Let the memory of Colston be with us forever
  • 51 years old
  • Born on September 14, 1937 .
  • Passed away on August 3, 1989 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Colston Westbrook 51 years old , born on September 14, 1937 and passed away on August 3, 1989. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 15th September 2018
Colston. You went too soon, but you accomplished more than most people can ever dream of. I am sure you are doing well among all the angels.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 14th September 2018
Had he lived today (09/14/2018) would be Colston's 81st birthday, and I would be celebrating it with him because I loved (and still love) my brother very much. Coincidentally, this afternoon with great pride I told Medical Social Worker McCord several memorable things about Colston--not that speaking of him is unusual. I speak of Colston, Edward Cody (our brother), and Mitchell (my only offspring) often because there were and always will be my kin, my friends, and my heroes. Their pictures (along with other family members) adorn a wall of my study. Colston blessed my life and the lives of many others, and I thank God for those blessings.
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 4th August 2018
29 years seem like yesterday. Our children are adults and we have 5 grandchildren and 1 great grand daughter. You will never be forgotten. Your genes are everywhere. Smile.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 3rd August 2018
Today is the 29th anniversary of Colston's transition from mortal life to the spiritual life, and I miss him and will continue to do so until my own transition date arrives. I love both of my brothers (i.e. my heroes); but Colston and I lived in California in nearby cities, so our family ties grew stronger during the latter years. Colston loved teaching and he was great teacher, who spoke seven languages fluently. He was a proud father, a devoted husband, a faithful friend, an exceptional mentor, and a wonderful brother. After all of these years I still think and talk about him. God bless you, my dear brother!
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 24th June 2017
Colston, June 18th was Father's Day, and I am pleased that my caregiver, Teresa, and I were able to visit your grave and place flowers and a flag on it on June 17th. You are one of my respected heroes. I love and honor you, my brother. I know how deeply you loved Mary and your offspring, and I am proud of you and always will be. God bless you.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 14th September 2016
Today is Colston's birthday. I looked up at his picture on the wall of my study, focused on his sparkling eyes and his smiling face. "Happy Birthday, Colston, and God bless you always," I said. Colston was more than my brother; he was my friend, one of my key encouragers and mentors. I will always love and honor him.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 3rd August 2016
I thank God for every moment of the lives of all my beloved family members and friends who have passed from this world to the spiritual one. Colston's passing is particularly memorable to me because I was at the hospital when my honorable brother passed away. He, our oldest brother (Cody) and my son (Mitchell) were my heroes. I cherish their memories and trust that they are blessed to be in the presence of God.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 26th November 2015
It is Thanksgiving Day 2015. One of the greatest blessings God gave me was my brother, Colston. I love you, Brother!
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 23rd September 2015
If my computer hadn't crashed on September 11th, I would have acknowledged my brother's, Colston's, birthday on September 14th. However, Colston always has a place in my heart and memories because he was more than my brother. He was also a dear friend, an instructor, an encourager and an advisor to me. In short, I loved him and I will always love him.
Posted by Khalif Muhammad on 14th September 2015
Happy Birthday Colston!!! Thanks for leaving such great memories with me! Kip
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 4th August 2015
It is amazing that 26 years have passed since you went to be our heavenly father. God is wonderful to create us all to love, share each day, then one day a dear one leaves this world to another world with God. Twenty six years seem like yesterday. Time is relative indeed.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 3rd August 2015
Colston is always in my heart, and I remember and share things about him with other people because I loved him and I was very proud of my brother. My love for and pride in him have not changed and will not change. Colston, Cody (our brother), Eugene Mitchell Hill (our stepfather), Mitchell Martinez (my son), Rev. Eugene Farlow and Edward Barner were and remain my heroes. I thank God for these men.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 16th June 2015
Colston loved being a father and he loved and was very proud of all of his children. Granted, I usually visit my brother's grave and my son's grave every two weeks, but Father's Day is June 21st. I have arranged flower bouquets for both graves and I will take the bouquets to Rolling Hills Memorial Park this week. Colston blessed me by being a father figure for my son and by being a wonderful brother and friend to me. Needless to say, I loved him dearly.
Posted by Language Girl on 15th June 2015
I miss colston too. I am a relative. I was a small child when I met him. Turns out my life is languages and cultures and I wish I could talk to him about them. I still remember his amazingly wonderful laugh and his beautiful smile. I would love to.say.hi to his sister naomi. She probably will remember me. I share a lot in common with colston. It is incredible. I think about this all the time how languages and culture are my life and colston is the only one I.know in my family line that was. Internationally and globally inclined like I am. I have lived in five countries and collected over 1,700 languages. I am a true artist and love teaching.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 24th December 2014
My love for my brother, Colston, endures because he was and always will be my friend and one of my heroes. (My brother, Edward Cody, and my son, Mitchell Martinez, are my other heroes.) I remember all of the good he accomplished in his lifetime and of the help he was many others--including me and my son. So, just as I usually do every two weeks, I visited Colston's grave yesterday and trimmed the grass around it, which is my way of honoring my beloved brother. May your spirit soar in the blissful bosom of God, Colston.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 20th September 2014
Colston's birthday was September 14th. A problem accessing this site prevented me from leaving a tribute to my brother on the 14th. Colston was a "people-person"--an amiable extrovert. He traveled extensively throughout the world, spoke several different languages fluently, meshed well with people of diverse cultures and enjoyed teaching his college students. Colston was a loving, loveable man with a rich sense of humor. He was father figure for my son (Mitchell), who loved and respected his uncle. I cherish the memories of Colston and my son and visit and tend to their graves every two weeks to honor them. On most occasions I sing or hum the song, "I Can't Stop Loving You".
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 15th June 2014
Colston knew what being a father meant. When he was with his family, he gave limitlessly. He was a wonderful, devoted and loving father, brother, son and grandson. Not to talk about his friends who continue to miss him till this day. Like his uncles, he embodied fatherhood with pride. His children and grandchildren, will always carry their heads high knowing that they had a father who loved them beyond measure. That is quite a legacy to leave behind. The legacy continues. His boisterous and infectious laughter can be heard on and on, memories to live by.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 15th June 2014
Sunday, June 15, 2014 is Father's Day. I thought of loving, honorable fathers. Naturally, my beloved brother came to mind. Colston loved being a father and dearly loved all of his children. In addition, Colston was a father figure for my son, Mitchell Franklin Martinez, who loved his uncle. My brother and son passed away some years ago, but they will never pass away from heart and thoughts.
Posted by Calvin Westbrook on 11th March 2014
Uncle Colston was a man who helped inspire others and guided me to further my education and always was there for me when I attended Contra Costa College. I followed his example and graduated from UC Berkeley in 1993. Uncle Colston will always be in our hearts a true scholar and gentleman.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 7th January 2014
I cherish the memories of my beloved brother, Colston, and I feel blessed to have been a part of his life. I visit his grave site regularly and place a new bouquet of flowers on it to honor him, for he was one of my three heroes. God bless his soul.
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 3rd January 2014
Many thanks for the anonymous sponsor of this website. Colston's family wishes to acknowledge this generous gift with love.
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 3rd January 2014
God gives us many gifts, the most of these gifts are the family and others who share our lives. Colston understood the importance of cherishing his family, friends, colleagues and students. His energy was contagious, he could do so many things and do them well. He knew that life is not perfect and he tried his best to leave his mark on life..
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 14th September 2013
Colston's birthday is today, and precious memories of him filled my thoughts more often than usual. I remember that he experienced life fully. Most of all I remember how much I loved my brother.
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 6th August 2013
Life is a creative process. While we are alive we keep moving forward, one leg after another. Love, laughter, courage, that is what we remember.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 3rd August 2013
After all of these years I still miss my brother and visit his grave every two weeks to place a bouquet of flowers on it to honor his memory. He remains in my heart and on my mind, so I often tell others about him.
Posted by Khalif Muhammad on 18th January 2013
Colston, my memories of you are strong. I have not forgotten you. You were a positive influence on me. I learned a lot from you about the world, and specifically about our people. Thank you.
Posted by Naomi Martinez on 4th January 2013
Forever missed, Colston Richard Westbrook was not just the younger of my two beloved, charismatic brothers; he was also friend, mentor, advisor, & teacher to me. A linguist and teacher, Colston spoke 7 languages fluently. I remember his rich sense of humor and his love for all ethnicities. In my mind's eyes I envision his facial expressions & I can almost hear his voice and laughter.
Posted by Eposi Westbrook on 15th September 2012
Love never ends. After 23 years, we continue to remember you and all the things that you did and how the lives that you touched; although you were with us for such a short time. Time has healed the wounds and God has replaced them with blessings of grandchildren, continued close contact with family members, and friends, we continue to share our memories of you, we will never forget you.

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