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Christopher Raymond Orella
  • 25 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 31, 1987
  • Place of birth:
    Beverly, Massachusetts, United States
  • Date of passing: Jan 7, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Butler, New Jersey, United States
Let the memory of Christopher be with us forever

This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved son, Christopher Orella, 26, born on July 31, 1987 and passed away on January 7, 2013. We will remember him and love him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Rebecca Orella on 7th January 2018

"Amazing again how fast time is flying. Seems like I left you a birthday wish just last week! We were over at Aaron & Cait's house this evening to celebrate his daughter Sophie's 15th birthday.  She has fantastic hair!  It was a simple family dinner, with angel food cake for dessert, and I just kept thinking, how wonderful family is.  Where would we be without family?  We toasted the birthday girl, and then toasted family and friends who couldn't be there.  I think you would've enjoyed it. You're in my heart and on mind. Love you so much, Auntie Becca"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Orella on 31st July 2017

"Hello Chris,
Happy 30th!  It always amazes me how we think we have soooo much time to see people and be with them, and then in an instance, the option is no longer there. Every now and then, you make your presence known (the aroma of your cologne still lingers in the PT Cruiser...) and although I still miss you like crazy, I take comfort in the fact that you're in a better place, and your memory is still alive in the hearts of those who love you. And there are a LOT of us.  We had a birthday brunch for you yesterday with your Mom and Bob, the Queen Mum, and Jim and I.  We laughingly remembered the ride your Mom and I took with you in the PT Cruiser and we played the opera song set to techno music, and you and I were grooving to it, and she was trying so hard to get into it, but couldn't.  I guess its the little things that are icing on the cake - and the butter-cream frosting on your birthday cake was delicious!  Sure wish you were here to enjoy it with us.  We planted a purple star flower plant in our front garden in your memory. Hopefully I'm a better gardener than I was an aunt.  Somehow, I can still hear you saying, "it's ok Auntie Becca, I understand."  Sending you a big, big hug, and lots and lots of love. Sing with the angels, you wonderful man."

This tribute was added by Rebecca Orella on 7th January 2017

"Hey you, ;-)
Thank you SO much for watching over The Queen Mum during her back surgery on Thursday!  Someone told her you would be and she went into surgery smiling and unafraid.  I told her pictures of her backside would be all over the internet afterwards and she just laughed. She asked her Doc when she could drive again - and he told her as soon as she felt up to it!  She loves driving your PT Cruiser with a symphony - or Fleetwood Mac - blasting; a hat on and a scarf wrapped around her neck!  And we can still smell your cologne inside.  I have your blue lantern on the dinner table and its always lit for dinner. Oh, how I miss you.  Won't babble on - as you know I can, but just know I think of you a lot, and love you so very much. Auntie Becca"

This tribute was added by Melinda Simpson on 11th January 2016

"CHUBBY!!!!!!!  I know I talk to you all the time through other avenues and I think this is my first time using this sight..... anyway... I miss you. We have Sooo many amazing memories.... going back to age five, you were a pain in my tookey.... but you and I understood eachother. We loved each other but bicker ad siblings do.... you are truly missed every day by the whole family!!!!  Your presence is missed during the holidays.... and even though we know you're there in spirit, we're greedy and selfish and just want you back!!  Continue being a guardian angel to ava and cj. They miss their uncle ray ray.... after I wrote you on fb the other night, the next day we were reading books (the kids are learning how to read) and I asked cj to grab a book off the shelf to read.... and of all the many many books on the shelf (and not from the section I told him to choose from) he pulled down one of your books from when you were 8 years old... I know that cause you wrote your name and your age. Lol. CJ was giggling about it and thought it was funny for some reason.  Anyway... I'm hoping that was somehow your presence guiding him to take thay book because it brought your name up and we were able to think of you and laugh.  We love you always."

This tribute was added by Valerie Lippincott on 11th January 2016

"Hey Chris,
I was just scrolling through Facebook and you popped into my head. I miss seeing your posts, and the occasional chat. Hey, remember my one birthday party and how you gitvthr bloody nose? Something you always talked about and we'd laugh :) missing you.."

This tribute was added by Rebecca Orella on 10th January 2016

"Hello Chris - a good week!  I got my roots done! :-)  I asked you a long time ago what it was that made me look older than you, and you, rather embarrassed, said it was the lines on my face.  And back then, my roots were brown - not gray!  But I was sitting there in Sisters Salon, getting my monthly dose of trash via People magazine, and covertly eyeing my rather jowly cheeks and chin underneath the dye-streaked hair sticking out all over my head (very attractive!) and I thought, what a grand dame I'm becoming!  Lines and roots, et al.  Maybe your embarrassment all those years ago was not for yourself but for me, for not knowing it myself.  I miss you - though I know you're in a better place.  Thank you for talking to your Mom - I think she's now in a better place too.  Love you so much!"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Orella on 2nd August 2015

"Aaargh, Chris!  I'm 2 days late!!!  Must be a senior moment - I'm glad YOU think it's funny!!!!   LYMY, Auntie Becca"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Orella on 2nd August 2015

"Hi Chris - Happy Birthday, one day late.  We were up in Presque Isle, Maine for a wedding this past weekend.  It was so beautiful up there, with wide open skies, big, fluffy clouds, fields of wild flowers, green, green grass - and a potato farm every other mile.  Very tranquil, but I think I could hear you saying "too much white in the winter, Auntie Becca, and white is not your color."  (LOL)  Love you much!"

This tribute was added by Malini Frederick on 31st July 2015

"Dear Chris,
It's a sunny day outside but the world is a little less bright without you.  I hope you have peace, happiness, and joy today and every day.  I forgot to get sparkly blue but the candle I have burning right now for you has a purple "C" on it. Happy Birthday!

This tribute was added by Rebecca Orella on 7th January 2015

"Chris, you left us two years ago but you know you're still in our hearts.  But what I wouldn't give to see you roll your eyes at me that way you always did when I offered you some silly, unasked-for or embarrassing advice, the way absentee aunties are usually good at. I sure miss you.  Sigh."

This tribute was added by Malini Frederick on 6th January 2015

"Dear Chris,
I think of you so often that I can't believe I forgot my password to visit your memorial. I wanted to think of one I can remember so I combined your name with your mom's.it was so cold and bleak when we laid you to rest, as is today. So I am lighting a candle to remind me of your warmth and our family's love."

This tribute was added by Suzanne DeMillar on 6th August 2014

"I may be late for you birthday, Chris, but that doesn't mean I didn't think of it. You are always in my heart and thoughts - my first grandchild/grandson. You drove my car when you were driving for the first time, even as I drive yours now. It is both joyful and sad as I drive, but I feel your presence, singing with me the songs I know we both enjoy. I miss you and love you more with each passing moment."

This tribute was added by Rebecca Orella on 31st July 2014

"Happy Birthday, Chris! It's amazing how things happen and the world keeps on going. No rhyme or reason.  We're having Salisbury steak for dinner - how mundane is that?  I can hear you laughing.  I have a picture of you and me on my wall at work - your mom's 50th b'day, I'm holding a sword to your chin, we're both having good hair nights... I can remember it like it was yesterday. I love you and I'm holding you tight.  And I'm never letting go."

This tribute was added by Malini Frederick on 31st July 2014

"Happy 27th Birthday Chris! You are forever in my heart."

This tribute was added by Malini Frederick on 7th January 2014

"Chris, I remember how much fun Richard had with you.  I remember how bad I felt for him because he was born a half-generation early, and never had other kids to play with at family events. And then you were born! I remember visiting you after you moved to New Jersey and the sound of you two running around and laughing together and getting along so well despite the five year difference.  It was so sweet a sound to hear, and you brought him, as well as all of us, so much happiness during your much too brief stay on this planet."

This tribute was added by Suzanne DeMillar on 7th January 2014

"I light a candle for you today, but in truth, a candle will burn forever in my heart for the wonderful man named Chris. You blessed me with 25+ years and the memory of that time continues to inspire, even as I weep for your passing. But when I drive your car, I turn up the music and sing at the top of my lungs. Somehow I think you hear me and that makes me want to sing even louder,

This tribute was added by Malini Frederick on 28th November 2013

"Chris, I remember how I'd always complain to you about having to give up my blonde hair due to expense and the fact that everyone said I looked better with dark hair, which I don't like.  You always said, "Do what you want to do."  To me, that is what life is about, doing what makes you happy because life is so brief and time is a thief when you're undecided.  I try to spend my time being as happy as I can, with people who give out positive vibes. Your family gives me that vibe."

This tribute was added by tracey dion on 28th November 2013

"My first Thanksgiving without you by my side. Yet I know you are with me in spirit, how I wish I could feel your arms around me! I cherish all the memories and hold them so close to my heart! Always my son, my pride and joy. May God hold you in His tender arms. love you always and forever!"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Eckert on 1st August 2013

"We have such a past that it is hard to just speak of just one memory. I remember fighting with you over the top bunk in the motor home, staying up late and playing Nintendo in our room that was like 8x8. I remember filling out hundreds of postcards to try to win a Nickelodeon contest. Thank you for all the great memories- you are truly missed!"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Orella on 31st July 2013

"Happy Birthday Chris, wherever you are. We're having chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting tonight in your honor! Thank you so very much for the gift of a wonderful dream the other night. You were the cutest little baby and it was wonderful to hold you in my arms again. Even if it was a dream. Love you miss you, so much! Auntie Becca"

This tribute was added by Suzanne DeMillar on 31st July 2013

"Not a day passes without thinking about you. I drive your car with a reverence and great love for the wonderful, and so very special, grandson who once drove it. Your presence and the scent of your cologne still linger within it. They lift my spirit because I know that you are near. You were, you will always be my JOY. Missing you and loving you with all my heart. Grandma"

This tribute was added by Malini Frederick on 31st July 2013

"As the sun burns hot here on Cape Cod on this beautiful day, your birthday Chris, I think of the things I wish you could be here with me for that I must now forge ahead alone with because no one can ever take your place. Though they will not be as fun or happy without you, I know that you are here with me in spirit even though your physical presence is sorely missed."

This tribute was added by tracey dion on 31st July 2013

"Happy Birthday Chris!  You would have been 26 years old! I am celebrating your birthday anyway and will for the rest of my life!  I love you with all my heart and always will. I will always cherish the short time I had you in this life and I await the time we can be together again. My son, my joy. love always and forever - mom xoxo"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Orella on 18th April 2013

"Not too long ago I said to Chris, "I feel so bad to have missed out on so much of your life."  And he looked right into my eyes with love, and smiled, and said "It's OK Auntie Becca, I understand.  It's OK.""

This tribute was added by Suzanne DeMillar on 9th April 2013

"Chris is my first grandson. I say 'is' because I have to think about him in the present; it is too difficult for me to think of him in the past tense. He was born at a critical time in my life, bringing me an unexpected joy. I was always Granma to him when he was a child since he usual left out the 'd' on his cards, so that became the special spelling and bond between us. He was-he is joy."

This tribute was added by Malini Frederick on 7th April 2013

"Whenever I have spoken about Chris to people outside of the family, I have always said, 'My nephew Chris.'  I never did this on purpose-it just comes out that way naturally.  Chris will always be my other nephew."

This tribute was added by tracey dion on 7th April 2013

"Three months ago you left me, and not a second goes by that I do not think about you. I miss you so very very much.  Your smile, your laughter, your company.  Oh how I wish you were here! Love always and for ever -"

This tribute was added by Indrani Frederick on 15th March 2013

"It is Tracey's birthday today, and I can vaguely remember the day Chris was born.  She was in labor and having difficulty, and my mother kept calling to try to get news.  I remember praying.  All "The Aunts" and cousins were relieved when Mother and Child were reported OK!!  God Bless You, Chris. Stacy Kelly is right- Believe on Jesus. Chris, I hope we meet with Him someday in the clouds."

This tribute was added by stacy kelly on 25th February 2013

"I didn't know Christopher, but I want to share some words of encouragement with his friends and family. The bible holds out a promise for all of mankind, that is found at Revelation 21:3 &4. There Jehovah God promises to wipe out death forever, & pain, and to resurrect our loved ones back to earth by mean of Jesus. Please rest your hope to see Christopher again on that promise by Jehovah."

This tribute was added by tracey dion on 22nd February 2013

"For my dear son Chris,
How I miss you with every passing minute! Be at peace, be free! For all those who visists this site, please leave your thoughts, your memories, and photos so that we can always have this special place were we can come together and remember him always!"

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