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Charlie My Love (4-11-2013)

I want to let whomever reads this to please know how special Charlie McPhee was to every one who was blessed to know him, He had a smile that would Light the darkness, he loved God and was a true christian.  Charlie had a heart full of kindness and Love he was genuine in his walk in life, he never lied (He was real not a fake like so many men) Charlie was the only Good Real Man I ever Knew in my entire life, Charlie is my Husband and now he is my Angel, I loved this special Man in Life and I love him still in the after life, Charlie is in heaven and one day we will be together again, I dream of him often and this I know with no doubt in my heart, I miss my Charlie while I am still here but, I will continue to be strong in my Faith in God "I walk with the Lord, and He let's me know we will be reunited in heaven when I am called back Home" so til then I wait patiently to be with my once in a life time true Love, but I love him enough to wait, and to follow God's plan, not mine, that's the way it's supposed to be, I know this from my scriptures I read and Charlie has let me know this also, so til then I do wait patiently oh very patiently, sometimes I don;t know how I lived with the pain of this huge loss iniside of me, but I continue my walk in life knowing that it will all get better! "I love you Baby"

i can't believe it's been 23 years (4-11-13)

My Dearest Charlie, I feel like I'm writing to you in heaven, Oh how I wish they had visiting hours in Heaven, This Month marks the 23rd year that we have been apart, It feels like 23 years it didn't not go by quickly it has went by slowly and sadly I still have this empty void inside of Me that only you were able to fill, I pray for the day that I will see you again in heaven, God has a plan for us still of course you already know this, I know God needed you in heaven and it was selfish of me to want you here with me, but life here on Earth is so painful when the one you love goes home without you, it just hurts unconditionally.  Oh my Sweet Charlie, how you defined my Life with all that you taught me, and all the unconditional love that you always gave Me, You were My Man of God, My one and only True Love, there just are no words to express My Undieing Love for You. Charlie You Were and will Always be "One of a Kind" I have never met anyone with the kindness of your heart, or your precious Love that you so unselfishly gave to me, and you were the Only Man that ever Loved me I mean Truly Loved me, for Me, and I know how blessed I am to have had that beautiful Love and Caring from You "My Charlie" they call it "once in a life time" that is what I experienced with you. Thank You My Sweet Angel, I see you up in the clouds smiling over Me, waiting patiently for me, Until I C U N heaven, I wait patiently for you also~~My love for you is never ending~~

Charlie and Cindy

 written on Jan. 31st, 2011

I  just lost the whole story i will start over in a few days

Charlie went to heaven on 4/14/90,

and that was the end of our  "Happily Ever After" He told me he would look over me and we would be together again in heaven, and this I have no doubt. I feel him with me, and until I die, he will be with me and no one can take this from us, no one. I love you so much Charlie I miss you every day of my life and we will be together again, I long for that day.  I will always remember the Red Rose You Brought me every Friday until you got too sick, I know I did my best to take care of you. The night you died  I died so many times over losing you to that horrible disease I know if you were still here we would still be happily married. You said "I was the Woman of your Dreams" and you wrote that behind all our pictures, I still read them and cry as I recall how happy you made me and all the love you gave me.  I was so blessed to have you as my Husband "that once in a lifetime Love" Some never get to experience and I feel for those people however, We were so blessed to have found eachother and to have that love that God meant for us all to Find.  You will always be my one and only TRUE LOVE BABY, til I Die We Are One, and in heaven we will be together "Life Eternal" Charlie and Cindy McPhee