Posted by Bob Crawford on March 2, 2022
I just found out about Chucks passing. Chuck was one of a kind! He was one of the older kids that I looked up to back in the 70's. We reconnected and did some Motorcycle rides back in 2010. Rest in Peace My Friend You will be missed.
Posted by Kristel Carpenter on November 2, 2021
Wow it's been 1 year, it's hard for me to wrap my head around that since I found out later that you passed. You were my DAD even if others thought of me differently.
We were close at one time, I really wish I could have talked to you at least one more time. I regret thinking about it, but never calling. I miss you!
Posted by Kristel Carpenter on November 8, 2020
I know haven't spoken to my dad in many years, but he knows why. Even though he wasn't my father by blood he was my dad! He taught me so many things! I was & still am the only girl I know that can change my oil, put on a spare tire & bate my own hook! Dad, you are loved, always have been & always will be! I've missed you for years & I'm sorry I wish we could have reconnected. You would have been so proud of your first born grandson!
Posted by Ed Moore on November 7, 2020
I am so sorry and my condolences to Chucks extended family and friends. Haven't seen him for quite awhile but spent a lot of my younger years with him and Butchie. They didn't seem to mind getting together with their younger cousin. At least they pretended not to mind.. I could never put into words how I feel, nor do I have a good reason for not seeing chuck recently.. Guess I just take life for granted and think we will all always be here, just like when we were young. But we are getting older and more and more I realize that isn't true.. As with all passings it hurts, some more then others. Butchie hurt me bad and now so many years later this is no easier. I will miss you chuck. I have always missed you and highly enjoyed the last time we saw each other. But I always believed you were there, that we would get tother again, and we will. 
Posted by Cyndi Leppo Van Dyke on November 7, 2020
My cousin Chucky was one of a kind. Our yearly summer get togethers, when the family drove from Texas to New Jersey, was something we both looked forward to. I will forever cherish the time and memories we shared together. Even as we got older and the summer visits stopped, text was our friend. We kept up with each other, and what was happening. Just 7 months ago, we had a heart to heart about our relationship as cousins, and I am so glad we shared that. We loved each other and I will miss him with all my heart. See you down the road Chucky.
Posted by Bob Courtney on November 6, 2020
To a co-worker, that became my friend, Chuck will be missed. We shared a passion for fishing, and I enjoyed time together out on his boat talking , learning and reeling them in. I'll always remember his help with my '67 Camaro's issues, he was a master mechanic that enjoyed helping others. May the after-life bring him deserved lasting peace with our Lord no longer needing to fix anything. 
Posted by Chris Gregory on November 5, 2020
When I remember "Uncle Chucky", what I think of the most is his propensity for giving. From weekend sleepovers playing video games until the wee hours of the morning, to helping me get my first car (and taking the time to go to a junk yard to replace the busted engine in my second) -- Uncle Chuck was always putting the needs of others in front of himself. I always remember Christmas Pollyanna, and the joy he got from seeing others excited in their gifts (and he always went over the top). His laugh and smile were so memorable and infectious -- I am really going to miss him. On behalf of the Gregory family, I send these condolences for your tremendous loss.

I can only imagine that Ziggy was the first one to greet him at the pearly gates.
Posted by Dianna Lottes on November 5, 2020
Chucky was such an awesome brother-in-law! He was kind, funny and truly had a heart of gold! He was always willing to help anyone at any given moment. He was there for me on my wedding day, one of the most important days of my life! I am forever grateful to have had you walk me down the aisle. That week we all spent together was priceless, filled with so many happy, crazy memories and I will cherish them forever! People say Disney is like heaven on earth. Well now that you're in heaven, I'm sure you're smiling down on us saying wait until you see this place! Until then, love and miss you!

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