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With all "due respect"

Shared by Debbie Lawson on March 19, 2019

Another email from dad...

Hi Guys, I had so much fun writing this response that I wanted to share it with you, for what it's worth.  I am responding to an article sent to me by Marty, my progressive friend, stating that people didn't like Obama because of his race.  I got a little carried away and I doubt Marty will read it or certainly not agree with it, but now you know where your Dad/Bruce/Papa stands (if you didn't know already!) cheers, D/B/P

(by the way, bs stands for bullshit which is the term I used)
From: "Hibbard, Pamela" <>
To: "Martin Mitchell" <>
Cc: "mike" <>
Sent: Sunday, December 7, 2014 2:38:04 PM
Subject: Re: Disrespect

Marty,  Sorry, I forgot to say "with all due respect" before bs, though it was implied. This article is the typical crap about not liking Obama because of his race.  He was elected because he was seen by the majority of Americans (whites included) as proving that America has progressed beyond race and that he would be able to foster better relationships with all races.  That has proved to be just the opposite, he has become the most divisive President we have ever had.  By appointing Eric Holder, who sees all issues through the "race prism" and having Al Sharpton, the race baiter, as an adviser, they have managed to turn every issue involving black youths into more volatile situations, including Trayvon Martin and Ferguson. 

There are indeed problems with the cops and young black men, but any discussion needs to also include the more serious issues concerning the breakdown of the black family, huge unemployment of black youth, black on black murder and the horrible education system in inner cities.   Sharpton and Holder are focusing only on the cops and they seldom talk about the real problems.  They are using these unfortunate incidents to inflame, not help to resolve.  

This bs article focuses on some disparate issues, all trying to tie in lack of respect to race.  The guy even goes back years to Trump and the birth issue.  By the way, Obama's daughters were indeed bored and looked like typical teenagers, including their dress at the turkey thing.  He shouldn't have had them there anyway.  It's not a f...king "race" issue!  All fathers with daughters go through that stuff.

The problem is that Obama has screwed up the country and it's not because of his race but because of his policies.  Obama-Care was one of the worst things to happen to our health care system, putting the government more in control of our lives and even Schumer sees it as a mistake.  Obama's foreign policy has been a disaster and it gets worse with sending troops back into Iraq.  The national debt is now over $18 Trillion and he never discusses it, only to want to spend more and levy more taxes.  He dislikes and also doesn't understand how the private market works, which provide the jobs and growth in this country.  Regulations for more control are constantly being issued which kill growth and jobs.  He doesn't lead, he only likes to campaign.  When people can't or won't discuss issues, they resort to race, name calling, etc as this guy does. Anyway, I could go on but I know you will not agree so don't want to waste my effort.

Unfortunately, to try and clarify this, is useless if you don't get it yourself.  The gulf between how you see the world is so far different than mine, that no amount of logic or attempts to explain would help.  I've tried to explain the principles of limited government, free markets, free will, personal responsibility and freedom (which is my philosophy) versus central planning and more and more governmental controls with redistribution of wealth as the main purpose (which is apparently your belief) to you before and I'm afraid it's hopeless.  cheers anyway, Libruce

From: "Martin Mitchell" <>
To: "Hibbard, Pamela" <>
Sent: Sunday, December 7, 2014 8:25:26 AM
Subject: Re: Disrespect

Can you explain why you feel this way? 

From: Pamela Hibbard <>
To: Martin Mitchell <
Sent: Saturday, December 6, 2014 9:38 PM
Subject: Re: Disrespect
This is bullshit. 

On Dec 6, 2014, at 8:03 PM, Martin Mitchell <> wrote:

The following article is representative of some of what I think is going wrong with our political system and our society in general.

she's so pretty (Emma)

Shared by Debbie Lawson on March 19, 2019

After looking at these pictures, Dad started singing "She's so pretty" from Westside Story.  Like he did when she was a baby.

dad's meticulous itineraries

Shared by Debbie Lawson on March 19, 2019

Hi Honey, Attached is our itinerary for our trip.  We're leaving tomorrow very early.  Pete Ritter of Animal House Pet and Home Care of Orinda (yeh, I know, where did he get that name!) will be feeding and walking Beau twice daily.  He has yours and Matt's numbers.  His cell phone # is 925-368-8978.  Of course, you should be able to reach us on Mom's cell phone.  Give Emma a big hug frorm Papa and Amme.   cheers, Dad