Posted by Akin Johnson on January 27, 2018
I am sorry I was unable to thank you after leaving King’s College in 1983. I am exceedingly grateful for the impact you made in my life, you decided to take me under your wing when you saw me struggling with chemistry and took time to teach me for FREE. You were an outstanding and generous individual and will never be forgotten. You will be very proud of me

Thank you Mr Onuba.
Akin Walter-Johnson III
Chicago, Illinois
Posted by Nnenna Onuba on November 19, 2017
Dad, can't believe it's been a whole year already. There are still too many pauses filled with thoughts of you, the whatifs, coulda woulda shouldas... I try not to miss you but in the end I still always do... Anyway, thanks for the reminder that I only get one chance at life and I know that as I embark on this adventure I promised myself, you continue to watch over me. You remain forever with us, your loved ones x
Posted by uche Arinze-Nwosu on November 18, 2017
My dearest and darling Uncle, may your kind, generous, caring and hospitable soul continue to rest in the Lord's bosom. You will eternally be missed. Sleep on till we meet on the last day.Your memories lives on!!!!!
Posted by Ogonna Ihejirika on November 17, 2017
Daddy I cant believe its already a year since you passed. I am holding up but it's the little things you always did so selflessly I miss the most - the calls, text messages, the rides to and fro the airport... Just knowing you were there... I love you and will keep making you proud.
Posted by Oluchi Richard on January 6, 2017
Zinny your dad lived a good life, he loved God and he made great impacts in the lives of many people. am sure he is with God already. i pray for you and your family, for God's grace and fortitude to bear this great loss.
Posted by Aijay Egwuatu on January 6, 2017
Dear Uncle,
Short of words is an understatement, but thank you for being your humble self. U hv being a great blessing to me, for i Learnt a lot just from watching u. Rest in eternal peace. U will b sorely missed.....
Posted by Isaac Akintola on December 14, 2016
Our beloved Sir Chukwudi Clifford Onuba (aka Kweshi) was born on the 25th August 1948 at Akamili Umudim Nnewi. He attended Anglican grammar School Oraukwu (1970 set). He attended University of Nigeria Nsukka, where he graduated in Chemistry in 1976. He served meritoriously at Kings College, Lagos and Ministry of Science and Technology, Abuja
Sir C C Onuba was a devout, committed and dedicated Christian, who worshipped and served the Lord at All Saints’ Church Wuse. At All saints’, he was a dedicated member of Torch Bearers’ Society and Men’s Fellowship. We knew him as someone with exemplary characters of gentleness, caring, loving and all round humility. He is a faithful Christian, always striving to render his best services to the society and the Church. We knew him as an upright man. Sir C C Onuba had always endeavoured to extend care to the needy and a positive influence to everyone around him especially members of the Church and Torch Bearers’ Society. He had shown serious commitment in serving God and humanity. His legacies will live in our hearts for a long time. He was always ensuring the spiritual growth of members. He is an outstanding Bible teacher.
Our brother Sir C C Onuba was married to his lovely wife Lady Ebele Onuba. The marriage is blessed with five children namely: Nnenna, Chinelo, Ogonna, Ugonna and Ezinne. They are all achievers in their various fields of endeavours.
To lady Ebele and the children what can we say, but to thank you for being a Christian wife and children in words and deeds. You all did what is humanly possible to do, in ensuring your dearly husband and father lived longer. We pray the mercies and protection of the Almighty God continue to envelope you all in Jesus Name. Amen
Sir C C Onuba your unflinching faith in God was total, but your death has reminded us that as mortals we shall one day be called by our creator.
While we are grieved at this sudden departure, we take solace in the fact that you have lived a very fruitful life and ran a good race. We pray the Good Lord grant you eternal life where you will rest peacefully and perfectly with Him in Jesus Name. Amen
Adieu Sir C C Onuba until we meet to part no more.
Engr. Isaac Y Akintola                                                                    President Torch Bearers’ Society
Posted by Isaac Akintola on December 14, 2016
Lady Ebele Onuba
Sahara Homes,
Lokogoma, Abuja, FCT


With deep sense of loss but with gratitude to God Almighty for a life well spent, the entire member of Torch Bearers' Society wish to commiserate with you and the entire Sir C C Onuba's family on the passing unto glory of your beloved husband.

Sir Chukwudi Clifford Onuba was before his death a strong and dedicated member of Torch Bearers' Society of All Saints' Church, Wuse, Abuja. He was a father who always show love to others. Always willing to give out and always willing to give his best.

While we are grieved by this sudden departure of our beloved Chemistry and Bible teacher, we take solace in the fact that Sir Chukwudi C. Onuba left legacies which is difficult to be equalled.

We as family of All Saints' Church, Wuse and Torch Bearers' Society join you and all other well meaning sympathizers in praying for the repose of his soul and for God to grant the family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Amen


Posted by Victor Okwunna Agina on December 11, 2016
To a great man who lived a life of honour and peace. Rest in the grace of our Lord and Saviour. You have been a wonderful Uncle, Friend and Confidant. Truly, you would be loved and remembered everyday.
O death where is thy sting!
Posted by Isaac Akintola on December 6, 2016
On behalf of Engr. Akintola's family, we wish to express our heartfelt sympathy and sincere condolences on the passing unto glory of our father, brother and friend Sir C. C. Onuba.
This sudden departure is so painful even at this time that we need more of your caring, hospitality, teaching and love.
Oh!!! your contributions to the society cannot be forgotten in a hurry. In fact you have left an indelible mark in the sound of time. Your simplicity and benevolence nature is worthy of emulation.
While we are grieved by the sudden departure, we take solace in the fact that you have lived a very fruitful life considering your service and dedication to God and humanity. You have been exceptional in character and conduct.
The Akintola's family love you so dearly but God loves you more. Beloved, adieu!!!. We pray that your gentle soul rest peacefully with the Lord in Jesus Name. Amen
Posted by uche Arinze-Nwosu on December 4, 2016
I am deeply saddened by the news of your death. You lived a very worthy life and I strongly believe that you are resting in the Lord’s bosom.
You were a great man with a very large heart who invested so much in humanity. Your hospitality, benevolence and generosity is very rare. While living with you at Abuja during my National Youth Service and beyond, I had the opportunity to learn about life and living from you. You believed in hard work, sound education, helping others whenever and wherever possible and mostly in God as the author of your faith. You were a jolly good fellow yet a strict disciplinarian. Your home at a time was like a guest house for most Nnewi people who came to Abuja for one business or the other. You were always at peace with everyone and always lending a helping hand. Always optimistic and seeing the good side of everything no matter how dim the light might be. A devoted Torch Bearer and a gallant Knight of St. Christopher, sleep on where there is no pain or worries.
Your God daughter Nodebe is so heartbroken at the news of your death. She said mum but he promised me on the phone that he was going to be fine and back on his feet again. I could only tell her that you have gone to be with the Lord in heaven.
You always have a balanced disposition about life and have written your name in the sands of time. You will forever be missed by all who crossed your path.
In the words of Joyce Cary, she said; “I look upon life as a gift from God, I did nothing to earn it, now that time has come to give it back, I have no right to complain”. May we all take consolation in the fact that he has found eternal peace and rest.
We all love you but God loves you most.
Rest in Peace my dear Nwadiana and Nnaochie.
Lady Uche Arinze-Nwosu
(Nee Sir Sam Amanambu)
Posted by Amaka Nwankwo on December 1, 2016
A short tribute to a dearest brother, you left so soon but the impact you made in the life of people are great , helped lots of youth secure employment , always assisting in any way you could, you made everyone that came close to you feel at home, you will be forever missed, but am assured you are resting well in d bosom of Christ, keep resting bro Kweshi till we meet to part no more. RIP
Posted by Ojapinwa Ernie on November 25, 2016
Zizi, Chinelo and the rest of the family. i offer all my condolence wishes for the loss of your dad. I pray that the Lord will give you the strength and wisdom to cope with the loss. Also remember that this is a transition to glory.  " die is to gain" Philippians 1:21
Posted by Rufus Enemchukwu on November 24, 2016
It is so sad that Sir C C ONUBA should die at this time, but we take solace in the Lord who gave and who has taken. Let His name be praised forever Amen. Rest in perfect peace Sir Kwechi Amen .
Posted by Tom-George Erefaa on November 24, 2016
Thank you sir for your Love, Hospitality, Discipline, and General Care and Concern towards me.

Do rest in The Lord's Bossom.

Ugo my Brother, Floreat!!!!!
Posted by Chinyere Enyi on November 24, 2016
Zinny, I never met your dad but I remember you telling me a lot about him during our gists. I was shocked to hear about his demise this morning. I want you to bear solace in the fact that your dad has only gained mileage ahead of us , to be with our maker. Please accept my deepest sympathy and I pray that God gives you and your family the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Posted by Chinyere Enyi on November 24, 2016
Zinny, I never met your dad but I remember you telling me a lot about him during our gists. I was shocked to hear about his demise this morning. I want you to bear solace in the fact that your dad has only gained mileage ahead of us , to be with our maker. Please accept my deepest sympathy and I pray that God gives you and your family the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Posted by Chukwudi Nwabuisiaku on November 23, 2016
My brother, my friend, a Torch Bearer, my name sake, I could hardly believe death could come knocking at your door now, but God whose you are and whom you believed in knows better. I'll surely miss you Sir C C Onuba. RIP.
Posted by Tony Youdeowei on November 23, 2016
Mr Onuba was without a doubt my all time favourite teacher in Kings College Lagos.
I will never forget the way he pronounced the chemical name for H2SO4
He brought Chemistry to life in more ways than one
CC Onuba - a truly special man.
Posted by Emeka Mojekwu on November 23, 2016
Mrs. Onuba
Sahara Homes,
Lokogoma, Abuja, FCT.

Dear Madam,

On behalf of Mojekwu family, I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your husband – Sir Chukwudi Clifford Onuba especially at this time you needed him most. We are sending you our sincerest condolences and know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

We were deeply saddened when we heard the news of your husband’s death. There are no words that can take away the pain in your heart, but know that we are always here for you and praying for you.

Our warmest condolences to you and your family. We will greatly miss Sir C.C Onuba. May God’s Grace give you strength during this difficult time. We pray that your heart and soul will find peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Thank you.

Emeka Mojekwu
NCC, Abuja
Posted by OG Adaobi on November 23, 2016
Chinelo and Ogonna, I am so sorry to hear about your dad passing. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
Ogonna iwuora
Posted by Donald OSARUMWENSE on November 23, 2016
Hello Ugonna..
Please accept my condolences on the passing of your Dad..

You do not know me but I am one of many students who passed through the care of your Dad while in Kings College Lagos..

Please take heart to know that He left a positive mark on all of us whom he taught and I can say he contributed to my being a Surgeon today..

We will keep you and your family in our prayers..

Dr Donald Osarumwense

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