Posted by joyce young on October 17, 2014
missing you every day every minute, chuck i miss you more then i thought possible; i have slep in your chair every since i lost you, guess it makes me feel closer, i miss you so. .
Posted by James Murgittroyd on October 18, 2012
Chuck, even tho, I never got to know you that well,I'll always remember you, we share the same middle name, so I've known you my whole life!!! You may be gone, but you'll never be forgotton. RIP
Posted by joyce young on November 4, 2011
chuck is the person no one wants to forget, he was loving, careing he loved, and reached out too touch all the lives around, chuck had a smile that could make you love him so easy, so deepley, .and that first smile he gave too me the night we meet, stoled my heart forever, a shy young girl of fifteen, after all these years, he still has my heart, i am forever thankfull chuck was in my lif

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