Posted by Lilian Onyekuba on April 11, 2022
I cant believe its one year already. It seems just like yesterday we were just talking. Keep resting in a better place Mezie.
I pray for God's grace and consolation on your sweet mum.

It is well.
Posted by Don C on April 22, 2021
Little did I know that you could leave us so early. It seems like yesterday when we used to discuss our future but now you have left. The grief can not be expressed in words. Those special memories of us will always bring a smile on my face. I am so greatful to life that we met & share laughs, hope you get a peaceful space in Heaven. Rest in Peace my friend. You will be missed.
Posted by Okafor Maureen on April 22, 2021
Mezie, The news of your death is too heavy for me to bear. As I type I still cry.
Death why take such a vibrant,jovial,handsome young man. You were such a nice person and there was never a dull moment with you.
You will b greatly missed by all.
Till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Ukandu Chigozie on April 21, 2021
Mezie as i fondly called you am yet to believe you are no more . We all started way back in Michael Okpara University Accounting 2011 set. You will always call me "Archival" be calming down you are my guy wetn dey future better pass wetn dey now so use your head brother man, mezie will always remind me. You where the source of exam success to many I myself benefited severally. You went for service before me but we kept in touch till we all finished serving. My wedding you couldn't make it but you took your time and explained to me your reason for been absent of which you still appreciated me with some love. I came to Lagos for my honeymoon towards the end of March we all stayed to together with Boss Ugo your brother and you even came along with me to my friends place we ate together. I never knew that was going to be the end of us seeing again I went to market with my wife and I got the sad news about
your death I cried like a kid my wife said she hasn't seen me cry like this before. Well I've cried and I was only thinking all this where dramas and movies but since it's true I pray you Rest well in the Bosom of the lord. Archival aka HillTop miss you and says Goodnight to a brother and friend
Posted by Linda Ogazi on April 20, 2021
I can’t believe I am writing “a tribute” for you Mezie, I really wish this was one of those nightmares that you wake up from and say “thank God it was just a dream” but I know God knows best. When I heard the news that fateful morning, I was shocked.. I immediately knelt down to pray because of the fear that engulfed me. I couldn’t believe it, I mean this was someone i spoke to two weeks(someone that as usual was making jokes)before that dreadful day, someone that called to talk to me a week before then and I can’t even explain why I missed that particular call but it’s all starting to make sense, The fear I felt would have been more and my heart wasn’t prepared for such at all. Chimezie!!! You’ve kept us all in a place that might take forever to come out from because you are someone that can’t be forgotten in a heartbeat but l know God will give us the strength to slowly come out of it and instead of grieving forever, we will start to celebrate your life here on earth because you are worth it. Heaven has gained one of the purest soul I know and I’m sure you are going to keep watch over us all till the day we all meet to part no more!! REST ON NWOKE OMA!!!
Posted by Regina Ajanaku on April 20, 2021
Dearest Chimezie,

The news of your death came as a shock to me, even while typing this I’m still hoping to wake up and hear it’s a false news but who are we to question our maker.
You were a jovial person, fun to be with and always full of mischief. You would always crack me up with laughter. I’m lost for Words to type but I know you will be greatly missed. I’ll forever cherish the few moments we got to spend together.
Sleep well brother.
Posted by Chiboy Nweke on April 20, 2021
Just like a Movie the news broke out that you are no more. It took me Days to recover from the sudden shock. I could remember teaching you how to shot pool which later you became Good and always want to challenge me. Could remember days you waited overtime just to give me a lift, drive extra miles from your home to drop me off. You were my favorite customer, friend and a brother. 10 April, 10:10pm we had our last chat before the incident. Wish I could see ahead of time... God knows best. You are forever in my heart Mezie. I pray May the Lord accept your soul and grant you eternal peace. Rest on Mezie Nwanne.
Posted by prosper ekine on April 20, 2021
It got to me as an incredible shock even though i never knew you that close, for the fact we were sec school mates i felt strange within me of your Demise..

I see you full of joy n life even from afar, yet gone.. It ought not to go down this way it ought not man!!

I pray God gives your family strength to carry on in these times..

Forever in my heart man!

Yours, Prosper
Posted by Angelica Kalu on April 20, 2021
If only wishes were horses, it's still surreal to me..
I can't believe I'm writing a tribute for you Bebe.
Everything happened so fast! How did we get here???? This is too much pain to bear..
I'll keep telling how good of man you were, I'll just fill my heart with good memories, the times we spent together, the silly arguments, the fights, the agreements until we meet again My Guy..
Go well buddy ❤️ Forever in our hearts Chimi!
Posted by chisom Joseph on April 20, 2021
man like mezie sure plug,even at my petty behaviours you still call me and give me job that I can make money omg still can't believe you are gone,we met last year but since than we became friend and brother,we Laugh and make jokes of some many things,your good deeds will take you to a better place where you can forever have peace,good night mezie till we meet again 
Posted by Kenneth King on April 20, 2021
An Ode to Chimeziem Ifeanacho

"Have you news of my boy Bebe?”
    Not this tide.
"When d'you think that he'll come back?"
    Not with this wind blowing, and this tide.

"Has any one else had word of him?"
    Not this tide.
For what is sunk will hardly swim,
    Not with this wind blowing, and this tide.

"Oh, dear, what comfort can I find?"
    None this tide,
    Nor any tide,
Except he did not shame his kind—
    Not even with that wind blowing, and that tide.

Then hold your head up all the more,
    This tide,
    And every tide;
Because he was the friend from NNSS,
    And gave to that wind blowing and that tide!
Posted by Bisola Matthew on April 20, 2021
Chimi I cant still believe you are no more.In few years that I got to knw you;a very quite and easy going person...We see almost every day we joke,smile and have fun.Everyday I step into car wash I normally remember ur memory,ur dance step anytime you hold snooker stick.You are a vry handsome,hardworking vibrant young man.Your death still come like a shock to me;we are together on friday night and on Sunday morning am hearing the news of ur death I cant still believe you are no more Chimi.
I really miss you
The world miss you
Your generation miss you
Premium auto spa miss you as one of our best customer you are a big loose to us...
May your soul continue to rest in peace
Posted by Lilian Onyekuba on April 20, 2021
Dearest Mezie,

I got to know you and gained a younger brother, you were the one I would run to Whenever Gideon was being 'stubborn', I would say 'Mezie talk to your friend oh', as long as my brother was with you, I and Tony had peace of mind, You became more of a family when we went through our ordeal, you made sure you stood by us. You will say 'big sis, o di ihe ne meni, we will stand by you'
The news of your passing hit me hard!!! It hit so hard!! But I have come to realize that nothing is certain in this life.
Sleep well Mezie, greet Tony for me if you see him.
I pray for strength for your wonderful mum, your brothers and your friends.
Your time was short........ But you left your made impacts.... You touched lives.....
Sleep well ...... My brother
Posted by Chukwumela Adiela on April 20, 2021
Bebe!! You were a brother i never had, we shared almost everything together even lived together in one house. The truth will forever remain the same that a part of me left the day you joined mother earth.
Your death has made me more confused about eternity as i wonder why it is the good ones that GO!!
Your a man with a large heart and you will forever remain in my heart as a brother till we meet again!!
Posted by Emi Aliu on April 20, 2021
Working with someone like you is a blessing, you promised to help and put me through in every way and you were always there everytime I asked. You became more than a colleague and made the workspace favorable for me and everyone else. How you got me accustomed to Emenike and anytime you fail to call me that, I feel you are upset with me. You have left an impact in the world and you will forever be remembered. Rest well
Posted by Kelechi Nwagba on April 20, 2021
Sunset @ Dawn
Mezie it's hard to believe you're no more, you' were a true nigga and a brother, a young blood trying to meet ends need. I always hope for a college reunion where I can see all my old friends but man look you're gone.
Death is Man's ultimate end but we pray never to die young and unfulfilled.
I pray God gives your fam especially your mom the fortitude to bear this loss. Amen.
Return if possible Mezie!!!
But if u can't then Rest in power brother man!!!!
I pray God forgives your shortcomings and may your soul rest in peace Amen.
Untimely death is not our portion Amen.
Go well my friend!!
Mouau015 set will remember you!!!
Posted by Jennifer Anyadiegwu on April 20, 2021
I really didn't know you much apart from the fact that we attended the same secondary school,even I that we weren't close but your death came as a shock and it's really painful that we have to lose you at your prime..
  Wherever you are,I pray you find peace above all.farewell brother
Posted by Ogbale isaac on April 20, 2021
It still beats me hollow that you're truly gone, I was thrown in awe when I saw your lifeless body lying on the floor and prayed that you somehow stand up telling us that you just passed out but, my guy, my guy, it never happened.
Who will I now be playing snooker with at our usual sport? Who will be calling me Oga Zikky now that you're no more? The 4runner you asked me to look for what will happen to it when I finally find it? What about my birthday that's coming up on Thursday (tell me now what happens to our plans)
My brother, my friend, my manager, my business partner, my snooker partner, my gist body etc.
This was really never part of the plan and am very sure you know that.
Memories of you will always be my souvenir and safe journey to the great beyond. RIP MY FRIEND
Posted by Favour Ogechi on April 20, 2021
Chimeziem a guy with a heart of gold , we started roughly but within a period of time u made me understand u better, I will always ask u y u carry shoulder u will reply me hon I don't i just don't want people pass there boundaries by insulting u . Oga mezie like i always call u when u come to the shop to get things and u call me auntie favour, u were more Dan a friend to me ,u were my brother, u will always tell me whatever you need just open ur mouth hon I will do it for u unless I don't have at dat moment, anytime u are angry with me and I'm proving to be stubborn u will call me and tell me I have decided to end my beaf with u ,come to my office now... U told me u will always take me as a junior sister u never had .. I don't know if start typing it won't end , ur death was a shock to my spirit I still can't believe u are gone and will never come back, but God Almighty knows the best ,and within me I know u are resting well. Rest well mezie , u are always in my heart. I WILL MISS YOU
Posted by Vincent Armani on April 20, 2021
Although I never had the opportunity to meet you in person, but your sudden demised was a shock to your loved ones, your family are in tears, your friends and well wishers are in pains, Chigozie ukandu (archival) is bitterd, mezie, if you really have the chance to come back, please do..
If money can bring you back , ur family, friends and well wishers are ready to contribute there last dime....

I have not much to say,..
All I want to say is goodnight and rest on...
Return if possible, if is not,..
Posted by Gideon Njoku on April 20, 2021
What we shared was more than friendship, you were my brother, my best friend and my OG. I still live in the shock that you are no more but I believe God knows best. Very jovial, friendly, intelligent and loyal. I have a lot I would have love to say but I’m short of words . I miss you brother man. May your soul rest In Peace. Forever loved “my guy, my guy”. ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by IHECHILURUM OHAERI on April 20, 2021
Mezie!!!!! I type this with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart, Saying goodbye isn't for us. Instead, I will say that I look forward to seeing you again, I don't know why it had to be this way but God knows best. Continue Resting in the Lord.

I miss you dearly

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