Let the memory of Charles be with us forever.
  • 55 years old
  • Born on January 4, 1964 in Guzang, Northwest, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on April 21, 2019 in Limbe, South West, Cameroon.
This memorial website was created in memory of our  beloved brother, son, father, cousin, uncle, Charles Munji  born on January 4, 1964 and passed away on April 21, 2019. Charles Akwa Munji was born on January 4 1964 to Pa Alose Tingen Munji and Mama Felisita Endam Munji in Guzang village, Batibo Sub division. To many people he was Charlie,  Mr Munji, Mister Charlie, Engineer, Chinese man, Ni Charles, Daddy...
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 Funeral Arrangements

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The situation at home may not permit some people to give Mr Charles Munji the farewell he deserves. So we encourage you to write your tribute on this site and share your memories and pictures of times shared with Charles.

Posted by Emilienne Tingwey on May 8, 2019
My uncle, my uncle Charles, it hurts. It hurts so so so much. The tears won't stop flowing...Never could I have have imagine our meeting in the compound in December 2016 with Pa would be our last. Both of you gone in the twinkle of an eye. The voice still sounds so clear in my ears "Ingie, my daughter.....how are you..., happy to see you...wonderful.... is this you.....let me open this wine for you.....lets talk about the project.....". In that jovial voice cut in with that your unique laughter. Gig in tow to come celebrate christmas with family as usual. You were always happy, ready to help, get a solution to problems, never angry no matter what, things were to be talked through.....have fun. The list goes on and on. Why this sudden departure? Is it to go take care of the large family of those gone beyond? Who did you leave here to take care of us? Just so many questions which cannot be answered but the pain too raw to stop asking. Hope i will some day. Adieu my uncle as your head lies on the Saviours breast. I love you and bid you goodbye.
Posted by Chungong Polycarp on May 5, 2019
Charlie, your sudden demise has been a big blow to me. I still remember the desperate call you made to me less than 24Hrs before your demise. You needed my assistance while in hospital but unfortunately I was attending a meeting in D'la and I could feel the disappointment in you as I could not show up immediately. I was however, comforted by the fact that I gave some directives to your beloved Belinda for an immediate solution. I could never have imagined that we just had our last discussion as your voice was as strong as ever and that you were being treated for acute malaria and typhoid. You fondly called me Mr. P and I proudly introduced you to my friends around as the Number 1 Architect in Southern Cameroon and presently supervising the construction of the tallest and most modern structure in both the NW and SW Regions and which is a product of your chambers. What a disappointment that you have departed without the complete realisation of this imposing structure which was definitely going to open many new doors for you. You will always be remembered for the imposing Bambui Palace Multipurpose Hall project which you designed and is presently under construction. You were my main company for social outings each time I got to Bamenda and the only one around with whom I could speak Chinese. You had total respect for me as a friend and senior even though by your strong character you ignored some important advises. You could never be pushed into doing what you didn't want to do. I was however, happy about two months ago when I openly advised you and Belinda to regularize your relationship by undertaking a court signing and you happily embraced the idea and immediately assigned my wife to follow up for actualisation. Where are you now to accomplish this promise? Charlie, my architectural icon, my China man (as fondly referred to by my friends) and my brother, the vacuum you have left in our hearts will be difficult to fill. ADIEU and may your soul Rest in Perfect Peace. Amen!
Posted by Eric Munji on May 2, 2019
Ni for my years with you ,I have never known you as someone who is so quick to act at situations. But I don't know why u have to be so prompt to death. I can remember when I put to birth with you. The day I come home from hospital, my room had electrical problem. During the day that room was none of your worries. When night came you had to go in a wild search for an electrician. saying 'my daughter can't sleep in a room without light'. Ni the last time I saw you was on the 24/12/18. Why why Mercy why. I never knew why you were asking me WHY. Ni WHY Y Yyy. Atuh is waiting you to take her to 'her' office .Mbah is saying you have to show him the village. 'Pa Alors wife' is waiting for the summer holiday to go swimming in Limbe.' Beauty' is waiting for ice cream. What a vaccum your absence will create in our hearts. Ni !!!! Adeiu DADDY of Bamenda. Mercy (wife).
Posted by Eric Munji on May 2, 2019
Ni Charles,  This is too much to bear. So shortly after Pa passed on! It is so difficult it hurts. We had plans, dreams but I guess the almighty God had different plans. What can I say? if someone asked me to describe Ni Charles aka Architect I would definitely say he was larger than life. This was because Ni Charly believed in working hard and living hard. One of those people that weren’t tied down by the usual trappings of life. Being naturally creative he not only mastered the fine but delicate art of architecture but was equally fluent in many languages. He was a dedicated and hardworking architect ever striving for perfection when it came to his job and he demanded no less from his colleagues and staff. This is evidenced by some of his landmark structures which he has left behind and by which some of us will remember him. Out of the office the Architect became someone else depending on where he was; In the village he was at home often turning up during occasions in his traditional attire with cup in hand while sipping some white stuff. Being of a small statue he made sure his presence was known often reminding the youngsters of how different things were and how they needed to make something of themselves. He was a firm believer in the principle of teaching a young man to catch fish rather than giving him fish. In the family we called him the Chinese man not so much for the fact that he studied in China but also because he tended to do things his way. He would often turn up for family reunions later than expected but always with some practical approach to an issue that had bogged everyone and would often pull out some goodies from his ever present bag to appease anyone who felt aggrieved for the sake of peace. As the next oldest male in the family, we spent many an hour in some quiet spot trying to chart a course for the family, while trying to relax. Ni Charles always assumed his program was mine and would never take no for an answer whenever he had an outing in mind. Those of us who knew him, who loved him, who sometimes got angry with him but who mostly adored him-we’ll miss him sorely. We’ll miss the honest simplicity, the gentle but firm husband, father who gave his all to the family, who fought with us but loved us with equal passion. I’ll miss not only a brother but a friend who had so much to teach me yet was always ready with a funny line whenever he sensed a shift in my mood, and who was always prepared to set off on another adventure. We’ll miss the village man who befriended and defended the neighborhood children. Even though we morn him, even though we lost him so soon I would rather we remember him as he would want us to; through his works, and as someone who lived fearlessly on the edge of what was possible. Ni Charles as you journey into the land yonder, take our greetings to all who have gone before. Adieu Ni Charles. Eric Munji 
Posted by Cecilia Munji on April 30, 2019
Weeeeh! Weeeeh!, Atah Njimbat, papa nga-minobi, how will I ever accept this pain, this wound you gave us. Who will i corn koki corn for .??? The questions are too much to ask, but who will give me answers???. Who will bring me Xmas presents???, Im short of words and also confuse with your sudden death ... Mom mom mom, as you always called, is still like your calling now . Chiiaay! Farewell my son God loves you more. My regards to Emaculate and the rest...
Posted by Munji Aneng on April 30, 2019
ohh our pillar, head boy and treasure. ma techan like you fundly called me, is short of words. I struggle to alter a word to no avail. ni Charles, why did you have to leave us so soon,leaving us empty with many questions on our lips but yet no answers to them . I wish u farewell, may the Almighty God grant you eternal rest in his kingdom. I love you but God loves you most...
Posted by Fontebo Felix on April 29, 2019
My Journey with Charles Sometime in August 1977, I met Charles at the Guzang Market as I was preparing to go to College. We immediately became friends as we learned that we were both going to Cameroon Protestant College, Bali (CPC). Come September 1977, we were on CPC campus, as we began a life time relationship. The five years we spent in Bali College were the most enjoyable years in our lives. We went to Bali for studies to improve our education. This is where we gradually matured. We also had the opportunity to have fun, exploring the Matterhorn and beyond, on adventure into the wild, searching for guavas and pears. Enjoying nature, listening to the birds as they sang from the trees. It was very exciting, doing this on Saturdays after inspection. Academically, we had no problems. My man was brilliant and always excelled. Though Financially we did not have much, the school provided all the three meals for the day. We always came to school with enough garri, to enjoy between meals. We were never worried that we did not have the goodies that other privileged children had. We were contented with what we had and proud to be part of Bali College. In 1982, we successfully left Bali, making it at the GCE Ordinary Level. Charles went to CCAST Bambili and I went to GHS Mbengwi. But our friendship remained unshaken, because of the solid foundation we had in Bali College. In 1984, we made it at the advanced Level, after which we moved to Yaounde University. I had admission into the Law Faculty while Charles went in for Natural sciences. He later wrote and passed the competitive Exam into ENSA, Dschang, but declined and decided to go to China on a scholarship, in 1985. While in China, he studied alongside Chinese students, in the Chinese Language and still made it with honors. He graduated from the University of Shanghai Tongji in 1990, with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/Architecture. Charles then worked with Seacliff Ltd for three years in China, and a British Firm in Hong Kong, until 1994 when he returned to Cameroon. During all his years abroad, we constantly kept in touch, sharing our experiences and expectations in life. When he arrived home from China, I was in Douala. His elder sister ma Betty Tingwei, other family members and I were all glad to have him back. But this happiness was short-lived as a tragedy stroke. His younger brother, Emmanuel Munji died suddenly in an accident. On that fateful day, we were waiting for him to come and give us his bike, so that we could go out. A neighbour came in and told us that Emmanuel just had an accident at the entrance into his house. We rushed him to Hospital and immediately contacted some Guzang elites who joined us at the Lanquantinie Hospital. Unfortunately, within hours, he passed away. It was a devastating moment. We both had no jobs at the time. The Guzang meeting took charge and Emmanuel was taken to the village and buried. We later moved to Bamenda. Charles went to live with his sister Ma Jane in Bambili while I got a job with Harp Distribution Services. Since Charles had come back from China with his architectural equipment, drawing tables. etc, we agreed that he should start off an Architectural Consultancy in my small apartment in Cow street, Nkwen Bamenda. It took a very short time for Charles to establish himself. His excellent architectural skills, plus the Chinese touch were quickly recognized. Within a very short time, he opened his first office at Bandja Junction, mile II Nkwen. The rest of the story can be told from the various structures that he designed, dotted all over Cameroon. As a friend there are services, he rendered to me such as taking pains to design a beautiful structure for me in Limbe. As we became more mature, we experienced more and more challenges: settling down, taking care of our families, meeting up with social life and our professional lives. There were great moments, but there were also very tough and challenging moments. Charles lost a second brother, Richard Munji, the mother of two of his kids, and one of his kids, Acho. These were devastating moments he had to endure. It is true that We disagreed and agreed on a wide range of issues. We also sometimes had different opinions on certain issues: how we should go about raising our families, how to socialize, how to spend money, what investment to make for ourselves and our families. Unfortunately, in some of these issues, he would be very adamant and would want to handle things his own way. This sometimes strained our relationship. Such moments were very frustrating. A lot of opportunities were missed, but I believe God knows why. As Charles` friends, we were always there for him. Last year, we even had a discussion about him visiting us in the US. I was really looking forward to having a great conversation with him. Little did I know that God had his own plan for him. We had very great moments together indeed. Charles will forever be missed for his sense of humour, his generosity, his talents, and his intellect. In fact, he was a great mind. Adieu: Fofung! (As I fondly called him).
Posted by Delphyn Munji on April 28, 2019
Ni, your passing on fell upon our hearts like a heavy stone, so heavy we barely can bear the weight. I still look at the picture you posted on Palm sunday, just 1 week before your untimely death. You have always been full of so much life and fun, yes your were the life and soul of every party. Your death is an eye openner to us all. Who would have imagined that we will be writing farewell messages at this time? What a shock. Your death has left a very big hole in our hearts and the entire Munji Family. You played a very huge role as a big brother and you played it so well. Though with a small body frame your voice was loud and respected by all. We looked up to you in all ways. In your professional role, you have left behind landmarks that will remind us of the great architect that you were. You worked hard and played hard. Go well Ni. Till we meet again.
Posted by Lisa Munga on April 26, 2019
Your passing has been a real shock to us all. You will be so missed, Charles... your character, bigger than life, always seeking - both professionally and in your personal life meant you were the life and soul of the party. Thank you for your efforts and vision in keeping the family together...you were a true unifier. May you rest in eternal peace... may the peace of the lord be with you beautiful soul.
Posted by Fabian Munji on April 25, 2019
This is not goodbye ​I call you Ni out of respect but you will call me "Mungs" but you introduce me as your son for that is what I was to you. Ni there was never a dull moment with you around. I was finally beginning to learn from you that nothing mattered more in life than human relationships. The saddest part is that I didn't get the chance to you appreciate because I took life for granted. The one thing I am sure of is that there is a part of you lives in me and many others As you go, do reserve a spot for me up there for I am certain that is where you are heading.
Posted by T Munji on April 24, 2019
Mister Charlie, the memories abound of when we shared together, debated, strategized, supported each other, gotten angry, gotten frustrated, laughed and joked all for one simple reason. Because we are family! In your achievements, you have given us inspiration and in your shortcomings, you have given us lessons. With both, we will strive not just to be better, but to live better, give better, care better and love better. There is only one Mister Charlie because you are unique in so many ways, I find myself reading all the hilarious messages and jokes you have been using in the last few months to uplift and unite our large family. Who else could do that with such wit, humour and love? You truly have left some big shoes to fill in and out of the family. Tadoh
Posted by W M on April 24, 2019
Ni Charles, our world has gone eerily silent since you left unceremoniously. You were the life of our online family group, never once felt abashed to post updates of yourself, your kids, and of your world, whether they were funny or silly or anything in between. You never held back from chiding your young ones and challenging us to respond - and to rise to life's challenges. Always making the young and old alike in our family feel important. You were a gem - and it was our privilege to have you as our big brother. Batah will not be the same without you... You'll be sorely missed... Willie M.
Posted by ELIZA Munji on April 24, 2019
Forever in our hearts and will be missed Ni Charlie Life will never be the same without you.
Posted by Adah Claudtil Munji on April 23, 2019
Ni charlie,like a candle light you will glow in our hearts Forever.

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