This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Colleen Stewart, 67, born on October 3, 1944 and passed away on October 12, 2011. We will remember her forever.

Please view video and photos of Colleen's funeral service and a photo tribute of Colleen's full life played at her funeral service.  See "Her Life" for links to view.


Posted by libby ellis on October 13, 2021
Colleen you are often in my thoughts.
Running memories last forever.
Posted by Caroline Stewart on October 26, 2018
So lovely to hear from you Libby! Thanks for the great memories of running hills with you and Mum! You are both such an inspiration. 
Love Caroline
Posted by libby ellis on October 13, 2018
Often in my thoughts
Posted by Caroline Stewart on October 12, 2017
The girls and I are enjoying memories and photos of our dear Mum and Umma today. So wish you could meet Colette Caia, but know you are watching over us. We love you, Caroline xo
Posted by Caroline Stewart on October 12, 2017
I miss you Umma. I wish you could meet Caia and see us now. We love you forever. 

Love Olivia Welch (age 11)
Posted by libby ellis on October 3, 2016
running memories last forever. Today fills me with sadness the anniversary of the day I lost a wonderful friend
Posted by Caroline Stewart on October 15, 2014
I found this beautiful letter written by Frankie, a few months ago, when she turned 7 and she wanted her Umma to know. A tribute from the heart by Francesca Welch, Colleen's granddaughter, aged 7.

Dear my beloved Umma,

I never wanted you to die. I wanted you to watch me grow up, learn to read and write, get older, turn 7 and be me.

Your were the kindest, most generous person I know,

Love from Frankie
Posted by Caroline Stewart on October 15, 2014
"To live in hearts we leave behind
Is not to die."

You live in our hearts every day, especially as we share our memories of you with Olivia and Frankie.  (I so wish you could see them now. They are truly awesome girls!) You are greatly missed in our lives. 

With love, Caroline, Seizo, Olivia (8) and Frankie (7)
Posted by Carol Yeager Meraz on October 12, 2014
Today Sam and I have been thinking about Colleen a lot, It just seens like yesterday when we were all together. Don, don;t forget that you have friends in Alamos, We would love to have you come visit again. Lots of love from us to you and your family.
Posted by Angie Wilson on November 19, 2013
So sorry to hear of Colleen's passing. Thoughts to Don and family x
Posted by Miki Welch on October 12, 2013
Thinking of you today along with many others who miss you. I know Olivia and Frankie will be thinking about their Umma a lot today. I'm sure you're watching over them from up in the sky.
Posted by Carol Yeager Meraz on October 8, 2013
" Colleen, we didn't have the pleasure of knowing you a long time, but didn't we have fun traveling together! You, Don, and Sam and I saw some pretty amazing things in Turkey, and Peru. I remember that it was difficult for me to keep up with the three of you!! We sincerely missed you when Don came back to visit us in Alamos." Don, we hope to see you again soon.
Posted by Marilynn Sebesta on October 3, 2013
Dear Olivia and Frankie's Umma - On your birthday I want you to know your beautiful daughter Caroline and your angel granddaughters, Olivia and Frankie, continue to share their love for you through vivid stories and tender thoughts. You will always be a blessed Mom and Grandmother and your spirit will forever shine brightly around them.
Posted by Leah Lenski on October 12, 2012
Dear's hard to believe that a year has passed since you
went to heaven.  You are truly misssed.  Everything about you was
so up.  I lost Alvin on June 12th two very special people have
left us with a hole in our hearts. Love to you and Don.
Posted by Lachlan Campbell on October 8, 2012
Colleen, your spirit and joie de vivre lives on in Caroline, Olivia & Frankie... we miss you. Love, Lach, Nina, Aria & Lucius
Posted by libby ellis on October 7, 2012
'Colleen, we shared a special bond, ran our first marathon together.
those early morning runs will stay with me forever and the feeling of truimph when we crossed the finish line. - we made it!!. Unto the next marthon, we were addicted. Colleen, I do hope that St Peter can arrange a marathon for you in heaven.. Colleen I miss you"
Posted by Caroline Stewart on October 4, 2012
We miss Mum even more on her birthday and upcoming one year anniversary of her passing. We wish she was here to celebrate her birthday and enjoy all the small everyday moments with us too. In the very wise words of her 6 year granddaughter Olivia "Don't be sad Mummy, Umma is with us all the time" and of her 5 year old granddaughter Frankie "Yeah, she is in my heart right now".  Caroline
Posted by Carol & Bill Dickinson on October 3, 2012
We miss the visits by Colleen and Don, both to Seattle and to Palm Springs, and think of them often. We also remember the three couple invasion by six Seattleites to Gold Coast in March 2002, and the great hospitality. Have everlasting peace.
Posted by Stella Holland on October 3, 2012
Wish you were here to celebrate your birthday Colleen. Missing the times we spent together. Always in our hearts.
Posted by Carinna Alighieri on October 3, 2012
Colleen, You fought so hard and wanted to live so badly! Such an example of strong woman! We are missing you, such a wonderful neighbor & friend always busy and occupied at the other side of our fence, walking by our homes every day and stopping to talk. We feel very blessed to have known you. Rest in paradise. Love.....Ur neighbors on Seaspray St P.Point QLD Australia.
Posted by Jan Rennie on October 3, 2012
thinking of you today on your birthday Col.. wishing you were still here and we were all going out to celebrate it together. Sending your family lots of love and thoughts today
Posted by martha white on January 29, 2012
It's with great fondness that I recall our trip to Alaska and the wonderful friendship that followed. Collen was warm,gracious,a good friend, devoted mother and wife. Not to mention carpenter ,plasterer, and painter. My love to all.
Marthava White
Posted by Carol Yeager Meraz on January 13, 2012
You were one of our favorite friends. In fact, you and Don were our  first house guests in our home in Alamos. We think of you every day and wish that we could have more visits and go on more trips with you. Don, please keep in touch. We love you.
Posted by Laura Nelson on January 9, 2012
Colleen, I will miss your enthusiasm and energy for life. I always appreciated your interest in our family and our plans. I salute you for your bravery in your fight against cancer. You never complained. We remember you with fondness.
Posted by Stella Holland on January 5, 2012
You were an inspiration in my life. Always so full of energy and so fit. Will miss you but never forget you. What a lovely person and friend. Only fond memories in my heart.
Posted by Leah Lenski on January 4, 2012
You were such a joy to meet and have in my life for the few years
I knew you. I will miss your happiness, laughter, especially your
wonderful energy. I wish for your family all the strength they can
muster at this time....until we all meet again.  Leah
Posted by Caroline Stewart on November 28, 2011
Thank you for the wonderful times you gave us while you were here with us. I wish you could be here to continue to share in our lives. Olivia and Frankie talk about their Umma often and they talk to the sky to tell her what is going on here. We all miss you so much."

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Posted by libby ellis on October 13, 2021
Colleen you are often in my thoughts.
Running memories last forever.
Posted by Caroline Stewart on October 26, 2018
So lovely to hear from you Libby! Thanks for the great memories of running hills with you and Mum! You are both such an inspiration. 
Love Caroline
Posted by libby ellis on October 13, 2018
Often in my thoughts
Recent stories

Meeting Colleen

Shared by Teresa Theaker on January 7, 2012

10 years ago I presented at a charity group Colleen was a member of known as View. Immediately after the presentation Colleen was the first up to say hi and ask many questions, as was her keen interest in everything health and fitness related!

She suggested she had a group of friends who did a fitness circuit together and needed a trainer to continue their progress....would I like to be their new trainer?

The next 10 years saw an amazing group of ladies, with Colleen always at the helm, offer me the privilage  of training them. Don would run by as Colleen and the group did their circuit training at Sandras house, sharing his healthy lifestyle and I am sure checking that Colleen wasn't going to be too fit that he may not keep up!!

Colleen and I shared many little stories about her beautiful Grandchildren and we had so much in common with my daughter Lana a similar age to her Grandchildren. 

I will always fondly remember Colleen and her zest for life and love that I have had her in my life,she will inspire me always when thinking of her and I know that Don, Caroline and Blair, along with great friends Margaret and Sandra will always cherish the many happy memories thay all have shared with this special lady..Colleen I will miss you xx  with love always, Teresa The Trainer 

Shared by Jan Rennie on January 4, 2012

I really miss the times we shared together.  Delicious dinners, at each others houses or at Gold coast restaurants, laughter and stories shared over a bottle of wine.  Time in the gym, catching up on family news.  Col you were always such an inspiration, always so fit and energetic.  You enjoyed life to the full, travelling, spending time with your family, renovating always busy. Everything you did you did with such enthusiasm and vigour. You loved being a wife a mother, and most of all a granny. It just seems so unfair that someone as fit and healthy as you should have got cancer.

I think of our times together and miss your smiling face.  Love Don and all the family