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A Friend Forever...

Shared by Jomani Oluwadare on March 19, 2021
Dear Chiazor...words truly can’t describe the shock I felt on hearing the news of your demise. It felt and still feels so surreal, the tears came flowing freely.

However, I choose to remember you for the kind and cheerful person that you were.

Never in the about 12yrs of knowing you can I picture a moment of you being horrendous. You had such a sweet, gentleness about you.

You remain my friend always and forever. Rest easy my dear friend, till we meet again at the bosom of the Lord.

An impactful life she lived

Shared by samuel nnamdi on March 19, 2021
I cant believe this is true. chi baby is what i call her. my sister, my friend, my bank, my paddi, A young, Vibrant, enterprising, and extremely caring human who knew exactly what she wanted out of life. I was at a number of your milestone events: your wedding, the launch of your business. I remember Nsia, how we rocked nsia, i am out of words. i will miss you so much. 
Shared by Tisan Ajit on March 19, 2021
My dear Chiazor, Words fail me. You were an Amazing being, hardworking, caring and always celebrating people, always smiling. I admired everything about you Chi, You were perfect to me. 

The news of your death broke me  I’ll always love you girl ❤️ Forever and ever in my heart. 

Chee Chee Forever

Shared by Adekola Folarin on March 19, 2021
My Blackiechan as we’d always and fondly call each other because of our dark skin tones. Sighs...where do I start from? I can’t even believe I’m having to do this. I got the link for this page a couple of days back but I was still in denial, so I refused to write anything, knowing that if I did, it’ll be me finally accepting that you’re gone. But I have no choice, I have to.

I met you through two mutual friends - Anita and Kanayo - in 2012, it was in the same period I met your sister and best friend Angela, with whom I’ve come to build an incredibly strong bond with. From the moment we met, you exuded nothing but kindness, you had such a calm aura about you, you were adorable, loving, and unbelievably caring. I still remember our last hangout, as sad as I am, I’m happy that day was filled with lots of laughter because I’ll hold on to the memories of that day and many other times we spent together. I’m happy that you lived live on your own terms in the short time you spent here, you loved and cared deeply, you were gracious in your approach to everything, you loved God, you worked hard, you partied hard, you laughed out loud (I’ll miss the sound of your laughter).

It’s terribly sad that you’re gone at such a young age but I take solace in the fact that you’re in a better place, away from the struggles and pains of this world, smiling and resting with your creator who loves you more than we ever will. Rest on my Blackiechan. Love you forever ❤️  

Tribute to my Boss

Shared by Abisoye Be llo on March 19, 2021
To u my lovely Boss I will forever missing u.
I am missing u already. u are dead buth ur spirit leaves.
Rest in Peace Chiazor,
We love you, but God loves you even much more.

Rest in His presence.

My Sister's Best Friend

Shared by Morinsola Oladejo on March 18, 2021
I knew of you through Angela. From the first days of knowing Angela, I already knew of you because she didn't stop speaking about you, that is how much she loved you. Through her love for you, the quality of her heart was palpable, it was a love so whole and so pure, she loved you so intensely that it made me love her more.

I was at a number of your milestone events: your wedding, the launch of your business etc. Because I knew Angela I knew you and I adored you from afar. I always wished you well, I always asked after you. I always wanted to know you were OK. 

Your death is a huge loss, even to me, even as little as I knew you but I choose to rest in the promise that God is good and that you are finally resting and free from suffering and pain. 

I hope our good God accepts your soul, accepts your earthly sacrifices of goodness and gives you a good end in his kingdom. 

Rest well my sister's best friend, we will never ever forget you. 
Shared by Thompson Tolulope on March 18, 2021
Chi chi chocolate as we all call you...We miss you very much and love you dearly. We know our God is taking care of you. And you are now one of his special angels. You are forever in our hearts. WE LOVE YOU. Rest well

An impactful life she lived....

Shared by Benardette Souza on March 17, 2021
This is how I choose to remember you Michelle Chiazor Obiora (Née Melifonwu)

A young,Vibrant, enterprising and extremely caring human who knew exactly what she wanted out of life ; A decent chop life gang! A need to make legit money , a need to still serve Christ , a need to love everyone even if they were undeserving of the deep genuine love!

May the angels receive you , you are one of them! Your heart was different! I remember you always asking , Benny what do you need me to do for your father's  burial , and I kept saying just attend if it’s convenient and you did more than attendance ,you were fully involved on both days! You gave everyone food before you and refused to eat and receive any souvenirs under your saying “outsiders first before family”

This shock hit home! I thought I had seen it all losing both parents but little did I know that I could still be this shocked!

All our plans just shattered! I can’t get over this rude shock! I have had to question severally ,does God really exists to allow this happen to good people?

I remember our backs in opposite direction in 2016, me asking, Michelle, do you think I should do this MBA? You said of course, you can do I, you were in my case till I concluded, you will greatly be missed.

Rest in power Chizzy, you lived a truly impactful life..... You lived life on your Own terms , you were young but filled with a rare type of wisdom!

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