From Colleen's parents Dianne & T

We welcomed our precious baby girl, Colleen Therese, on Thanksgiving Morning, 1968, the same birthday as her uncle Peter, a girl after 2 boys. Our hearts bursting with joy! By the time T parked the car at Sisters Hospital, she had arrived. Sister, Erin arrived 2 years later. Our family complete, we thought, until Colleen began bargaining for a pet. We tried gerbils, not so great. Then, we purchased Mr. “T”, a green parakeet. At age 5, Col was the only family member willing to clean and care for him, I would pay her $1 for catching him when he escaped.

But, Col really wanted a dog. So Snooper joined our family and was with us until she and Dan returned from their honeymoon.

Col loved learning but sports were big, too. She more than kept up with her big brothers Kevin & Tim and set an example for little sister, Erin. She played on a St. Barnabas softball team wit her aunt Melissa, a teenager, as her coach. Col was loved and cherished by the many Prorok’s (Mom’s family) and The McMahon’s (Dad’s family).

We were blessed with idyllic summers, spent at Pt. Chautauqua on Chautauqua Lake, Col’s entire summer life before marriage was spent there. She and Dan met while working at Chautauqua Institution, she as a waterfront counselor and Dan as sailing counselor along with her brother Tim. Kevin and Erin also worked there, all four McMahon’ at one time! Their wedding was at St. Mary’s in Mayville and reception at The Chautauqua Golf Course Club House in August of 1990.

Colleen attended St. Lawrence University, studying a J term in NYC on The Kirk Douglas theater scholarship, a memorable semester in Kenya, Africa and a semester at American University in DC, studying Conflict Resolution.

The young couple started their life together in Pittsburgh where Jackson & Emma were born, there, many good times were had with Dan’s family, the Coates. The McMahon’s were frequent travelers from Orchard Park to Pittsburgh and vice versa.

The family had many travel opportunities, living a year in Bangalore, India, among them.

Upon return in 2005, they moved to Pompano Beach.

T and I have been able to spend our winters in Ft. Lauderdale and therefore be with Colleen and her family, often.

Her continued effort to go forward and conquer, her warmth and spirit gave so much to so many.We cannot express how much we miss her, our precious girl.

Dianne & T