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July 9, 2020
July 9, 2020
you're a mother indeed.
Mother of all.
A woman with a heart of gold.
Everyone wants to associate with you.
You accepted me from childhood.
You took me as your own child.
You cared for me.
You made sure that I went to the university.
I missed you mummy.
I will miss you forever.
Because you will forever be in my heart.
Your demise pained me so much because I've not been able to do anything for you.
I still shed tears each time I think of you.
I stumbled upon this website so I decided to search for you because you're always in heart.
I'm sorry that my tribute is coming late but I know you always understand.
I was heart broken when you left.
Life has never been easy without you.
I love you so much mummy.
Continue to rest in the Lord.
Nwanyi Obi Oma!
Okwesiri Ezenwanyi!
I am glad today that I finally have the opportunity to express how I feel.
Good bye mummy.

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