volkswagen Karman Ghia (1970), a Chevrolet Camaro (1972), an Audi 5000, an Acura Integra, and finally an Audi A4 (2002) that was purchased by Steve in 2007 to give to Dono as his High School graduation present.  Dono still drives his beloved Audi A4.

In 2009, Charles and Barbara traded in the 1999 Audi A6 for a Lexus RX350.


Old First Presbyterian Church

May 20, 2013

Charles, Barbara, Steve and Sandra attended Old First Presbyterian Church in East Columbus, Ohio.

Charles taught high school level Sunday School and was the volunteer Church Treasurer for many years.


May 20, 2013

Charles and Barbara learned to Square Dance in 1972, and continued to dance until 2007, even after moving to Houston.  They loved to dance and travel with the Square Dance group to conventions, where they learned new dances and experienced different callers.

In 1975, they learned to Round Dance, and added that to their love of dancing.

They made many lifelong friends through their dance groups.

Charles and Barbara Move to Texas

May 20, 2013

In April of 2005, Charles and Barbara moved from Columbus, Ohio to Houston, Texas to be near their children and grandchildren.

Charles and Barbara's Children and Grandchildren

May 20, 2013

Charles and Barbara Tippett have 2 children:

Steve A. Tippett, born Oct. 24, 1953 in Salz burg, Austria.  Steve is a Chemical Engineering working for ExxonMobil.

Sandra L. Stolnacke, born May 23, 1956 in Columbus, Ohio.  Sandra is a Real Estate Agent/Broker working for Apartment Wiz.

Steve and his wife Darla, and son George "Dono" Tippett reside in Houston, Texas.

Sandra and her husband Paul reside in Houston, Texas.  Their daughter, Amanda, resides in Portland, Oregon.

President of E&E Insurance at 45 yrs. Old

May 20, 2013

Charles joined Educator and Executives (E&E) Insurance in 1962, was elected Vice President Controller in 1966 and Executive Vice President in 1968.

In 1975, the Board of Directors elected Charles President and a Director.


Married to Barbara J. Riddle

May 20, 2013

Charles married Barbara Jones Riddle (daughter of George and Olie Riddle), in Columbus,Ohio on November 4, 1951.  Barbara had one sibling (John Riddle), who still resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Born in Columbus, Ohio

May 19, 2013

Born to Charles D. Tippett and Wilma I. Tippett in Colubus, Ohio on November 3, 1929.  Two siblings, Mary Lloyd (older than Charles), Clara Young (younger than Charles).

U. S. Army

May 19, 2013

Inducted into the U.S. Army as an officer, after completing his college degree.  Was stationed in Salzburg, Austria from 1952 to 1954.  Was in the Army Reserves, after returning from Austria.


CPA: Certified Public Accountant

May 19, 2013

Passed the exam to become a CPA.


College: Ohio State University

May 19, 2013

Gradulated from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio with a Bachelors in Accounting.