Posted by Trinity Mullinix on November 16, 2020
No one has ever left you a flower; so I'll be the first to do so, and I can only leave one but I hope you know that I want to leave a million. Last month, it made 9 years and I got to say I am with Grandma on this one, each year it never gets easier and I just wish I could have a better understanding. I will never forget you dad. I just hope, I shine as bright as you did in this dark world.. I wish you could come back but you were to good for this dark world. I love you pops... Always.
Posted by carol bailey on August 16, 2013
God son I love you and miss you so bad. This never gets easier for me. Please help me some way to understand.
Posted by kimberly moore on April 18, 2013
.We will always be thinking of you
no matter where we are or what we do,
And it is on this day with a very heavy heart,
That we all say Happy Birthday to you.

I love you big brother and miss you more and more each day. Forever and always, I will hear your voice when the birds sing and the wind does sway.
Posted by kimberly moore on April 18, 2013
In every photograph of you we see that gracious smile
and we all think "God, I miss seeing that!",
And when we share stories and memories of you
We want more and more for you to come back.
I know that everyone who was blessed enough
to have you in and out of their life is still so sad,
Sad without your smile, your voice, your singing,
Loving brother, son, friend, lover and dad.
We will a
Posted by kimberly moore on April 18, 2013
Happy Birthday Big Brother!
Okay Big Brother. Here it goes again...
Thirty two years ago, an angel was born,
Christopher Andrew Mullinix was his name,
To Carol Lynne Bailey and Nathan Andrew Mullinix,
You were brought into this crazy game.
The game of life is always rocky and
the rules don't always seem fair,
But Big Brother, fair or not
You stood your ground everywhere.
In every photogra
Posted by genevieve waits on March 1, 2013
Hey bae...I had a dream of u and it felt so good. I miss u soo much and love u even more. U are a special soul and I can't wait till I see u ya
Posted by Mandy Mullinix on July 5, 2012
Christopher Andrew Mullinix: My Best Friend, My Husband, The Father of My Child. You My Dear were at one time all those things to me and now you are no longer here with me. Not another moment to become a new memory so I hold on tightly to all the ones I was so blessed to have received. You will forever be in my heart and my love shall never leave you.
Posted by carol bailey on June 6, 2012
hey this is trinity and grandma we had a big convo inside the car earlier about you! and lut me say one thing you were truly loved by both of us their is not one day we go by and not think about you you were a amazing father and the best son! we cant even believe your gone! we love and miss you very much i hope you are doin good:)
Posted by Kimberly Moore on February 28, 2012
Hey big brother. I was thinking of you today, well i do everyday, and thought I would tell you hey and I love you and miss you and will always. You will always be a part of my life. One day, we will be together again and we will never be separated again after that. Until then please keep watching over everyone and showing us you love and support. I love you and miss you always.
Posted by tiffaney mullinix on February 21, 2012
i miss you chris so much and i love you and im going crazy here without you and you visit me in my dreams almost every night i love you and i cant wait to come home in heaven and so i can see you
Posted by Trinity Mullinix on January 15, 2012
Dad i never have missied u soooo much like i do now i love you
Posted by Trinity Mullinix on December 14, 2011
i love you and always will you will always be in my heart
Posted by carol bailey on December 14, 2011
Hi son! You know I could go on forever leaving comments and tributes for you. You know having you was the greatest pleasure of my life. My first born son, my love for you has always been so immense. I have still not been able to except this and probably never will, but know that I love and miss you more than anything in this world, and you are in my every thought and prayer-mom
Posted by Victoria Hall on October 22, 2011
i miss you chris, you are missed so much but we all know that you are in a better place now. love you
Posted by tiffaney mullinix on October 14, 2011
I miss you so much chris and you mom and brother do as well we all wish you here with us still but we will all see you again
Posted by Jennifer Perkins on October 6, 2011
here for you if you needed anything.. But now you can rest in peace no more worrying about anything.. You are finally free for ever.. your mind body and soul.. RIP Chris I love you!
Posted by Jennifer Perkins on October 6, 2011
Even though over the years mine and Chris' relationship went its own way he has always been my cousin and always will be in life and death I love you so much.. It sucks we wasnt as close as we should of been but I wrote u from time to time and sent you pics to let u know I was
Posted by elisa couch on October 4, 2011
so many dear memories for me to sit and look back on. I only wish this was a dream and not our reality right now. Through the years I saw some of your greatest efforts in life. It's certain that you impacted my life and brought me many smiles. We will see each other again love u
Posted by Misty Mullinax on October 4, 2011
Chris, through all that life dealt to you, you handled it in strides. May you be free and at peace in the new life that you are now in. We will miss you dearly, but know that you are in a better place now. Love your cousin Misty
Posted by Justin Perkins on October 3, 2011
love you cousin chris just look down on the family time time rip you will never be forgotten
Posted by Amy Shreiner on October 3, 2011
Posted by kimberly moore on October 3, 2011
Hey big bro. i love u so much and i will miss u more than u ever thought. u had ur flaws and faults but u were a good brother and friend and father. rest in peace
Posted by Amy Shreiner on October 3, 2011
Chris,such a beautiful soul!Your life was too short.I will miss our talks.Even in your darkest days,you knew how to put a smile on all of our faces.I keep thinking who will pray for us now?While we sit in sadness you sit in glory,but we can all feel your love!You were the realist
Posted by Shelby Wright Hathcock on October 3, 2011
Are heavenly father needed an angle to help him watch over us. And that's why he decided take you on home way to soon. May you R.I.P Christopher you'll be greatly missed ! My thought's and prayer's are with your Family.
Posted by Kayla Baswell on October 3, 2011
Ima blessed to have been able to share time and space with a man as awesome as you, you have touched or hearts in a way we could have never ever explained, but we showed you in green c u when I get there, were always a angel in my eyes but now u got ur wings

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