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Posted by Judy Klose on March 11, 2021
My love and caring to the family from Sister Judy Klose, West Jonesboro, GA. May Jehovah give you strength and comfort.

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Posted by Judy Klose on March 11, 2021
My love and caring to the family from Sister Judy Klose, West Jonesboro, GA. May Jehovah give you strength and comfort.
her Life

Just A Glimpse of the Cherished Life of Cherry Lane Thomas

Cherry Lane Thomas was born on May 14, 1940 in Montgomery, Alabama as one of 11 children of the late Earl Alexander Thomas, Sr and Katie Ruth Hall Thomas. She fell asleep in death on March 7, 2021 after a battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

After graduating from high school, Cherry joined the Army and was stationed in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. She had always been active in supporting social changes which included the civil right movements. She and many of her siblings were drawn to the fight for justice and equality when that movement began in the south. She spoke often about the March on Washington in 1963 and how important it was for her to be there just to make a difference. That drive pushed her further north and planted the seeds of truth that would eventually alter the course of her life. She moved to Paterson, NJ where she began her family and also started studying with Jehovah's Witnesses. Cherry came to realize that she can still have the same drive, passion, and support for justice but it will only come about through God's kingdom. She decided to place her efforts there and was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses on June 27, 1975 and never looked back.

Sickness and failing health would eventually slow Cherry down but her faith would remain forever strong. Her home was always open to meals, refreshments, gatherings, and companionship. She was a skilled self-taught musician and would play the kingdom melodies on her piano while hosting. She always looked forward to feeding the many visiting circuit overseers over the years as well. She was a wonderful mother and sister and will be truly missed.

She is survived by her three children Terrand Thomas, Karen Reed, and Robin Thomas; four grandchildren Darryl,  Romera (Brandon), Terence and Bianca; and four great grandchildren Kiley, Darilyn, Alana- Marie, and Alivia; and 8 brothers and sisters Earl Alexander Thomas (Anna), Loretta Jean Gill, Gladys O'Neal Reid (Lester), Joyce Lorraine Thomas, Gail Keither Thomas (Magnolia), Erin Ruth Brown, Vivian Lee Davis, Allen Brent Thomas, and Earline and Walter Lawrence Thomas who have passed away in death. also a host of cousins and friends at The Central Ridge Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

Recent stories

The Cherry That Always Blossomed

Shared by Kimberly Gill on March 9, 2021
Auntie Cherry filled my life with so much love, joy, and endless laughter. She had  such a giving spirit regardless of how much or how little she had. I loved to see her smile and get tickled while telling stories regarding her school days.  She was such a good story teller ! Shopping for bargains with her and my Mom was the best adventure any little girl and adult could ask for while ending the day with a delicious meal and  a table full of storytime laughter . Her connection to God and her consistent desire to always do His will was admired.  I truly loved the way she loved me and I loved loving her and being in her presence. I can't wait to see her beautiful face and hear her laughter again . 

My Loving Grandma

Shared by Romera Fortunato on March 9, 2021
Grandma had the biggest heart and was very generous to those she loved and cared about.  She looked for ways to help as best she could. I remember a number of times she would stop if she saw a single mom walking along the road with their child and offer them a ride. As a child myself, I didn’t understand but this taught me compassion and fellow feeling. I recall instances after our Sunday meetings she would take meals to those shut in and we would just sit for hours and chat to keep them company. As a child sometimes those visits felt like forever but this taught me patience and empathy. Grandma was always using every opportunity to impart wisdom and of course  wittiness for good measure! I love her very much and I often replay several of these small moments in my mind. She has helped tremendously to shape me into the person I am today and I am forever grateful for that love she shared in abundance!