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Big Bear Mountain Ride

Shared by Melissa Waegner on March 7, 2021
Dear Cliffy and I have been friends for over 30 years. So many memories...We, and a really great group of folks, worked and played together. With our families ready for adventure, we went camping with homemade game creations by the Cliff master. He and I would prank each other on birthdays, holidays, you name it.  His best prank? Dipping my favorite pencil (eraser) head into a red inkpad and placing it back into my pencup holder. I came in to work and of course as was my habit, while using the pencil touched the eraser to my face all morning...I was later asked if I felt okay and someone gave me a mirror. Yep bright red semi-permanent spots!  I got him back with a confetti shower hooked to his keyboard. He was still finding that stuff a year later:-) Fun times!! One of the most memorable times was one year when he called and invited me to go on a motorcycle ride with him. I had sold my Honda Hawk earlier in the year so this was a real treat. I said yes, and with Debbie's blessing, we headed off to Big Bear Mountain. The ride had breathtaking views, beautiful weather, great munchie stops and Cliffy's friends were super nice! This day is one of the many special ones that I think back on with a smile and a grateful heart to have known such a great guy and to experience one of those "best day ever" times with him! Like I said so many memories...hanging out with him, Debbie, Steven and Christina, driving Comander Cody, playing volleyball and bowling, I could go on forever! Cliffy, I think of you often and fondly of such great times and fun we had.  I look forward to seeing you again one day.  Your bff always, M


Shared by Mary Eichler on February 24, 2021
I guess you would say I was an old friend and any stories I have were of Kip in his youth.  I am gonna to share tidbits of a few.   There were many trips to local auto junk yards, day and night (we were kids and yes mistakes were made) Jumping off the rocks/cliffs  plunging into the water below.  I remember him laughing at me one night, I was driving the Chevy SS Chevelle  and the exhaust came loose.  No way was I gonna show up with it like that so I went and got some brackets to fix it, and I did pretty well with the exception being I only had a short time to put it back together so I jumped right on it never thinking about it being hot, anyway a few burns later I was on my way, and when I told him how I burned my hands he laughed so hard, it was a good laugh, from the bottom of his belly.  Motorcycling to a picnic, me holding a watermelon while sitting on the back of the bike.  I remember Malcom, and how much he loved that dog.  The look on Kips face when Tim was having his hair permed, Island Dragway, the police car lights in his room, when the Daytona was stolen from the Willowbrook mall  and when he got what was left of it back and bringing it home, up rte 80 when all of a sudden the engine hood blew off soaring into the air and crashing down, that was a lucky day as it missed all the other cars.  Him driving the Daytona around the track in Ann Arbour Mich.  Seat belting Tina into the back seat of what ever car we drove because her safety was number one (mind you seat belts were not required by law yet)  I wanted to learn how to peel out  and he did not want to teach me, until Dom said "put it in neutral, rev it, up and drop it into gear"  His eyes getting wide and telling me to NEVER do that, and then his teaching me.  
Shared by Randy Opitz on February 22, 2021
I remember probably back in the70s I was working at a tire store that one day I road my motorcycle into work.  On my way into work my bike was giving me trouble I was able to make it in. I was planning to try to fix it after work.  To my surprise Cliff and Tim both came in which was the very first time they ever did.  I told them about the problem with my bike they looked at it and told me my throttle cable was getting stuck.  They offered to pick up a new cable and even installed it for me.  Wasn't that crazy Cliff you will always be remembered Tim you are the greatest. 

ATV Adventure

Shared by Steven Stone on February 20, 2021
One time my dad, Cliff, had the idea to ride along the tracks so that we could make our way to a scenic train trestle bridge.  We started early in the morning and took off from camp.  The flat lands quickly turned to a narrow path along the tracks as they wound through the mountains.  A couple hours into the journey my dad hit a railroad spike which pierced his rear tire.  At that point we decided to turn back.  The only way to keep the rim from shredding the flat tire was to keep the curve of the rim on top of the rail lines.  Since we were now moving very slow (and it was incredibly hot outside) my ATV decided to blow the radiator hose clean off spewing super heated water EVERYWHERE.  We found a couple half empty bottles and put the water in the bike and managed to limp back to camp.  With out a doubt, it was an incredible day!

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