His Life

The birth of my son CeCil Timmons Brown 3rd

The day I found out I was pregnantagain I way very happy and excited because this will be the third one because I already have two girl's and now I'm having another baby I was praying that this babybe a boy because I didn't want any more girl's. I want to the hospital on the January-6-1991 around 9:30pm that night and I know that this babywas going to take a long time to come out and I was right because his Dad would play with me stomach at night so I was on the wait and it took long enough around 6&7 hour's before I had my baby and when the ‍⚕️doctor pull the babyout he said it's a baby girl I wasn't excited anymore and he said do you want to see your new little baby girl I said yes that will be fine, Man when I tell you that I️ screaming because I was overwhelmed it was a baby boy, I had my son on January-7-1991 at 4:45am and he waited 8 lb and 7 1/2 oz and we name him Cecil Devon Timmons. Later down the years his name get changed to CECIL TIMMONS BROWN 3rd right after his Dad.