Posted by temitope sawyerr on May 12, 2021
Tribute to Mama Adeniyi!!!                   

Being neighbours with Mama's daughter, Dr. Mrs. Cole, allowed us to be close to her, especially my mum, who Dr. Cole called on while mama passed. Sisi Mama (as my dad fondly called her) was an easy-going woman, very fashionable with her lovely dresses and fascinators.

Being a teacher made it easy for her to engage people in history and life experiences. Grandma Adeniyi lived a good life, and I pray her soul continues to rest in peace. Adieu, Mama! We are missing you already!
 - Tope Sawyerr. For the Olabirans.
Posted by ABIODUN AWUJOOLA on May 10, 2021
Mama C. O. Adeniyi was very thorough with us. She was an exemplary teacher who taught us Mathematics and Needlework in form 1, 1973. She was our outstanding House Mistress. She was also our Choirmaster emeritus because we learnt many songs from our SONGS OF PRAISE, COMMON PRAYER BOOK & YORUBA HYMN BOOK. We also learnt many Bible passages which was taught religiously to form & shape our lives today. Among them Philippians 4;8 finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is anything praiseworthy-- meditate on these things. With fond memories, may our Father God grant her eternal rest.
Posted by Akin Andrew Akinola on May 7, 2021
I met Mama in 1979 through my Teacher & Godmother, Mrs Odunlami, who took me to meet Mama, and Papa Bishop Adeniyi @ Bishop’s Court; the result was my admission into Ogun Poly then.

Fast forward two years ago, when I met Mama again, in Lagos this time, in the company of Igbayilola and her husband Tope.

Mama, people like me are testament to how well you lived, the lives you touched and confirmation that you left the world a better place than you met it. Thank you for living such a life of impact.

Your job is done Mama, rest on in the bosom of your maker, till Christ comes.
Posted by BABAJIDE PUDDICOMBE on May 4, 2021
I met Great-Grandma about 10yrs ago when she moved into her daughter's apartment. Dr Mrs Bimbo Cole her daughter has been my neighbour for a little over 30yrs. Great-Grandma was a very quiet personality. She was endowed with very good health for she seldom fell sick. On the very few occasions (I can count these on the fingers of a hand with a leftover) that she fell sick, I had the honour and privilege of attending to her. They were minor Health Challenges.
The Steadfast Musical Group, a group of young musically talented professional men and women mainly of Methodist faith. Normally join me in Marking my Birthday with some melodious musical displaysa 30th December every year. This was how I got to know that we shared the same Birthday as she joined us on one of such occasions and had been very constant ever since.
In the early hours of Sunday 7th March 2021 when I got an emergency call from her daughter to see her, I rushed there with my Kit as usual. Alas, It was rather too late as Great-Grandma had peaceful joined the Saints Triumphant in her sleep. What a Peaceful Transition to Glory. 
I will miss her company when next the Steadfast Band comes visiting and her ever constant Birthday Present.
Eternal Rest Grant her O LORD.

Sir Dr J B Puddicombe Medical Advisor Emeritus
Methodist Church Nigeria
Posted by Olubunmi Odunlami on May 3, 2021
I met mama when I married into the family of the late Justice Odunlami. She and my mother in-law were quite close and incidentally it was her late husband, Papa Bishop Jonathan Soremi Adeniyi that joined my husband and I on our wedding day. I got to know mama more closely due to her closeness with my mother in law and then I found out that she was even my relative on my own mother’s side; The Williams family.
Mama was a cheerful and caring woman. She will always seek for the better of others ahead of her own good. I also remember those fabulous hats of hers at every church service. She thrilled me anytime she eulogized my daughter Olubunmi with our family ‘oriki’!
She will surely be missed and never forgotten.
Sun re o mama Clementina Ojuolape Adeniyi.
Mrs Taiwo Odunlami.
Posted by Bode Akinbankole on May 3, 2021
“ Lives of great men and women all remind us that, we too can make our lives sublime and departing, leave behind us footprints on the sand of time” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Today, we join a host of people to celebrate the life of an extraordinary woman, a motivator, a teacher of old, who has become a metaphor for moral, religious and social relevance.
Mr Adetunji Williams got to the Principal apartment at Abeokuta Grammar School where he and other boys and girls began the secondary school under the watch keep of Mama and Papa Adeniyi.
Mr Williams in his tribute writes:
Clementina Ojuolape was born into the Williams family of Ijemo Agbadu, Abeokuta over 95 years ago.

She had her education in Lagos and became a teacher - Mathematics teacher.

She got married to a highly disciplined reverend gentleman, Rev.(later Bishop) J. S. Adeniyi who also was a teacher. They both worked at Sabongida - Ora Grammar School from where they went to the Abeokuta Grammar School.
At Abeokuta Grammar School, the husband stepped into the giant footsteps of the late and great Rev. I. O. Ransome - Kuti as the principal.

At Abeokuta Grammar School she was a teacher of mathematics, teaching algebra, geometry etc.

She was a great mentor, always making us realize that there's more to life than the joys of carefree attitude we all had as youths!

Amongst her philosophical quotations are: -

1) "You live your life in your heart; therefore be careful what you put in it. If you fill it up with hate, vengeance, malice and woes; "there would be NO space for joy, love, laughter and kindness and your heart will ROT away."

2) "Those who hate you DON'T win; unless you hate them in return. But then, you destroy yourself! Therefore, DON'T hate."

3) "When in peace, there's nothing that befits a man other than modesty; but when the cries and rumours of war get into our ears, then take we up the action of a tiger!"

4) That “since 1956 when I first met her up to Date, I am yet to come across anyone she has hurt or been bad to” SHE WAS THAT GOOD
The usual words of the husband sum everything up. i.e. "Go and do thou likewise."

Ladies and gentlemen, we hereby request you all to please
STOP, THINK and re-set "the clocks of life" in your hearts and CHANGE!

May the kind heart of Lape Adeniyi REST IN PEACE!

MR BODE AKIN-BANKOLE, a, member of Mama Adeniyi’s Apartment remembers those happy days as he writes: It all started early in 1956, my sister Chief (Mrs) Olabisi Akoni (Nee Bankole) introduced me to Mama Ojuolape Adeniyi’s Apartment in Abeokuta, I was to live with Mama Adeniyi, who was my sister’s Old Teacher at the Methodist Girl’s High School Yaba. When my sister first muted the idea to my parents, I was skeptical, because I had always lived with my parents and/ or close relations. On this sunny afternoon, we arrived at Mama Adeniyi’s place – I met some other boys and girls – the apartment seemed cosy and friendly – I could relate immediately with another boy- Mr Adetunji Williams and we became brothers, we lived as a family in Mama Adeniyi’s Apartment from 1956 to 1961- we gained admission to Abeokuta Grammar School in 1957 in class 1 and by God’s Grace passed out in 1961, the West African School Certificate Examination.
‘Mrs’, as we called her was a strict disciplarian, but a gentle loving mother- she taught us Algebra & Geometry in Classes I & II whenever you said anything wrong- she would twist your ears until those ears got hot and she would say- “ Emi o mo enia no ni egba, sugbon ti mo ba lo eti e wa gbadun ara e”.
As a mother she would recognize individual’s voice and attend to his/her needs, I remember this night after supper, I became hungry- and was echoing “ ebi npa mi o” all around the apartment, Mama heard and recognized my voice and called me to her room, found me some food to eat. At after 9pm that is the type of mother she was.
I thank God for her life, an excellent fulfilled years of longevity.
We salute the children, Mrs Bimbo Cole and her siblings for care given to mama until her Death. You have inherited a good legacy.
Omo rere a gbehin gbogbo wa o
God’s finger touched her ………………………………. and she slept.
May her Gentle soul rest in most perfect peace.


Posted by Archbishop Alfred Adewale... on May 3, 2021
I knew Mama from my days as the Catholic Bishop of Abeokuta as a woman who carried herself with the dignity of a person who recognises the goodness of God to her. She knew how to show "oyaya" in affirming others and was a delight to he with, the few occasions that I had the opportunity. My impression of mama was that of a woman of faith who stood solidly beside her husband in his calling to the priesthood. I didn't have the opportunity of knowing Baba Bishop Adeniyi personally but I could see that there was a virtuous woman who made his work easier. May the soul of Mama and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Eyin mama a tubo dara si o. Amin
Posted by IYABODE OMOLARA IBRAHEEM on May 3, 2021
There are three things that give you an Exit to heaven , Charity , love for humanity , a peace maker ,all these attributes you had. Mama May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amin
Posted by Del Bami on May 2, 2021
Mowo Oduru

Kudos to mama for the warm reception accorded I & other friends of Tope & Igbayi several times we met her. Thank God for her fulfilled life. May her departed soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Temitope Babayode on May 1, 2021
With gratitude and total praise to the Almighty , I celebrate the life of a truly great woman, school teacher emeritus, wife, mother, grand mother and grandmother Mrs Clementina Ojuolape Adeniyi. December 1925 -March 7th 2021 (95yrs) . We bless God for a good and remarkable life well spent.
Mama, your legacy of love and peaceful co-existence will be solely be missed and forever remembered. You were a rallying force for the entire family nuclear and extended and a great bridge builder and you inspired each and everyone of us. Your words of prayers and encouragement has helped us to become what we are all today.
I never recalled ,recounted, recollected or remembered any awkward moment with mama from my transition from being a stranger to the family till today when I am son of the family. Thank you ma for accepting me .Also you NEVER called me by my first name. You always called me ''Uncle T''. Thank you ma, you are greatly appreciated. Sun re O ''Hallo''. You will be greatly missed and may your beautiful soul rest in peace. Amen
Posted by OLUSOJI OLUWOLE on April 30, 2021
Mama Adeniyi was a well respected clergy wife who many, including our late mother looked up to for inspiration. As a member of the Seven Sisters, she joined other members in continued intercession and interest in the work of evangelism. Despite her age, she portrayed the perfect image of elegance and decency for others to emulate.
We commiserate with the entire family at this time and pray for the continued sweet repose of our dear mama.

The Children of Late Very Revd & Mrs. TAJ Oluwole
Posted by adeyemi adebare on April 30, 2021
This is coming from Mr Adeyemi Barry of Barry Jewelry.

Mama Adeniyi, was one of my great customers in 90s. She was nice and always advised and prayed for the success of my business. She brought her dear daughter, Dr Abimbola Cole into the line of my clientele, who still patronises my service till today.

Adieu mama, may your soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Faleke Mimololuwa Ayomide on April 30, 2021
This is coming from pastor Mrs Alaba Faleke.

She was there that day.
She did it in the greatest Way.
My wedding day was fun with her, as the "ALAGA IDURO"

Mom is such a good and one of the best mother in the world.
What else will I say.
In tears I write.
With smile I remember memories and time we 've spent together.

There is only one wish and prayer for a saint.
Grand ma! Continue resting in peace in the bossom of the Almighty God. 
Till we meet Again.

I love you grandma!
Posted by Olusegun Akinluyi on April 29, 2021
        Farewell to a true Gem

Our dear Mama,
I recall my first meeting with you at the Holy Trinity Grammar School, Sabongidda-Ora ( in 1952-3) and your warmth and dynamism as the wife of our revered foundation Principal ( then Reverend J.S. Adeniyi). You were a ‘mother’ to the students: your cheerful face always radiated calmness and serenity.
I further recall the fondness of my beloved parents ( Venerable and Mrs S.O. Akinluyi) for you and the expression of love on their faces, as they very affectionately referred to you as Ojuolape .
We were subsequently overjoyed, but not surprised, to receive news of your sterling unflinching support for your beloved husband at Abeokuta Grammar School; indeed , your joint contribution to the development of H.T.G.S. prompted the Old Boys to be actively represented at Papa’s burial ceremonies. You were a rare gem, bestowed upon him by God.
The modality and complementarity of your support for Papa in his multifarious tasks in Ora, Lagos and Abeokuta bring to mind the philosophy behind one of the songs he taught us as students:-
       Keep me shining Lord
       Keep me shining Lord
       In all I say or do;
       That the world may see
       Christ lives in me
       And learn to love Him too.
Mama, the decency and focussed upbringing of your daughter - Clementina Abimbola,(Dr. (Mrs.) Cole) is a testimony to your joint unidirectional, Christian parental approach.

‘Inter alia’, my wife and I will surely miss your cheerfulness during your kind visits to Unilag, your geniality and sense of humour when I respectfully called you ‘Lape Williams of Tokunbo Street’.
We thank God for your stewardship in God’s service.
Adieu Ma, matriarch of the Adeniyi family . May your soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our Lord, and may the manifold blessings and consolation of Jehovah rest upon the entire family. AMEN.

Ambassador ( Dr.) Emmanuel Olusegun
Akinluyi and Mrs Christine Akinluyi
Posted by Sola Ojeh on April 29, 2021
Mama ‘Mrs Adeniyi’ We salute your memory mostly as one of our late mom’s (Mama Mrs. C.O. Osisanya) sisters in the ‘Seven Sisters’ group from the early 70s. Along with the select other 5, Bishops’ and senior clergy wives, you all formed a close bond borne out of the church and your calling to the ministry along with your husbands. Like my mom, you were also an Ionian School Principal’s wife of the famed Ijebu-Òde and Abeokuta Grammar Schools respectively, thus also a school principal mom to my husband who attended Abeokuta Grammar school. You represented the Seven sisters at our wedding in 1977 also. We thank God for the long life He gave you and the blessings of the Lord. We do pray the Lord’s grace, mercy, comfort for the family you leave behind making Bimbo, my co ‘St Anne’s Girl’ a point of contact. We trust the Lord’s blessings on your legacy! Adieu Mama!
Ven Prof Clem & Mrs Sola Ojeh
Posted by Dupe Popoola on April 29, 2021
Mama was like my second mummy.She was my late mother's best friend that I knew.They were very close and they shared confidences.When my mum passed on many years ago mama remained loyal to her memory....she remained loyal to me,always there, caring and giving support.She was at every event I celebrated and with her humorous nature made every one present laugh when invited to give a speech.Mama was kind and generous.
0n my 50th birthday she was the first to phone me at 5..30 a.m to give her motherly blessings and God's assurance that all will continue to be well..
Mama had big infectious laughter each time she saw me laughingly calling me .Dups Dups  omo iya e
On her 95th birthday in Dec 2020 I called her from a 6hr difference time zone to wish her happy birthday,..With a strong voice she said Dups Dups .with big smiles she greeted me.,..That was our last encounter. Ourbest...
Thank you mama for being so loyal and so kind...Thank God for your good nature and thank you for being a mother in Israel..Adieu mama.
Posted by Adenrele Somorin on April 29, 2021
We thank the Almighty Father for a life well spent by our Mother Clementina Ojuolape Adeniyi. A loving mother indeed not only to her biological children but to all Bimbola's friends. Mama took us all as her children, always supportive and so proud of us at all times. I remember Mama fondly especially during my Ph.D graduation in 1990 when she came with the entourage of the then Chancellor of the University of Lagos- Late Chief Simeon Adebo. When my name was called and the citation was read, as I approached the dias to collect my scroll, I looked back and saw Mama upstanding, clapping & dancing all for me. As I came back, she hugged me so tightly, laughing and dancing with me for a short while. I bet everyone present would have thought "Lucky Mother, her daughter (which I am indeed) is graduating with a PhD". I am so delighted Bimbo had her Doctorate before Mama's departure. Thank you Lord.
Mum, we are comforted that you are resting in the bosom of the Lord because you have served diligently for a long time on earth in the Lord's vineyard. 
May your gentle & upright soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.
Posted by Subuola Owokoniran on April 28, 2021
Tribute to Mama Clementina Ojuolape Adeniyi. I thank God for live well spent in the vineyard of the Lord. You were a mother not only to your biological children but to their friends. A loving disciplinarian full of wisdom. I remember my late mom your name sake whenever I heard you name Ojuolape. May God grant you and all the departed eternal rest in his bosom amen, and keep and uphold the family in Jesus name amen
Posted by Iyabode Adebola Osanyinbi on April 28, 2021
Thank you lord for the life well spent of our dear mother fondly called 'MAMA' . A teacher and disciplinarian to the core, she hated lies and laziness with passion, she tutored and nurtured me , though her discipline was not palatable at that time. I didn't know she was investing in my future. Many of her lessons I found very useful today. My greatest joy was on her 90th birthday party, she took time to pray for me and encouraged me in the lord.
I am also glad and grateful to God for the grace bestowed on me as 'mama yard' this is an extension of mama's grace. Mama practically touched many lives especially the Adeniyi's dynasty of Egbaland. Let us also give our best and invest positively in lives, doing good to people that comes our way.
Adieu my mama Ojuolape Clementina Adeniyi , keep resting in the lord Rev 14:13.

Pst (Mrs) Iyabode Osanyinbi. Nee Adeniyi.(Akure).
Posted by elizabeth adenike Ajayi on April 28, 2021
A Tribute in Honour of our Mother Mrs. Clementina Ojuolape Adeniyi.

Anytime I saw mama the first thing that struck me was the peace she exuded. That peace was such a clear indication of a person who was in God's rest.
She always had a ready smile that lit up any room where she was present at any given time. When she speaks with you, you get the impression that you are all that matter as she gives you her total attention.
Mama, so elegant, always decently and impeccably attired, a true and worthy example of a vicar's wife and Christian mother.
We thank God for her beautiful and fulfilled life. While we would have loved her to remain here with us, we rejoice in the fact that she has returned home to reign forever with her Lord and King, Christ Jesus her saviour.
Sleep on Mama until the resurrection morn when we shall meet and there shall be no more parting, no more pains. Good night ma!
Posted by comfort aina on April 27, 2021
Mama , I thank God that you gave me Domestic training which remains useful since I got married YOU showered blessings on me during my engagement and they all came to pass 
i will not forget mama 's slogans in my days to all new comers INTO BQ apartment in ABEOKUTA GRAMMAR SCHOOL "BE QUICK " _ " YARA LON JE :
BE "
I cherish all that you taught me
Rest in the perfect peace till we meet to part no more 
Posted by Kate Delano on April 27, 2021
At 95 I give thanks and glory to God for the life of my aunt Mrs Clementina Adeniyi. I got to know auntie when my husband was appointed Deputy Registrar and later Chancellor of Egba Diocese and we started spending time in Abeokuta. Subsequently I learnt that we are related being of the same Seteolu-Pereira stock. I drew closer to her and saw her on our frequent stay in Abeokuta.
Auntie was a warm and caring person, an ardent Christian, well known in Abeokuta Anglican Communion Community for her generous spirit and friendship with late Mrs Abimbola Adebo, and late Mrs Oyin Akinyele. She was very fashionable. I join Bimbo and her siblings in celebrating the life of a faithful child of God and wish her eternal rest
Posted by Olusolape Ajibola on April 27, 2021
I encountered Mama Adeniyi personally in 1973 when I was freshly admitted into AGGS and my life never remained the same afterwards though Mama and Bishop have been very close friends of my parents and family (THE AKINTOLAS).
At the coronation of my uncle (Dr S.O.M. Adebola) as an Anglican Bishop,Mama played an unforgettable role that made the assumption of office easy for him.
Mama was one in a zillion. My own very best friend and destiny helper that I erroneously took for an enemy at the onset.
Thank you so very much indeed ma,may your sleep be sweet.
Posted by Adejumobi Macaulay on April 27, 2021


Mama, Mrs. Clementina Ojuolape Adeniyi was my Guardian for five years during my student days at Abeokuta Girls’ Grammar School.

My parents had very strong family relationship with Papa, Late Bishop Adeniyi, so Mama embraced me like her own daughter in our first encounter in 1961. Mama was loving, very accommodating, tolerant, but very strict-a hall mark of her Christian background.

Every exit from the Boarding House, was “home away from home”, for me.

Her cuisine was delightful, exotic and sumptious for me, a young girl getting out of the Lagos environment.

Mama was mother to all, including my brother, Bode Akin-Bankole, Bayo Akinde (now retired Bishop) and many others under her “wings”.

To those of us under her “wings” Mama was nicknamed (MRS).

Very elegantly dressed in English attires with hats to match, she was a typical Christian mother.

My five years at AGGS was very fulfilling with Mama inculcating in us Christian values and high moral standards, which today form the bedrock of my Christian life.

Papa, Late Bishop Adeniyi played a prominent role at my wedding in 1970, when he presided over the Marriage service.

I owe so much to the two of them. May Mama’s soul rest in peace.

Mrs. Olayemi Adesola-Macaulay
(nee Bankole)
Posted by Ebenezer Oladapo on April 27, 2021
Adieu! Mama.
Describing you in the past is one thing I find very difficult. You were an epitome of family values and sound morals. You were a rallying point for the larger Adeniyi family, bringing succor to all within the family. Indeed, heaven has gained a beautiful one.
Rest on in the bossom of your Lord till we meet to part no more.

Ibipeju Olufunke Adeniyi ( Bros Kode's wife)
Posted by Folashade Akindele on April 27, 2021
Mama's mother Ajayi Williams and my paternal grandmother Alayo Ogunbiyi were from the same parents Scotts and Martin's families of Lagos.
Mama and her siblings were very close to the Ogunbiyis of Ajishomo street,Lagos
She taught my mother Oriki Omo Aresa
At Mama's wedding,one of my junior sisters Olanrewaju was one of the brides maid among the large number present
My uncle Olusola Ogunbiyi aged 94 years died in Oct 2020
They visited one another regularly courtesy of Abimbola.
She was the Matriarch if Scotts Descendants (formerly of Victoria Street, Lagos now Nnamdi Azikiwe street)
Family meetings were held at her residence,where those present were treated to delicious meals and drinks.
At every Mama's outing Bimbo really transformed her into a (Take away) that beautifully dressed.
May the good Lord guard ,guide and bless the children with good health in Jesus name.
Mama Sunre!! Sunre!! !! Omo ARESA!!!

Folashade Akindele

Posted by Akinwande Martins on April 26, 2021
How do I put into a few short paragraphs a tribute to an Aunty/Cousin I have known for over seventy-five years. My family house in the 1940s was just across the street from hers in Tokunbo Street Lagos. 

"Sisi Party" as I and my younger siblings called her - the earliest party we attended was at her then family house, and so she and her two sisters became referred to by us as Sisi Party Agba for her older sister, Sisi Party Kekere for the younger one (late Mrs Abayomi) and she was simply Sisi Party.

She was a loving, doting big Aunty but firm when it came to discipline. I suppose that was why she became a teacher. She was well loved at Methodist Girls' High School, Yaba.

Later on in life when I was older I used to admire her sense of dressing - smart, stylish and elegant. She kept this to the end.

After her marriage to Bishop Adeniyi and had to move to Abeokuta I lost personal contact with her. On her return to Lagos after the death of her husband I saw a little more of her.

I shall miss her sweet, gentle smile, the way she recited our Oriki and the warmth she radiated to people around her. I thank God that she lived her last years in good health and happy surroundings. 

May God grant her eternal rest and continue to uphold the children and family members left behind. 

Yinka Adedoyin 

for Children of Rego Martins 

Posted by Iyabode Tobun on April 26, 2021
Mama lived a most fulfilled life .As the wife of late Papa Bishop Adeniyi, a Mother in Israel, she is a committed and deeply religious Christian of the Anglican faith ,that she impacted on Bimbo ,Gboyega,Igbayilolade and numerous Students under her tutelage . Mama is firm,strong ,courageous and a disciplinarian .Her Motherly love and care she extended to me and friends of Bimbo both near and far. Mama is fashionable, her dress sense and different fascinators on occasions,and the energy even in her old age is amazing.I didn’t know her 94th birthday at the end of Dec 2020 was parting gift. May her Soul Rest in Perfect Peace
Posted by Funmi Olopade on April 25, 2021
Our beloved Mama,
We thank God for a life well lived in service of God and Mankind. Thanks for being a loyal friend to my mother and for the enduring legacy of love for your many children including the entire Falusi children. We shall forever remember you for good and remain thankful to God for giving you a long healthy life. May your soul Rest In Peace
Posted by Bishop Odejide on April 24, 2021
    My dear maths teacher and my mama, I thanks God for the life He had given you to live .A life of love and services to God and humanity.You were an excellent wife to our lately loving papa,First Bishop of Egba Egbado Rt Revd J.S Adeniyi.An excellent loving mother to Bimbo and her siblings and to all of us who have passed through your tutelage.You are a woman of valour integrity and faithfulness to God .
  Mama!may your loving and gentle soul rest in perfect peace.may light perpectual shine on your soul forever in JESUS NAME Amen.
  Adieu mama !May God accept your soul.Amen.
                    Rt Revd J.Akin Odejide.
Rt Bishop of ifo Diocese.
(Anglican communion)

Posted by Princess Adebimpe on April 24, 2021
Mama Clementina Ojuola Adeniyi.... I will forever be grateful for your labour to add that indelible value to my life. You'll forever remain in my memories, sleep on till we meet again at the feel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!
Olori Olajumoke Ajoke Ponnle (Nee Lijadu)
Posted by Bolaji Valentina on April 23, 2021
"Grandma-Abeokuta" as I fondly call her, has gone to meet with her creator. She is a neat, jovial and caring person. I will miss her jokes. Mama Ojuolape Adeniyi was a disciplinarian, she takes no nonsense from anyone but she is fun to be with (no dull moment with her). You will be missed greatly.
Sleep in the Bossom of the Lord.
Sun re! Sun re!! Sun re!!!
Posted by Felix Ayo Norman-Williams on April 22, 2021
It is a great pleasure for me to give thanks to the Almighty for our dear Mama's life. A long and fulfilling life characterised with good health. I had a great opportunity of getting close to Mama about 35years ago. I had met Mama many years before this through my late grandmother as they both hailed from the popular Martins family. I had always admired her as a disciplinarian just like my late grandmother.
One thing I can never forget about Mama is the respect accorded many including me when addressing someone. Despite the fact that she was old enough to be my mother, she never called me by my name. Instead, she addressed me a "Omo Aresa".
Mama was very vast in the history of Aresa, descendants from Iseyin. She was fond of eulogising me anytime I visited her. She will be greatly missed not just by me but by all.
Sun re Omo Aresa. Aresa dudu l'egbon, pupa l'aburo. Omo Seni si epo l'ombi Iresa ninu. Wole o bu epo ni ya Mode lara.
Rest in peace Mama wa atata.
Posted by Dupe Hughes on April 21, 2021
Our mother Mrs Adeniyi was a good and well loved mother to her children and all.
I recall when Mama single handed the engagement ceremony of my niece years ago at Okun-Owa in Ijebu, of which the fruits of the marriage are doctor and computer analyst today.
A good and virtuous woman blessed with beautiful long life,I am rest assured that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord. RIP our quintessential Mama Yard.
Posted by Funlayo Sodipo on April 20, 2021
May Light perpetual from above
Shine upon our dearest one
Now joining the saints triumphant
Singing round about the throne.

Mama indeed lived a life well spent.
She had fought the good fight of faith.
Her rich legacies live on in the lives of her children especially Dr Bimbo Cole, my Iya Oko. We celebrate her in life and in death.
She will be sorely missed by all and sundry.
May her noble and beautiful soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Awo Babatunde on April 8, 2021
A great in peace mama rere
Posted by Dele-Funke AlomoOluwa on March 15, 2021
Mama was a very kind woman. A mother to all. She was very meticulous and pays attention to details. I remember her life lessons especially on “stooping to conquer’. She was a lover of children. As a family we always look forward to coming to Mummy Cole’s place for her birthday. We will miss Mama’s prayers and declarations of blessings over us. We pray that her soup will rest in perfect peace.

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