Let the memory of Craig be with us forever
  • 52 years old
  • Born on February 24, 1961 .
  • Passed away on September 18, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Craig Goldman 52 years old , born on February 24, 1961 and passed away on September 18, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Paul Schwartz on 19th September 2018
My dear friend, you are still missed and thought of often. The "crew" got together last night for our annual meal prior to fasting for Yom Kippur , a tradition you started some 17+ years ago. We missed having you there...
Posted by Laura De Ghetaldi on 18th September 2018
Craig, My neighbor . . . still, always! I miss our talks and also connecting with your family! Laurie
Posted by Linda Shapiro on 24th February 2018
My dear friend Craig- happy birthday! It’s amazing that it has been 41/2 years. I’m headed down to FL right now to celebrate my dad’s 90th birthday! I think of you often and wish that I could pick up the phone to call you. You are in my heart always!
Posted by Lynn Novatt on 18th September 2017
Dear Craig, Thinking about you today. You were the glue that kept us all together. I miss our birthday calls. I miss you. Love, Lynn
Posted by Laura De Ghetaldi on 18th September 2017
Craig, My dear neighbor and wonderful friend, as I have written here before, you are and always wiil remain so dear to my heart! Love Laurie
Posted by Paul Schwartz on 11th March 2017
Been thinking of you a lot these days my dear friend. I've run into a few people who had children who were in your class! I still think of you often and miss you dearly.
Posted by Jason Goldman on 24th February 2017
Happy birthday Uncle Craig, it's been too long since we last talked, maybe that's because I haven't had the courage to go visit you. I'm too scared to tell you that I became a soldier in the United States Army. I'm scared because the only thing I want is your approval and frankly I don't believe that I deserve it. I've been work so hard in my field of combat trauma medicine and I've been learning so much. Last weekend, I visited my girlfriend, Leora at her college in Maryland. You would have liked her, even moo moo likes her. And I saw the structure of college life and to be honest it isn't for me. It's funny, before the army I hated structure and routine and now, I can't live without it. I still have the voicemails you sent to me, I listen to them every now and then. I miss you so much, have a happy birthday Uncle Craig.
Posted by Bruce Singer on 24th February 2017
Happy Birthday Craig. I think of you often and miss our Monday phone calls.
Posted by Karen Goldman on 24th February 2017
Happy birthday Uncle Craig!!! Just to catch you up on things Chico runs around in the backyard like he owns the place. Jason is off in Kentucky in the army I need to be a combat medic. Kyle is finishing up high school applying to colleges so that he can play football. You would really be proud of them. I finally finished my admin credential like you wanted me to and your brother is in the mix of tax season. We all desperately miss you and truly feel the loss at family gatherings. Happy birthday!
Posted by Laura De Ghetaldi on 18th September 2016
Craig, You are always in my heart, my neighbor, my friend! You remain with us all! Laurie
Posted by Karen Goldman on 24th February 2016
Dear Craig, Happy 55th birthday. We went to visit you today and we talked as if you were there. But it hurt that you weren't. You have never been missed more. Everyday, there is something I want to call you about or let you know. Your mom fell, Kyle is driving, Jason has a girlfriend. All the stuff you and I would talk about, laugh about. I love you and miss you very much. Happy birthday.
Posted by Linda Shapiro on 18th September 2015
I leave this candle in your memory. I think about you often and hope that you are resting in peace. I have such fond memories of our times together and miss you terribly!
Posted by Laura De Ghetaldi on 18th September 2015
In honoring Craig and in memory of my friendship with you, I post this to keep your light alive. You will always be my next door neighbor. I miss our daily talks about how our day went with our students. My love to your wonderful family on this day and everyday. May your bench at your school always be cherished by your students and faculty for I now you are missed there also. Laura
Posted by Paul Schwartz on 18th September 2015
You're light still shines bright my dear friend. So many times I think of you and what a fantastic friend you were. You are dearly missed...
Posted by Lynn Novatt on 18th September 2015
Dear Craig, I can't believe two years have passed. I miss you and think about you a lot. I miss your humor and your listening skills, and hearing all about your lessons, your students and your next trip. I loved learning that there is a scholarship in your honor at your school. Much love and light to your family and friends today.
Posted by Karen Goldman on 21st March 2015
Our family created a scholarship for English Language Learners (the students Craig worked with most) to be able to attend the East Coast trip (the trips Craig chaperoned) The 2 students in the picture are the recipients of the scholarship. The other pictures are of the thank you cards that they made for the family. The mothers of these boys were so appreciative, they could not stop crying. Craig's legacy will live on for a long time.
Posted by Laura De Ghetaldi on 24th February 2015
Craig-I celebrate this day, this day of your birth, by continuing to honor your life and our~your friendship. I will carry today the memories of your kindness, your compassion, your love of family and friends, your love of Chico and clearly your love and passion for teaching. Know that your students will never forget you and that bench that remains at the school is a steadfast reminder that represents a wonderful place to rest, to contemplate and to honor all you stood for and still do. Forever your neighbor, Laurie
Posted by Paul Schwartz on 24th February 2015
Thanks for sharing Laurie. It's a hard day today. My heart goes out to the Goldman family. Craig will always be missed. I'm trying to focus on the fond memories and being thankful for his friendship.
Posted by Lynn Novatt on 24th February 2015
Dear Craig, I've been thinking a lot about you today, on your birthday and miss you so much. I wish I could have picked up the phone today to wish you a Happy Birthday.
Posted by Karen Goldman on 19th September 2014
One year. One long hard year. So many should haves, could haves. So many unanswered questions. Too many regrets. Memories that make me laugh and smile.
Posted by Laura De Ghetaldi on 19th September 2014
Craig My neighbor, my buddy, my brother, never, ever will I forget you. With joy, I remember our friendship for with that I was blessed! Laura
Posted by Stephanie Horwitz on 24th February 2014
Happy Happy Birthday Craig!!!!! Miss you today and each day!!!! Celebrate in style....hearing your laugh as I write this!
Posted by Laura De Ghetaldi on 24th February 2014
Craig As I left our neighborhood today, I drove past your door and remembered you standing there. You are still there to me each and every day. Happy day of your birth and my love goes to you, your loving parents and brothers and family and to all our friends. I also send my hugs and slurps to Chico. Love, Laura
Posted by Linda Shapiro on 24th February 2014
Craig- today would have been your 53rd birthday! I think about you all the time and especially today! Rest in peace my friend. Miss and love you! Linda
Posted by Bill Cartiff on 10th October 2013
It was an honor and privlege to know Craig. He traveled with me and Amazing Journeys on several occasions to different parts of the world and his place in every group was that of fun, friendship and good times. He and I may only have been good acquaintances, but he will always be a remembered with good thoughts, happy memories and friendship. My deepest sympathies to Craig's family. Bill
Posted by Ron Marcus on 7th October 2013
I had had the honor to witness the memorial events for Craig given by his students and fellow faculty. I have captured the day's events in a video, which you can view here: https://vimeo.com/75638574. It was great to learn more about Craig's life at school and what he meant to so many people in his chosen profession as a teacher, which was his true passion.
Posted by Donna Fremed on 25th September 2013
It is touching to see how he made a difference in the life of so many people including relatives, friends and students. He was able to live his passion. He also was able to explore the world with his friends. During our friendship he touched my heart and was a "class act".

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