Shared by Andy Cooper on April 12, 2021
What sad news. Where do I start? 

We met you back in 93 in Antibes, many a drunken night with you Chris, Andrew, Leanne, Andy, me & many others. 

That was it for Leanne!! For 1/2 way round the world she couldn’t stop thinking about you. 

Then flying out of Antartica, leaving the boat & her guitar behind to be with you. - well was suppose to be a holiday but...

Took us a couple of years to catch up with you guys in Cairns shipyard & return the guitar. 
But it came back!
As did Leanne when she jumped ship & returned to Maupiti for a time.
Where you both then confirmed you couldn’t be without each other. 

Spending time with you and family while you were in Brisbane was an extra bonus. Tayla & Morgan were inseparable. 

Staying with you guys in N. Z. was fantastic. 

So many happy, fun memories. 

Thankyou for being in our lives. 

Andy Kathy & Morgan

Shared by Tiggy Ski on April 9, 2021
There is nobody on earth I would rather scrub decks and talk shit with than you Chops, you were the most authentic, kindest, hard working, funniest, lovable goofball to be around. 
I knew you from the very beginning of you and Leanne and I got to watch your beautiful family grow. Those times in your home babysitting Little T and helping out when the twins were born and the time I showed up on your doorstep with my belongings in trash bags (another story) you and leanne always made me feel like part of your family.
Every moment we shared over our 26 years friendship I will treasure forever XO


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