Ebony Love

Shared by Kristima Kelley on April 27, 2019

I could never draw you for you are too perfect.

I could never forget you , to do so would be the loss of life

I could always count on a hug from you to make life feel less cruel

I would always smile filled with a joy when you flashed those pearly whites.

I always knew you are a star , so special the thought of loosening my grasp

I would gasp for air ,  share you with the world? Will they treat you like fine china ,

Or bubble wrap you with every move , will they appoint five trained guardsmen in the five directions to protect Our  Golden Child .

I reached to the heavens and saw from the sky the lights of heaven beam down

I felt the calm while seeing the fear , for this God I do not want , when he spoke

I understood although no verbal language was used . I cried , and I grieved and

I smiled when you looked at me , my love for you my son would not allow me to be silent so I talked in our family language, only sentences completed in our connected minds . You responded , yes mommy  I know , and to your sisters you used your smooth nature to put them at some amount of ease any your brothers will carry your spirit into manhood . Once life has started it will never be undone just like energy that is life  , it is transformed to the next where ever that be , it never dies  . Christopher will live in your hearts forever .  That breeze that dries the tear falling from your face , that bird that keeps singing to get your attention , that giggle you hear when you know your doing something crazy but hilarious  , that  little voice that says mommy don’t cry is hugging you and his gigantic heart smile and wings flap and close around his family singing melodies from heaven , rain down on us 

To my friend , my sister Ebony  ( Kool Aid ) Miller l love you girl my prayers are with you and your family 


Shared by Ebony Miller on April 6, 2019

Everybody loved Chris he was magical in everyway

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