his Life

cody and i

after a little bit i developed a crush on cody.and he felt the same way i guess,but i hid my feelings in fear of getting hurt or losing him.a few days before he died he kissed me and then i pulled away.he stormed off.when he asked me to ride i told him no and he got even more pissed.he died mad at me.i wish i could tell him how i really feel about him...i know its not much but its a start,i love you cody from the bottom of my heart.

my angel and my savior

when i was 11 years old,i went anerexic.cody noticed right off the bat.if cody wasnt there it would have been worse than it was.i didnt have many friends.i was the gothic freak everyone hated.i barely talked,i just hid my feelings from only friend.origanaly my brothers friend saved me from a  life of pain.he helped me get through my dislexia,my dad abandoning me,my mom remarrying,and the bullying from all the kids at school.he helped me find myself.he has recieved his angel wings,but i know hes watching over me,why?because hes my hero.

a mistake

i wish everyone  could meet someone as sweet as cody.i should have been the one on that bike. now me and cody faught some times. sadly, we argued the day of the crash.he wanted me to go ride with him. i told him no. he was so mad at me. he died so angry with me. i just want him to know...if i could go back in time,id get on the bike. id do every thing in my power to keep him off that bike. he got me through everything. anerexia,my dislexia,everything. and the one time he needed me, i wasnt there. i miss him so much.

blooming friendship

Me and Cody had a special connection.something drew me to him.Not a crush,more of a curiosity.he just loved to help people.even if others thought other wise there was nothing Cody loved more than his family.they made him the sweet angel he grew to be before he was granted his wings.his parents were saints to him and his brother,his protecter.cody was a gift to us,taken before his time.him nor his family or friends deserved what happened that summer day.all we know now is he'll be forever missed.

a dream

cody and i met as kids. we had nothing in common.he was my brothers friend.he became mine when my brother went to live with my dad.we used to ride dirt bikes together.thats where our friendship began.