This tribute was added by Lorraine G. on January 4, 2017
For some reason we shared a birthday and I have little memory of the times I got to see you while you were living. I remember you mostly from the day of your viewing or your photos in all of the tributes. I'm one of your great-grandson's ninangs now because of all of this and I hope to be as wonderful as you were to them.
This tribute was added by Marietta Finch on January 22, 2012
those were the days, you me are having a good times! but now i cant believe my Loved Ones are Gone! What i can I do! we are only human beings ! God take you away from me! anyway your loving memories will remain till im here on Earth or i die! and we will Reunited and the Blessing of our Almighty God be Forever Missed. I love you very much my Mom and my Dad; i wont forget you two:)

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