Posted by lindsey heckrath on June 19, 2018
Soon it will be 8 years since you went away....still feels like yesterday.
Always missing you and thinking of the memories we shared. Forever in my you always... hope you taking good care of my brother.....
Posted by patrick percival on November 2, 2015
Hi Clay, me again ...Dad .Happy birthday son.May the Lord's perpetual light shine apon you. Life without you has never been the same again.
I will always treasure the life we shared together. LOVE YOU.
Posted by patrick percival on July 30, 2015
Hi Son, Yes what can i say. 5 years ago i shed tears when the Lord called you home.Today i did the same feeling a bit down and lost without you.BUT my faith has held me together and knowing that one day when the Lord calls me home ,you will be there to welcome me into His Kingdom. RIP love you always !!
Posted by Kouthar Khan on July 30, 2015
Hey Cuz almost 5 years is such a long time yet is seems like just yesterday that we lost you forever, there is not a day that goes by that I do not miss you or think about you. I love you always mwah
Posted by CHERYL - MOMMY PERCIVAL on July 31, 2013
It’s 3 Long years already RIP MWAH!! Imagine if I was given one moment, just a single slice of my past. I would hold it close forever, and that moment would always last. There are moments I can think of, that would lift my spirits everytime. The moments when you picked me up, or just teased me with your smile.
Posted by patrick percival on July 31, 2013
Hi Clay, Dad here !
Yes its 3yrs gone by since we spoke and enjoyed your sisters birthday.
But, you are still close and deep in my heart and mind as if you are still alive ,just on a long holiday and i know we will meet again.I have felt ur presence many times.RIP my son im OK ! Love U Forever ..................
Posted by Kouthar Khan on July 30, 2013
Hey Cuz

Words cannot decribe how much I miss you everyday, I know you are doing great and that you are watching down on us how I wish you were still her but God had other plans for you, may your soul rest in peace love you so muchxxxx
Posted by CHERYL - MOMMY PERCIVAL on February 25, 2013
They say it takes a minute
To find a special person,
An hour to appreciate them,
A day to love them,
But then an entire lifetime
To forget them

In the air and wind,
I feel your strong embrace,
And your kisses from butterflies
that land on my face,
I see your smile in the beams of the sun,
The twinkle of your eyes now shines in Eden,
And I hear your laugh in the lyrics of song,
Posted by lindsey heckrath on February 22, 2013
It's been a while.... I miss you in soooo many ways...I miss the things we used to say and do and when I do recall the old times it's then when I miss you most of all.... Still so unreal.... Miss you cuz! Luv u always, always on my mind 24-7! xoxox
Posted by lindsey heckrath on November 2, 2012
As I opened my eyes this morning
I looked to the heavens above,
I whispered, 'Happy Birthday, Clayton,
And sent you all my love.
I cannot send a birthday card,
Your hand I cannot touch,
But God will take my greetings
To the one I love so much.
Just twenty seven flowers in our bouquet,
Just twenty seven years you'd be today.
It broke my heart to lose you,
Tears of love will never wake yo
Posted by lindsey heckrath on September 28, 2012
A heart of gold stopped beating,
Two smiling eyes closed to rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best!!LOVE AND MISS YOU ALWAYS!!!RIP
Posted by lindsey heckrath on September 28, 2012
A million times we've needed you,
A million times we've cried.
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died.
If all the world was ours to give,
We would give it yes, and more,
To see you coming up the steps,
And walking through the door.
To hear your voice and see your smile,
To sit and talk a while,
To be with you that same old way,
Would be our fondest day.
A heart o
Posted by CHERYL - MOMMY PERCIVAL on July 30, 2012
2 LONG years !!! We think of you in silence. We remember how you look. Now all we have is memories. And your pictures in a book.
A light from our household is gone, A voice from our lives are stilled,
A vacant place in our lives & home, Which never can be filled. RIPxxx MWah!!
Posted by patrick percival on July 30, 2012
Hey Clayton, Dad here !
2 years ago my heart was totally shattered with grief, but now i know God is taking care of you which gives me Hope as he put the puzzle together and made me strong.Death is not the end because your sprit lives on in everybody's hearts and minds.U are always with me every day of my life ! RIP KING CLAY, Love Dad
Posted by lindsey heckrath on July 11, 2012
Still missing you soooooo much! I still lay awake at night and think of you...wondering how life would of been now that most of us are married! Life is so unfair!!! Looking at your pics just brings back sooooo much wonderful memories that will be kept close to my heart forever! It's still so unreal!RIP my cousin, your are missed dearly! Love you always xoxox
Posted by CHERYL - MOMMY PERCIVAL on February 21, 2012
PART II - I close my eyes & visualise that "Colgate" smile to get some comfort. RIP - xxx MWAH!! xxx
Posted by CHERYL - MOMMY PERCIVAL on February 21, 2012
They say "Love makes the world go round", but thinking of you & missing you makes my World go Round. Missing you & cherrishing all I remember about you, makes my days easy. It's just the longing to touch & see you that becomes more & more unbearable. I love you so, so much & will always miss you. When we meet again, I'm sure we'll be given the time to catch up on all the hugs & kisses.
Posted by CHERYL - MOMMY PERCIVAL on February 20, 2012
It's just so sad that there is never answers from you to our messages. I visualise all the answers you would have to them though. The longing just never gets easier. We all still miss u stax .. Nothing seems the same anymore. It's just not complete. Going to Linsey on Sunday to spend time with family. Sure will miss u there "Huge Hug" xxxxxxx
Posted by patrick percival on February 20, 2012
Hi Clay,
I havent spoken to you for a while.Dont worry i will never forget you.My prayers to the Lord is that perpetual light shine apon you everyday.
We all know that you visit regularly to watch over us.
RIP my boy ! Daddy will always love you & carry the fond memories in my heart and mind until we meet again, Love
Posted by CHERYL - MOMMY PERCIVAL on February 20, 2012
Good morning Clayton, my son. Went to Dennehof on Saturday, but with many mixed emotions. There was just too many memories that came flashing & flooding. Little Clayton was with & was very peaceful. Gill & Dad was visibly emotional, & even shed some tears. Sleep well my son ... Till we meet again ... RIP!! Mwah!
Posted by CHERYL - MOMMY PERCIVAL on February 17, 2012
"Hallo my son! Missing you so much (More than ever - these past few weeks). I just wish you could share in your namesake's life in person. Although you're not physically around, we all know that you're always watching over us - especially "little" Clayton. He really is a blessing & a light in our lives. Missing you stax - Hugs to you - RIP - MWAH!!!"
Posted by lindsey heckrath on February 16, 2012
Hey Clay…. It’s been a while since I visited this site
I dreamt about you last night…”dreamt you asked me to mix you some oros”
How weird is that? LOL…. Still missing you so so very much! Love and miss u xxx
Posted by patrick percival on November 2, 2011
Hi Clayton !
How i wish i could give you a huge hug & kiss King !!
I pray that the Lord continue to shine his perpetual light on U
and that Ur soul rest in peace.Dont worry Mom & I -ok !
C u in the next LIFE and enjoy Gods KINGDOM-MajorDADxxxx
Posted by Kouthar Khan on November 2, 2011
Hey Cuz happy bday we really miss you stax we would have probably been making plans for weekend now love and miss you stax mwah Cindy
Posted by lindsey heckrath on November 2, 2011
Wow Clay! It's that time again! 26 many msges flooded on were truly loved by all and especially your family! hope you having a party up there with ma and pa xxx Happy birthday! RIP
Love and miss you always ***big hug***
Posted by Angela Thompson on November 2, 2011
Happy birthday my angel. I just wish it could've been in person. I remember so clearly 26 years ago......... Miss and love you lots. RIP

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