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  • 70 years old
  • Born on September 16, 1946 .
  • Passed away on September 2, 2017 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Chris Casebeer, 70, born on September 16, 1946 and passed away on September 2, 2017. We will remember him forever.

This site is to help us all remember the father, husband, brother, and friend Chris was to so many people from Altadena to Laguna, from Santa Barbara to Havana, and across the world.  Please explore the tabs above, either comment in the 'Tribute' section or share on the 'Stories' tab.

A Celebration of the Life of Chris Casebeer will be held Sunday, October 8th at 2pm at Godric Grove in Ellings Park (1298 Las Positas Rd) in Santa Barbara. Please tell kiosk at front gate that you are attending memorial, and drive to the top of the hill. Parking may be limited so please carpool if possible. There will be an option for drop off at Godric Grove for those with limited mobility. Please bring a photo of Chris if you have one to add to a memorial collage. Hawaiin shirts and flip flops highly encouraged. 

In Lieu of flowers, we ask that you donate to one of Chris' favorite organizations. Chris believed in these organizations with all of his heart, and he worked to support them for many years. 

Special Olympics Santa Barbara 

Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County 

Posted by LInda Ostro on 2nd September 2018
We think of you every time we watch Jer play volleyball and see your beautiful children and grand children, and we miss you being with us! Our wish is that your soul is at peace and you are looking down on us with a smile!
Posted by Kat Boehm on 2nd September 2018
Chris lives on in the spirit he shared with us all. Blessings to Teriana who was and is is carrying on that indomitable spirit.
Posted by Tyler Bodnar on 16th October 2017
A lovely tribute written by a dear friend of Chris, Carol Otis: Chris Casebeer was my older brother from another mother and my very first friend, who knew me from the day I was born. He has always been and will always be a hero to me. Our mothers were best friends, a bond forged when they were beautiful young women whose destiny changed due to World War II. They remembered where they were when Pearl Harbor was attacked and their lives changed forever. My mother, Wanda Clements Otis was a student at the Pasadena Playhouse at that time. Both she and Julie, Chris’s mother, married dashing young men who had been drafted as soldiers, became officers then found their homes close together in Altadena and Pasadena. My father, Charles K Otis, known as Chuck, and Chris’s father, Art Casebeer were close friends too. Together both couples played bridge, and were actors and directors at the Theatre Americana in Altadena. They took summer vacations together, renting houses for two weeks every summer at local beaches. My mother adored and emulated Julie. Julie had her children first - Paul and then Chris, My mother was not sure she could have children, but after 5 years of marriage I was born, when Chris was about 2 ½. I know that we were together a lot as children.. and I have the charming photo from those days that is one of my favorites. Julie and Paul and Chris and their cocker spaniel. And me just learning to walk with my mom and our cocker spaniel Duffy. We spent summer vacations at Laguna Beach with them. Paul and Chris were the big boys, diving under waves, exploring the shore and shallow diving for abalone in the early 1950s. To me Chris and Paul were like my older brothers bigger than life, young heroes who could conquer everything. As we grew up we went to different schools. But got together for family events like Christmas Eve and summers at Laguna. My mom and Julie exchanged Christmas gifts and being fashionably causal about raising their children. Which they did with meticulous care. Our lives went separate ways, and when we reconnected later, Chris remembered how much my dad loved Christmas, hosting our annual party on Christmas Eve, decorating trees, playing Santa and encouraging everyone to have a good time. One part of coming to our house was playing our slot machine. Dad bought a used nickel slot machine from an officers club after World War II. We played it just for fun. This machine went on to be an inspiration for Paul and the beginning of his interest in slot machines. During and after high school we did not see Chris and Paul much, but heard of their exploits and admired their careers and successes. Both of them heroes to me in what they did and where they lived and they went. My mother died suddenly when she was 62. My younger sister Kelly and I stayed in touch with Julie and Art and I last saw them in 1986 when they came to my dad’s 75th birthday party. Chris and I reconnected about 10 years ago and I experienced the rush of energy that is Chris. Well, you all know that part of the story. He again was larger than life and yes, heroic to me. He took me around to see real estate in Santa Barbara, my dream of paradise! We stayed in touch by email. I visited him a few times in Santa Barbara, met Teriana, and looked at old family photos and art work and his wonderful plants. We shared experiences and insights and he asked me detailed questions about my field of sports medicine. What I remember most about reconnecting with Chris was how proud he was of his children and how much he enjoyed being a grandfather, just as Julie and Art were so proud of him. When Chris got his diagnosis, (which he dealt with as a hero), one thing he wanted to do was to come see me and my sister Kelly. I will cherish that gift of connection and grace and those memories. He and Teriana spent a few days in Portland, went to see Multnomah Falls and the Portland Japanese Garden. We sat on our balcony and talked, petted our dogs and ate well. Well, he did all he could to eat well and never mentioned his difficulties. We talked about memories, looked at the photos from the past, and he remembered more than I thought about those times together as children. He then went to see my sister Kelly in Bend and they later took a trip to Yellowstone together with Kelly and her husband Bruce. He shared his house in Santa Barbara with me and my sister Kelly. He invited Kelly to houses it. It got her out of the cold and back into the sun and Southern Ca and meant a great deal to her. Hero again . I have been told that grief is the price of love. Everyone who knew Chris loved him so there is a lot of grief today. In my heart forever my older brother and my Hero, Chris Casebeer. With love, Carol L. Otis MD
Posted by Allison MacPherson on 10th October 2017
With each kind, loving, comical memory we have of Chris Casebeer, let us be reminded that as long as we remember, he is alive in our hearts.
Posted by Emily Browne on 5th October 2017
My memories of Chris are from family Thanksgiving dinners many years ago. Chris is my Mom’s (Susan Casebeer Robbins) cousin, and their fathers were siblings. Every Thanksgiving holiday, my Mom and Dad loaded us three kids in the car and drove the long drive from San Jose to Ventura to my Grandparent’s (Rose and Bill Casebeer) house. For many years, Thanksgiving dinner rotated between Julie and Art’s house, Rose and Bill’s house, and Ralph and AnnaBelle’s house in Santa Barbara. The crowd was usually large and had to be divided between dinner tables. Being the youngest of the family, we would be seated at the “kid’s table,” sometimes off in the kitchen or another room. We were rarely alone however, as Chris would pick up his plate from the formal dining room and sit down at the kid’s table with his long legs bent up in a smaller chair. He would make us laugh and ask us questions about what we were doing in life, never forgetting year to year our interests. Chris was in his late twenties and early thirties during my youth, and he made quite an impression on his younger second cousin - so handsome, energetic and quick to give big hugs. I look at all of the pictures of Chris with his grandkids and know that he was a wonderful grandfather. I am sure he sat at their dinner tables too! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you - Chris will always be remembered. Fondly, Emily Robbins Browne
Posted by Albert Melkonian on 4th October 2017
Chris was a truly great person. His passing leaves a void that can't be filled.
Posted by Robert Daniels on 2nd October 2017
Chris had the gift of making everyone feel they were his very best friend. I could tell countless stories of his early athletic accomplishments on the asphalt fields of Altadena Elementary. But I would rather just sum it up by saying this: Some people teach us how to live, and others teach us (when the time comes) how to die. Very few do both in a lifetime. But Chris did, with style, grace, and humility.
Posted by Julia Takahashi on 26th September 2017
I didn't know Chris personally but wanted to share a message of encouragement. From your comment I can see he was the kind of friend mentioned in Proverbs 17:17 a true friend at all times. Take comfort in knowing that he is now at rest. We look forward to the time Revelation 21:3,4 will be fulfilled when there will be no tears, pain, or death. Until that time deep sympathy--- Julia
Posted by Rick Robbins on 26th September 2017
Will always remember Chris from Thanksgiving celebrations shared with the family at Art and Julie's, Ralph and AnneBelle's, Bill and Rose's and Paul's. Such a positive force of nature, so thoughtful and full of life. Thoughts and love to your family.
Posted by Jodi Saenger on 23rd September 2017
A beautiful and gentleman your are. Such a caring and encouraging friend. I am blessed to have known you. I will tell all my plants about you.
Posted by Steve Brown on 18th September 2017
Many warm thoughts to Chris' family. He has been a friend since elementary school in Altadena, then Elliot, then Muir, then UCSB. A very caring soul who is admired for his dignity in life and in death.
Posted by Cyndi Jewett on 17th September 2017
Brighter than light. A great realtor.
Posted by Kat Boehm on 16th September 2017
Chris's generosity and interest in all modeled for me what a wonderful life is about. May everyone who loved him embody the same spirit of harmony and goodness.
Posted by Manuel Arreola on 15th September 2017
The best friend EVER. His solidarity was excepcional. His friendship unforgettable. I will missed you a lot my dear Chris.
Posted by Bob Phinney on 15th September 2017
Since 1965 and Sigma Pi days at UCSB, Chris was a friend. One who helped me find a home when I needed one, one who helped me buy one and sell another one as well. Available, relational, rational, smart, knowledgeable, empathetic and sweet; what more can a friend be? My prayers are now for his loving wife and family
Posted by Chuck Campbell on 14th September 2017
Many thoughts of fun times, some of anger, but sadness in my heart to see a friend go. Chris will be remembered for all the good he has done in his life and the friends he has made and lost.
Posted by Norma Buchanan on 13th September 2017
Gary and I send our love to your beautiful family Chris. When I think of you it is of a photograph that my Mother had on her fridge for in a white wedding shirt wearing a colorful lei. Your lasting "forever" legacy is in your beautiful amazing extended family including we who live in Montana.

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