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My Theater Buddy for almost 40 years

October 4, 2020
Connie was part of so many special events of my life. We had so much in common that we became great friends attending lectures, theater events, and taking trips.  She was present when my husband proposed, at our wedding and we watched our families grow together. This special friend, took my family (including a dog) into her home for 5 months while our home was renovated!

Her enthusiasm for life and learning was a wonder to behold, but I most enjoyed her company on our multi-decade theater trips to Arena Stage. I miss her and will always treasure the place she holds in my heart and life.  My husband says the same.  She lived well and died well.  What more could sum up a good life?

If only she could stretch them!

October 17, 2020
When she was first pregnant, Mom knit a couple of beautiful infant sweaters in anticipation of her newborn.The patterns required very thin needles and painstakingly little stiches-- truly a challenge, but they turned out dainty and adorable.Baby Barbara arrived, full-term, healthy and way too big to fit into the sweaters.So Mom kept them for the next child. Unfortunately for the sweaters, they never dressed a newborn because we were all born too big to wear those precious little things!

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